Currently inactive, but kept for archive purposes! Household DEATH!(c) is a semi-comical, b-movie horrorish deathmatch mod. All of the featured weapons are items that you can find in your own home, or your neighbors, some with slight deadlier modifications! Currently Household DEATH! is just Deathmatch, however, it is a different kind of deathmatch. One of the features is effect rune's. Four classic runes (haste, double damage, protection and Vampire) are included, as well as some that we personally haven't seen before (such as homing, infinite ammo, SLASHER! and STALKER!), which compliment HHD's current weapons arsenal. Another interesting note, is that while the mod is deathmatch, the stalker and slasher rune's promote temporary teamplay; where we turn the stalker/slasher into the center of attention whom everyone wants to destroy for the massive points!

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Official Server


Due to an increased level of Interest in Household DEATH! I have decided to put the official server back up. It can be reached via the Server Browser...



this isn't exactly news, this is more of a question (to make mod watch trigger). does anyone wish me to do another update in the near future? or...

server browser!


the official server is now visible in the server browser. turns out the whole mess was because i made a steam.inf file! if you're running a server...

HHD 1.2.1 - Linux Server (new) and windows client/server Update

News 4 comments

The HHD 1.2 linux dedicated server (named 1.2.1) is now available for download. If you wish to run a server, now you can; ALSO: the server browser doesn't...

Household DEATH! v1.2


Okay, yesterday was a really hectic, busy and rush-day for me (Thanksgiving, i'm in canada.. eh). Anyway! I've now re-released the final v1.2...

1.2 release withdrawn.

News 1 comment

i rushed this release, and failed miserably. that's what i get for trying to put something out on a holiday! i'll re-release it ASAP. Sorry...

HHD v1.2


the long awaited v1.2 update is nearly upon us. Deimos is finishing up the lego blower models and PRO_Pain has updated hd_warehouse and hd_sewers for...



well.. here's a small bink video of one of the 'new' weapons in hhd 1.2. check it out here:

Welcome back.. kiddies..

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after a very very very long hiatus, i decided to dust off the source code and do a little tweaks here and there. hang tight, for another version will...

Household DEATH! Community Map Pack #1


I have put together a community map pack for Household DEATH! The Map Pack contains the maps: hd_cathedral by Gambit hd_frightnite by Vash hd_warehouse...

Household DEATH! v1.1.2 released!


Due to changes to the file system, and files being removed, 1.1.2 only has complete full installs. It is advised that you remove your current hhdeath...



Sometime this week, (hopefully within the next couple days, provided everything goes smoothly) We'll be releasing v1.1.2. 1.1.2 Will have 2 ways for installing...

Household DEATH

News 2 comments

Household DEATH is the latest mod released in the world and I did a interview to help the mod get the word out! Household DEATH! is a semi-comical, b-movie...

Household DEATH 1.1!


With only a mere 2 days passed, Household DEATH 1.1 is now upon us! A list of changes/fixes can be found below! Please visit for download links! **UPDATE...

Household DEATH! V1.0

News 2 comments

Household DEATH! v1.0 is now Released! After numerous power outages, blistering weather, and downright sleeplessness, HHD 1.0 is Finally released! I planned...

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