-Complex 12.2 [HW Remastered], 1/6/2018,
-Complex 9.1 [HW Classic], 12/13/2013,

Developed by Homeworld Remastered core team members, Complex is scripted from scratch, recovers the original ships maneuverability and the battle behavior before the Gearbox patch 2.1, fixes all critical bugs, like the disappearing debris and the sticking ships during the docking maneuvers.
Improves the complexity of the original Homeworld gameplay to extent, where player has to take into account a lot of variables during space battle in order to prevail. This version of Complex works on the updated Homeworld Remastered engine and has a lot of new improvements: new ships, new graphics and FXs, new UI (unit interface), new environments and complete optimization for newer hardware, thus allowing smooth gameplay.
You can download the public version 12, the new improved version 13 is in progress at, becoming a Patron you can play the dev. builds and help us to reach the next public release. The project Complex is supported and funded by over 300 Patrons, join our mission and help us to make Complex the most perfect space RTS ever.

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Complex 12

News 2 comments

Complex 12


Complex 12 dev. log

Complex 12.2:
-General improvements on how the script system handles the ships classes, avoid crashes when a units switch owner
-Mining Base and Debris now properly work
-Taiidan fusion multiplier increased 6.7->6.9
-Turanic Raiders fusion multiplier increased 6.7->7.1
-bug "could not create Subsystem ( 1)" fixed, copy weapon slot time increased 5->7 sec.
-bug fixed, now the Hiigaran Battleship can handle the heavy weapon slot 2 by assets
-Fixed a bug where the Resource Collectors UI rate/cargo statistics were bad displayed
-Hiigaran big capital ships now can copy heavy ion weapon slots on nearby ships
-Turanic Raiders Resource Collector statistics now are modified by upgrades
-more weapon cone for the Bulk Cannon and the Heavy Ion Cannon of the Turanic Raiders Mothership

Complex 12.1:
-"move attack max distance multiplier" set 0.3->0, big ships are manoeuvrable if close to other ships during battles
-Turanic Raiders anti-missile systems now attack remote weapons
-Deathmatch set as default game modality
-more aiming cone for the Turanic Raiders Flagship anti-missile system
-more aiming cone and rate for the Turanic Raiders Missile Corvette anti-missile system
-support for squadrons in Battlefield game modality

Complex 12:
-Taiidan CPU players now build the Cruiser
-critical bug "can't find isinagravitywellgenerator sobgroup" fixed
-minor typo corrections
-health regeneration time doubled for asteroids and debris
-health regeneration time doubled for module subsystems and weapons
-the Vaygr Service Depot disables the gravity well generator if destroyed
-the Taiidan Utility Ship disables the gravity well generator if destroyed
-the Taiidan Gravity Well Generator disables the gravity well generator if destroyed

dev. build 32:
-Taiidan Cruiser (new model)
-Turanic Raiders Resource Collector wreck
-explosions debris now slowly fade, battle fields looks more realistic
-fixed a bug where wrecks weren't removed from the battle fields
-several improvements on how fighters and corvettes are affected by the explosion damage and shockwave
-more resistence/HP for heavy battle capital ships
-improvements on cinematic script makes the camere more inside the action
-the game no longer crashes if debris or mining bases are destroyed
-improvements on death tumbling dynamics make ships explode/die better
-more damage for the Hiigaran heavy kinetic turrets
-now the script checks for the race when automatically builds weapon subsystems on captured/transferred ships, avoiding several crashes
-removed unused weapon slots from Taiidan Destroyer and Heavy Cruiser
-now explosion FXs have a different drawn priority, so multiple explosions don't miss elements, better explosion FXs
-all ships and subsystem now use an unique optimized support .hod instead of individual ones, memory saving and better performance
-several improvements on new maps, the UI read the new maps, ground objects now have less light esposition and more definition
-improvements on maps thumbnails, new thumbnail for the map Sunset On Mars
-fixed a bug where Hiigaran collectors, during salvaging operations, get stuck into the Mothership docking bay

dev. build 31:
-new map: Sunset On Mars
-light improvements on the explosion FXs
-new map: Dawn Of Nenulae
-improvements on maps icons
-Vaygr Fortress now can handle fighter/corvette squadrons
-new order/command "attack target" for big Capital Ships
-now the "wipe" order works properly
-the game script now preloads support ships during the loading phase, avoiding lag during game
-slight improvements on squadrons performance and maneuvers, now squadrons are more competitive

