Jedi Knight Galaxies is an immersive, competitive and innovative multiplayer shooter, played out in the Star Wars universe. Currently a full conversion mod (soon to go standalone), the project was originally based on and modified from Raven Software’s Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Jedi Knight Galaxies is available completely free of charge. We aim to develop the project into a Large Multiplayer Online game, crossing traditional RPG (role playing game) elements with the fast paced excitement of an FPS (first person shooter). The game is supported by its community and developers, contribution is encouraged and newbies are welcome. The current development team comes from a variety of backgrounds, countries, and age, united by our desire to make a great game. Welcome to Jedi Knight Galaxies, where we break the limits!

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New Map Levelshots
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After looking at these images, I just have a few questions:
Will Sith-J-Cull and MaceCrusherMadunusus maps be in the final version? Because, I remember those ones had a Star Wars Galaxies look, and they where amazing, giving the feeling of a true MMORPG, because of the detail, the design, etc. So I just wanna know this, because it will be a shame if those won't be used in the final version.

I specially LOVE the next ones:
The palace of Jabba the Hutt
Coruscant Adventures (I think it's the same as the pictures above)
Mos Kreetle (Man, this one is my favourite!)
And so many maps he did.

Thank you!

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silverfang22 Creator

SJC maps will not be included in JKG, however Mace's work for JKG will remain.

This is not Coruscant Adventures, this is a completely new map created by Pande :p

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PanderingPande Author

SJC left us ages ago with a sour note. His maps will not be used in JKG. Let me also say that despite their visual achievements, his mapping techniques left much to be desired and efficiency was terrible. By the time of Phase 2, you will see newer versions of the Palace and Mos Kreetle (which won't have that name (its not a real city just fyi)). The Mos Kreetle style map is already in the works.

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PanderingPande Author

However, Mace's maps are definitely in. You can already play on two of his maps in JKG, Tatooine Arena and Taris. We are working on adapting some of his other maps and a map by Plasma & Mace to work in a JKG:Versus battle.

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Oh, I apologize, I didn't knew he wasn't a member anymore. Well, anyways, MaceCrusher maps are amazing too, and you own maps, Pande, look impressive as well. I hope that you keep working on the mod, giving the best of you. Thank you guys for your answers!

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Decided to give the levelshots a more 'connected' feel. I also found out you can have up to four different levelshots per map, and it will rotate them throughout the loading phase, so there are now multiple bits of eye candy to look at while loading. -Pande

Coruscant Lower City Streets

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