UPDATE2: Game is now standalone! There will be MAC and Linux compatible versions. And in both x32 and x64 bits.


A new vid is up! Enjoy!

Word of Dedication:

So much have happened every day and continue to happen.

I dedicate the mod to all the men and women that sacrifices their lives to save others, whether regular people or service men and women, dead and alive, past, present and future. Thanks for your generosity.

I also dedicate this mod to a friend whom I hardly knew but my brother does. I have spoken to him, not much, but we are all friends. He had an illness but thought he would recover. He's so young. His recent passing came as a shock to us all. Especially to me, he was only 1 year younger than me. Although, it was expected but we had the hope that he would make it. It's sad and difficult to see a young man go. This mod is dedicated to all people that sacrifice their lives and to him. We should cherish everyone when we have the time. Salute! This mod is dedicated to their names.

Update 7:

A new footage is available! It is also WIP. Enjoy it! This may be the last work for the map as I will be busy for a month or so. So I won't be able to continuing mapping. I am about half way done though. Finished up about 3-4 scenes/6 scenes. That excludes polishing. I leave that to the last. (Scene 5/6 are short.) I will squeeze in some mapping in between. 

Good news is, I may release the WIP. Meaning, you get to enjoy the Alpha or pre-beta version. I'll have to move a few things. The end of the map is as shown in the video (after the boat ride). Feedback is recommended. The commanding AI has already been included but is not final. You can play around. When I get around to releasing the Alpha, I'll provide a quick guide on how to use commanding AI. It's rather simple but buggy at the moment. I'll let you know when I release the Alpha.

As of now, enjoy the video!

Update 6:

Episode 4-5 is released! Yay!

Credits: Drive.google.com

A Company of Heroes Trailer: Drive.google.com

Episode 5 Guide: Drive.google.com


Update 5:

This is the release of Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 3 "A Company of Heroes" part 1 (5 maps). Enjoy!


Merry Christmas!!! Happy Holidays!


It turns out that I have the latest backup of episode 3! I found it in my Dropbox (Thank God I have it!) Whew! Now I can resume. I just don't have the prefab, the main house, but I can rework on it and it won't take long. Now I can resume yay! I'll do both episode 3 and 4 and release as planned. Which is episode 3, 4, and 5. Stay tuned!!!


NOTE: This project was originally for COD2 and WW2 era but because of the improvement in coding and background for the COD system, I transferred to COD4. I may go back and continue with WW2 but I may not. I love WW2.

A fictional leader, Al-kab-dir, wants war on the friendly nations, the US, Britain and Russia. The friendly nations, have declared war on Iraq first. This is pre-WW3.

Heroes 7 strives to be realistic but it's not a simulator, as much as I like simulators. There are some unrealistic events but Heroes 7 always have that sense of realism, especially when there are squads, huge teams, covers, battlechatter - which still needs some work (AI speaking to each other where enemies are), evading difficult situations instead of going through it. Heroes 7 always going to have teammates unlike the later Modern Warfare game where only 2 "heroes" having super health and taking out everyone. We all know war isn't fought or won with 2 people. Even though part 4 and 5 is based on two people, there'll always going to be teammates or resistance in part 5.

The special forces group belongs to Special Elite Task (S.E.T) organization. This organization consists of many groups of soldiers, such as U.S. Army Rangers, Airborne, S.A.S, etc. This group is very diverse and is the largest ethnic organization. It is a global defense headquarters.

Heroes 7 spans over 20 days. 20 days of July. Training starts on the 10th but preparation starts on the first day. In case you guys may not have understood the timeline since the first map starts on the 10th.
Day 1 is declaring war on Al-kab-dir, day 2 - 10 is getting ready and planning the troops, etc and send some oversea to be stationed closer to Al-kab-dir city. Some fights took place before the 10th but no gameplay, since just like war, just fighting. Not too significant till day 10 since that's when we get closer to the Al-kab-dir. Training spans over 4 days, day 10 to 14. Extra training is needed. Day 14 is on the road to Al-kab-dir city, attacking from the southwest. Some fighting took place on the 15th to 19th; there were breaks. Part 3 takes place on the 19th, around 10am that day. A special forces group is called in to scout the city to advance the attack so the armies can have tactics on how to control the city and kill Al-kab-dir. Day 20 is on the harborfront, episode 6 of part 3. Attacking Al-kab-dir city is also on that day.

After eliminating Al-kab-dir and getting ready to be evacuated from the area, Heroes 7 and squad mates' ride were shot down. They crashed into an unknown part the desert. Al-kab-dir's forces were in the area, or Al-kab-dir junior should I say, were in the area. Heroes 7 found a nearby jeep and decides to ride their way out when the enemies started firing on them. Captain Seewin fought with Al-kab-dir junior while Heroes 7 tries to escape. However, they couldn't leave him, so they went back and try to rescue him. The enemies were too many and Heroes 7 were outnumbered. All of the teammates were presumably dead but a couple made out alive but still horrifying. Al-kab-dir captured the player and Captain Seewin.

Part 2 is "The Great Escape". Takes place a week after the event of part 1. The player and the Captain has been taken hostage as their entire team has been wiped out, as it "seems". They are on their own and has to escape the prison. Little do they know, they are at the heart of a war factory. Two groups are inserted to assault the factory but as it appears, they encounter the player and the Captain. The player and the the Captain are able to escape back to friendlies to avoid further complications.