dev. build 30:
-improvements on the unit experience script, fixed some bugs, units gain more experience points
-pings removed from probes and drones, better performance
-several optimizations on weapons slots managment, better performance
-if you copy a weapon slot on a ship or on nearby ships, replaceable slots that match the slot to replicate are no more disassembled/rebuilt
-main script rate lowered 2.1->2.4, UI script updating lowered 2.1->9.6, better performance
-"no Research Center upgrade button" bug, fixed, it was affecting only the slot 8
-"christmas tree" engine bug fix, now the script works only if the ship is on screen, better performance
-fixed a bug where the weapon energy consume was not calculated properly on Battlecruisers and Battleships
-Mining Base RUs production +20%
-no more critical failure at the beginning in "Boundless Galaxy" map
-ships captured/transferred during games no more generates "out of sync" errors
-now big/production capital ships can give order to fighters/corvettes grouped in squadrons
-Hiigaran Battleship navigation lights
-Hiigaran Battleship engine subsystem
-Hiigaran Battleship wreck
-fixed a bug where fighters/corvettes grouped in squadrons were not added at the sobgroup list, code optimization

dev. build 29:
-Hiigaran Battleship texture updating
-subsystems ambient lights implemented for the Taiidan Utility Ship
-code optimization, improvements on the main script engine allows to handle units sobgroups more fast, useless cycle are now skipped
-fixed a bug where the unit experience was prevented to grow up more then a fixed value per second
-clock updating has been reduced (32->16 cycle, 0.140->0.180 rate), better performance
-Defense Field ability implemented for the Vaygr Fortress
-Speed/Tumble Burst scripts now runs only for human players, better performance
-fixed a bug where Turanics upgrades were checked on 3 levels instead of 10, in several part of the code, so better behaviour and strenght for Turanics
-code optimization, CPU players no more do useless stuff like checking for existant subsystems and commands, all is passed to the AI script, better performance
-Tumble Burst ability extended to Vaygr, Taiidan and Turanic Raiders
-several code/script optimizations/improvements

dev. build 28:
-fixed a bug where the build speed multiplier of CPU player was fixed at 1.1->1.4, AI is more responsive
-the differences between the game modes: slow, normal, fast, now are more significant and balanced
-balancing on wrecks resource values and fading time
-fixed a critical bug that was preventing wrecks to be removed from the game, better performance
-CPU players are more efficient at the beginning of the match
-experience has been removed for all probes, better performance
-CPU no more defend objects like debris, megaliths, mining bases, this results in a better behaviour vs enemies
-basic upgrades (speed, health, damage) now are family-based for Taiidan, non-linear gameplay
-extra upgrades now are fleet-based for Turanic Raiders, more close to the general game logic
-more resistence, shields and speed for the Hiigaran Shuttle
-improvements on all Defense Control Towers allow better resistance and effectiveness of nearby covered ships
-general balancing on weapons, especially anti-fighter weapons accuracy have been gratly improved
-now CPU players update their cheat/aid system based on the speed of the game (slow->fast)
-Tumble Burst added as special command/ability for all bombers (hgn, vgr, tai, tur)
-upgrades and research added for the Turanic Bomber
-now the Turanic Ion Array Frigare needs a research for being built
-more fire power and resistence for the Turanic Ion Array Frigate
-more resistence for Turanics fighters and corvettes
-now CPU uses Turanic Junkyard Dogs for capturing objects
-extra RUs added in small maps, this prevents the CPU to become passive when goes out of RUs

dev. build 27:
-Hiigaran Battleship (new model, WIP)
-Turanic Droid (new model)
-fighters and corvettes squadrons return, player now can switch between single/squadron production
-unit experience rate increased, they gain experience more fast
-more content for UI helptips
-tweaked/balanced how the CPU manages its units stats, this affect how the CPU attacks and retires
-fixed a bug where a code loop was checking the collectors 128 times instead of their group number
-Taiidan Fusion Ability
-Patchers resistance lowered by 10%
-attack priority multiplier (attack bounding selection) decreased for Mining Bases, Debris and Megaliths
-improvements on Turanic Bomber textures
-Turaic Bomber wreck

