Currently inactive, but kept for archive purposes! Household DEATH!(c) is a semi-comical, b-movie horrorish deathmatch mod. All of the featured weapons are items that you can find in your own home, or your neighbors, some with slight deadlier modifications! Currently Household DEATH! is just Deathmatch, however, it is a different kind of deathmatch. One of the features is effect rune's. Four classic runes (haste, double damage, protection and Vampire) are included, as well as some that we personally haven't seen before (such as homing, infinite ammo, SLASHER! and STALKER!), which compliment HHD's current weapons arsenal. Another interesting note, is that while the mod is deathmatch, the stalker and slasher rune's promote temporary teamplay; where we turn the stalker/slasher into the center of attention whom everyone wants to destroy for the massive points!

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Jul 15th, 2012

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