Simplex is a sister mod of Complex. It will bring your gaming experience to a whole new level by showing you for the first time how the gap between the strategic way of thinking in Complex and the tactical one in other mods like Path To Victory can be bridged, unleashing the real potential of both Complex and PTV, and of course, the Homeworld 2 engine itself!

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Kadeshi Annihilator
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Oh hell yea!

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It could be cool to be able to build pulse laser turrets, like Vaygr Corvette or Vgr BattleCruiser (not trinity canons). It could be also cool to build antifighter point defenses that are really effective, in completion to the existing one.

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An idea for the ship and its tatics, its a jack of all trades master of none, so basicly its not EPIC v.s for example frigates, but the weapon in question can target anything larger then corvet and deal same dazmage *if possiable* im loving the design and i hope it gets done well.

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If the Kadeshi were to assume control of a region of space, might they develop a method of concealing the region or rendering it impassable? I ask this because the Kadeshi would likely feel safer and more dominant in areas with nebula-like properties. By utilizing a method based on the nebula-eliminating script from the Progenitor Engineering Bay mission, it could be possible to create a scenario map where one or more players play as the Kadeshi, who have several powerful gas ionization buoys (inhibitor field generator in every bite!) arranged around their central complex, shrouding it from any direct outside (or inside) observation. This would most likely be a valuable staging zone or full-scale supercapital production facility, and so the local superpowers in the area decide to take a closer and certainly violent look at the micronebula that recently popped up.

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A super-capital warship like Avatar, but larger than the Avatar.
Only basic point defenses when built
Buildable turret assets with multiple options (like Hiigaran Vortex)
4 Super Missile Batteries are beneath the 4 huge protective petals, the petals are animated and controlled by defense field ability, after upgrades, the Annihilator will be able to open its petals and fire its super weapons.
4 Kadeshi general subsystems
Swarmer Facility and Pod Facility
Prayer Comms
2 Heretical Armour sets at the front of the ship, which can absorb 100% damage
Can dock and repair:
Pods and Swarmers

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