First came the resounding success that was Project Quantum Leap. Then there was PQL2: The Next Project, but it was carried off by raiders from Xen and never seen again. Some of us escaped though, and now we bring you ISSUES. Like its predecessors, the idea behind Issues is to collect maps created by many different individuals into a single incoherent map pack. Unlike the PQL, however, we have decided to loosely bind these maps up in a story - of which only some of the maps will be a part, so it will still be pretty incoherent. Our core team will be making the story related elements, but we need you, the members of the mapping community, to help us by contributing your maps to Issues.

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This is one of those mixed bag mods. While it has some really interesting level design (multiple floors you have to go through) it has a rather bland story line about finding a scientist and having to be teleported to these random places. The advantage is, is that its one of the longest mods I've played, and another advantage is that every map has its unique setting. One of which is by Adam Foster (like the map he did for Project Quantum Leap). For some reason you had to complete each of the 4 maps in order to unlock the teleporter to another teleportation chamber, once there you had to complete another 3 maps (one of which is optional) in order to access the final map. So basically the mod just forces you to go through all the maps before getting to the final one with the scientist your supposed to rescue.

Story wise the mod doesn't even attempt to explain why you where teleported to each of these maps (Adam Fosters map however has its same unusual messages :D). Overall, Its of the mods that you should play sooner or later.

A great map-pack assembled by a very talented group of mappers!

Some maps are linked together surprisingly well, bringing us to Xen, office buildings, Black Mesa and even the trenches in WW1!

With an awesome ending (The scientist driving that old car had me laughing) what else is there to say? Give Issues a go! You won't regret it :)


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