Make your way through the Lambda Complex and try to survive in this catastrophe.

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Incredible. Solid mapping throughout and it really has the classic Half-Life feel. Textures and lighting are near flawless.

Gameplay is alright. Pretty slow to start with the puzzle elements but the environment is so eerie that it had a real sense of survival horror, no doubt inspired by Amnesia / Penumbra as stated in the readme file.

Then it kicks off big time following the garg section into all out action. The black ops hit way too hard though and I was getting frustrated at first. Felt good when I finally got past them though so I can't complain too much. From there on it plays like a classic Half-Life mod, running and gunning with the puzzle solving taking a back seat.

Overall, I'm very impressed. :D


Excellent and tightly paced. I loved the initial puzzle solving/atmosphere building maps and the slow build up to combat. When combat is involved, the player is thrust right into the thick of it, similar to the intro of the first Hopelessness mod. Brilliant idea I feel, it's a good way to spice up the game-play involving enemies we've known inside and out for over a decade. It was challenging and I did die a lot, but I felt much more rewarded for making it in the end without abusing quick-saves. Maybe I've been playing too much Dark Souls recently and have become a sucker for dying!

My main criticism would be the puzzle item arena. There is one item behind a fence that I did not notice for some time. Perhaps making it better lit would help. Plus, my other criticism was a reliance on using movable boxes to scale up ladders or over traps. The boxes would move far too often when I tried to jump on them (in particular the ladder area) and could get frustrating. I understand this is an engine problem, but one solution could be to have an object on the ground to block the movement of the box when it is in place, that it can be pushed up agasinst.

All in all, a brilliant mod, and I am looking forward to more :)


Lives up to the first with its great level design and puzzles.

The first 60% or so seems like a Penumbra/Half-Life hybrid which was really nice, horrifying and creative. A lovely mix of eerie atmosphere and puzzle solving. Not many mods handle it this well.

Then we finish off by getting thrown right into some action, classic Half-Life style. It's a bit difficult, though. Possibly even for those who've been playing Half-Life for years. I do wish the ending didn't come so abruptly, like the predecessor, but that doesn't take away from the mod as a whole.

I encountered some small issues throughout (like an annoying vent grate, or couple lighting bugs, etc.) however nothing game breaking.

Definitely worth a play, a proper Half-Life mod.

i like it :D

Firt part is pure ambiance, second part has some nice puzzles, especially the one around the pool (damn you), and the third part is pure action against some Black Ops.
Pretty fun, but the ending is rather "meh", I hope there will be a third part.


Better than its predecessor IMO. I loved how the mod had sort of a survival horror aspect to it. It really was fitting. All in all, the mod was fun to play and really was what a HL1 mod should be. I would give this a 10 but unfortunately the abrupt ending stumbles it. Try making something interesting at the end. Like make a cool text sequence or something.

The MOD is very interesting, with a good combination of puzzle / horror / action elements. Some moments can be challenging enough, but all is fair. Unfortunately, the end is ubrupted because of force-majeure circumstances, but all the gameplay / mapping we have here is very solid and qualitative.

Great mapping with classic Half-Life feeling and good gameplay. Great choice for returning to the old good Half-Life atmosphere.


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