dev. build 26:
-Turanic Mothership battle assets
-Turanics Fusion Ability
-Turanic Bomber (new model)
-improvements for the Ion Array Frigate open animation and FXs
-battle overlay now rise from 1->5 for better control during battles
-Turanic Mothership Anti-Capital Ship Bulk Cannons
-repair ability added for the Turanic Collector, unlockable by the research
-parade data added for Junkyarddog and Ion Array Frigate
-Turanics now can upgrade their Resource max capacity
-Interceptors now are more vulnerable and less effective vs corvettes
-Turanic Mothership anti-missile system
-Turanic Missile Corvette anti-missile system
-Turanic Ion Turrets (Mothership)
-Turanic Laser Turrets (Mothership)
-unit Capacity "Huge" implemented
-fixed a bug where production stats shown negative values at the beginning
-Freak missiles now engage enemies in sensor range
-nebula FXs now are displyed correctly for Turanics
-Turanic ships stats now display upgrades value correctly
-fixed a bug where the build upgrade didn't affect the Mothership after the lvl. 1

dev. build 25:
-Turanic Mothership Anti-Capital Ship Ion Cannons
-Turanic Flak Turrets (Mothership)
-Turanic Junkyard Dog wreck
-improvements on the Turanic Junkyard Dog textures, now it looks Turanic
-Turanic Freak Missile (remote weapon)
-Turanic Missile Corvette wreck
-improvements on the Turanic Missile Corvette model and textures
-Improvements on Turanic missile engine and FXs
-Turanic Mothership wreck
-Improvements on Turanic Command Center 3D model and textures
-new audio FXs for the Turanic GunCorvette's kinetic and laser guns
-now max unit capacity limits work differently for every race
-improvements on the Turanic Ion Array Frigate model and textures
-now the Turanic GunCorvette can copy its weapon asset on nearby ships
-Turanic Mothership unit capacity fixed for few/normal/large settings
-Turanic Ion Array Frigate wreck
-Turanic Ion Array Frigate's Ions now are red
-new audio FXs for the open/close animations on the Turanic Ion Array Frigate
-Rapid Ion Turret subsystem and weapons implemented for the Turanic GunCorvette

dev. build 24:
-individual research and upgrades for each Turanic ship
-new own command voice for Turanics (makaan revisited)
-Turanic Flagship (modular, customizable)
-Turanic Resource Collector (new model)
-Turanic Fighter
-Turanic Gun Corvette (customizable)
-Turanic Missile Corvette
-Turanic Ion Array Frigate
-Turanic Junkyard Dog (WIP)
-A new game modality has been implemented, Complex Battlefield, fight vs a cynical CPU through progressive, huge battles
-new background (arcadefight, complex battlefield)

Complex 12 - dev. build 32

Complex 12 - dev. build 32

News 1 comment

Complex 12 - dev. build 32, is available - join the project, try the latest version, give back to Homeworld its old glory!

Complex 12 - dev. build 31

Complex 12 - dev. build 31

News 1 comment

Complex 12 - dev. build 31, is available - join the project, try the latest version, give back to Homeworld its old glory!

Complex 12 - dev. build 30

Complex 12 - dev. build 30


Complex 12 - dev. build 30, is available - Join the project, try the latest version, give back to Homeworld its old glory!

Complex 12 - dev. build 29

Complex 12 - dev. build 29


Complex 12 - dev. build 29, is available - Join the project, try the latest version, give back to Homeworld its old glory!

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Complex 12.2

Complex 12.2

Full Version 14 comments

Here you can download the public version 12, the new improved series 13 is in progress at, scheduled for June 2018. Before downloading...

Complex 10.5.7

Complex 10.5.7

Full Version

You can download the public version 10.5.7, the improved series 11 is in progress at www.patreon/beghins

Complex 11.4.3

Complex 11.4.3

Full Version

You can download the public version 11.4.3, the new improved series 12 is in progress at


No research center upgrade button, tried many matches with different version (including latest 12.2), waste.

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Tested again, Research center upgrade option is unavailable in "Special Subsystem" section of mother ship. you cannot go beyond lvl Zero research center upgrade.

Suggestion:- There should be a way to bypass this option via other means for example (shift + right click -> drop box -> upgrade module)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey does anyone know how to activate the mod once downloaded?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Read the install instructions provided by the devs.

-remove all mods/addons in ...HomeworldRM\Data

-extract inside ...HomeworldRM\Data (both "Complex12.big" and the folder "locale" must be there)

-right click on your HomeworldRM shortcut in your desktop, add -mod Complex12.big at the command line (if you didn't create a shortcut, just create it by ...HomeworldRM\Bin\release\HomeworldRM.exe)

-it's recommended to play the english version, Complex is not localized

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

where can I find the install instructions?

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