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Crash while loading? (Games : Homeworld 2 : Mods : Homeworld 2 Complex Simple : Forum : Solution : Crash while loading?) Locked
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Oct 16 2011 Anchor

Some people reported that the game shuts down while loading any map. There're two possibilitie as I know:
1. If you have installed other mods before, it's highly possible that your skirmish settings just remembered A WRONG RACE SETTING that only exists in another mod. In one word, it should be easy to solve, what you need to do is just setting your RACE (and every AI player's race) manually again. Remember there're only two races in my mod -- Hiigaran and Vaygr.
2. If you have your own badges in your badges folder, make sure that all the filenames of the badges don't contain characters like "[" or "]", otherwise the game will crash while loading too.
If this doesn't solve your problem, make sure your mod is installed correctly according to the installation manual. And after crash, go to Bin\Release folder and open Hw2.log in NotePad, then copy everything inside and send to me, I'll help you solve the problem.

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