Simplex is a sister mod of Complex. It has inherited the essence of Path To Victory along with many other top-quality mods through a long history of R&D. This mod promises to push the Homeworld 2 engine to its limit and will simply blow your mind with incredible fun!

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Progenitor will be added, stage 1: models from PTV
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siliconworm Author

Like Kadeshi, so few ships does PTV have for Keeper that it barely can be an independent race. After more than a year of considereasion (since Complex Simple 2.0), I decide to introduce all PTV models as the first stage of making Progenitor a playable race. With stage 1 completed and everything ready, stage 2 will be finding more proper ships from more mods and making this race a really complex and enjoyable one, just like what I've done with Turanic Raiders.

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Sounds Great. Very much looking forward to seeing Prgenitor included in game and I'm curious to see what you'll do with it's tech tree.

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about including the Progenitors, what would you think if you'd start with the PTV SLeeper from the 0.04 version?

I mean there's no reason for the Progenitors to send an unprotected Hyperspace gate and let it take over everything, also please test the old version yourself and you'll notice why I likle the hyperspace effect configuration on the old version, it's perfectly timed.

ALso I'd prefer if you don't link drones and are able to dock them at the Sleeper or the Dreadnought or Keeper but that's up to you.

I still think the idea of Power generators is a good one but I think you could find some way to have harvesters as well.

ALso I like the weapon and armor tunings while you fight which means that it's an AI whgich learns and adapts.

Also I like the strike crafts of Sabbath of the older version in which the Shifler (the prog enitor drone)gets an upgrade which makes it play the role of a bomber well and have phase shields and a fighter called Devastator.
The mover is more of an endurance ship but I like the tow ability of the new one, movers aren't bombers but they should be good at fighting something too and keep in mind that the Progenitor Drone is an anti all fighter and should also have a better phase shield.

About frigates I like the new ones .

I like the Reaver of the new version too, I hope that you agree with me in most of my opinions and could make the changes.

This also means that the gate will be sort of a shipyard which also can build Sajuuk which can't be built otherwise, also builds capitalships faster and should not build anything smaller than a capitalship, maybe the frigates should be allowed too.

About power I suggest that in the Dreadnoughts case as in the HW2 campaign, cosidering that the Kepper is a lot more powerful, is smaller and is classed destroyer it means that the Dreadnought can be a lot more powerful once more systems are online and upgrades are researched.

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siliconworm Author

Thank you for your enthusiastic reply! Actually nearly all of your concerns are what I'm concerning about.

The Progenitor Gate is technically a shipyard, I will introduce something more like Mothership (or at least equivalent to Hgn Orbital Station) in the future to serve as the primary productional capital ship. As for Sleeper, I will definitely enhance its building capability, but like you said, it won't be able to build capital ships, except that, it should be able to build everything else same as the Gate.

I'm considering Harvesters too, but at this primitive stage my goal is only to integrate PTV ships first. So my solution at present is, let Power Generator be able to convert Energy into RUs and the other way around, at the will of the player (by ship command in build menu).

As I know, the PTV007 I introduced already has phase armour for fighters, but I can make this ability way more powerful in the future if needed, like the existing Hammerhead of Vaygr.

I've already noticed that Mover is an underdog when it comes to combat. I will strengthen its weaponary for sure.

Progenitor's original Dreadnaught, during my first tests, is extremely powerful, I think its main cannon (when powered by two Power Generators) is more powerful than the Vaygr one -- It can blow up a Battlecruiser class ship by a single shot at very long distance! So I don't think it needs to be strengthened at present.

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The Fx mod has the progenitors in it. Maybe it could inspire you?

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