Starting with part 4, the title changes since it is no longer Heroes 7. Everyone dies. :( Except the player and the Captain. Part 4 and 5 is called "Brothers in Arms" (literally), Blood Brothers or the Formidable Two. (All made up and not copied from real life)

Part 4 takes place on the same day of "The Great Escape" part 2. I'll tell you a bit of what's happening. A traitor is meeting up with the enemies at an airfield. The player, and the Captain is ordered to find out what the meeting is and what is up with the traitor. Just escaped prison and they're on a mission again! It's going to be fun! There'll be alternate endings depending on your actions.

Part 5 takes place 5 days after part 4. The allies are stationed in New York. Enemy counter attack. And the player and the Captain are considered "rogue". Friendly allies would target them but there are some "resistance" supporting them. An all out warfare between the allies, enemies and resistance. Find out what happens to the player and the Captain. An epic ending to the series. This is WW3.

Now, not every characters/teammates from Heroes 7 are deceased. ;) Find out who survives the devastation back at the desert. Still depressing, b/c most were killed. :( Heroes 7 salutes!

There are 5 parts to heroes 7.

Heroes 7 part 1 (outside the city and inside the city)

Heroes 7 part 2 "The Great Escape" (Prison)

Heroes 7 part 3 "Fall of Man" (Part prequel, part sequel, outskirt of city to inside of city)

Heroes 7 part 4 "Endgame" (Find out who the traitor is and make your decision)

heroes 7 part 5 "Friend or Foe? Blacklist" (Epic ending to the series/story. Name and title is subjected to change.)

Part 3 is still in progress. Part 3 is split into 7 parts.

I have improved on my mapping skills and scripting skills. So in part 1, it's not great. Part 2 is better, part 3 is awesome. Part 4 should be the greatest of all parts.

Heroes 7 is about 7 characters trying to save the world. There are 8 but 1 of them(the leader) is killed tragically and you will found out in part 3.

Always looking for helpers!

Hope you get an idea of what Heroes 7 is about.

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3 comments by sam_fisher3000 on Jun 22nd, 2014

UPDATE: There will be MAC and Linux compatible versions. And in both x32 and x64 bits.

Heroes 7 Part 3 Episode 6 is now standalone! This is so exciting. A video is up but don't mind the graphics. It'll be better for release. Don't mind the graphics. The graphics is just default for testing. It'll be better for release. Anyways, the mod is now standalone. Be sure to keep up with updates. I'll try to release updates whenever possible but I don't want to spoil anything. Any major features added, I'll show. I am still getting use to Unity3D though, so it'll take sometime.

Currently, I plan to merge episode 6, 7, and 8 together, since there's just more flexibility and that you can have big maps in a standalone engine. COD4 just couldn't do it. This way, you can play one map and finish part 3. And it's fun playing a longer game, you get your time worth. In future, I will, when I see fit, release all the previous episodes. Part 4 and 5 will be included in the standalone since I am starting now. Though, I may go back and redo all previous episodes as standalone. Though however, the story will be more linear, instead of doing a prequel/sequel. Which is what Part 3 is. In other words, Part 1 events before the (after the dam, HQ_outside and hqc map) city will be played first, then Part 3 episode prologue - 7 will be played, and then episode 8 (HQ_outside and hqc map remake). Then Part 2 (Prisoner of War), then Part 4, then Part 5. So it'll be in chronological order.

As planned, all features mentioned will be included, including Coop, MP (ARMA style, more information on that later) and MP style that I always wanted. There will also be a custom menu.

The game will be close to ARMA and Battlefield (vehicle warfare, large scale warfare). I did mention that I want a realistic game, and yes, it will be but don't be discouraged. There will still be some arcade style gameplay. I may do a custom setting to choose your style of battle.

Main features:
- FPS game mainly
- RTS component (Unity3D is great for RPG/RTS like games, especially camera, so this is doable)
- Commanding AI

It's just better to have a standalone engine game, you can do anything. Though, I am still learning, I should be able to get all features set up. There's just so many things you can do.

Cryengine may be my preferred choice but it has lack of support. I like the graphics but it may be a little graphically intensive for players. Unreal Engine on the hand is great, but I don't have supports for it either. They both use C++ and the only support I have is C# so this is a setback. And also I never really knew how to use the Unreal Engine editor, seems more complicated. Unity3D is almost close to COD4 mod tools, so it's easier to work with. And you have flexibility in choosing your scripting language other than C++. I may port over to Unreal Engine or Cryengine in the future but mostly unlikely. I may have a studio by then, so I'll make a completely new game, lol.

The first standalone concept video for Heroes 7 Part 3 Episode 6 is up. Yes, it is now standalone! Though, however, there is a small possibility that I'll be going back to COD4 but since I am using Unity3D, I love it! There's so much flexibility, more than one way of doing things.

There is a bridge that I added but I wasn't able to show it here but the bridge is between the dam and the city, you'll know when you see it. I'll have it up in the next update.

As of now, no release date is set. It depends on how much I know about the engine and how much I can do. I am sure I can do a lot more, a lot quicker, because it's quicker to test, and you get instant feedback. I'll inform of a release date when the time comes. It's too early right now.

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Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 4b

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 4b

Jan 26, 2014 Full Version 0 comments

This is the final release of Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 4b: Hell's Highway Part 1. Episode 4b is a movie gameplay. You can still play the map...

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 5

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 5

Jan 26, 2014 Full Version 0 comments

This is the full release of episode 5: Lost. See what happens to the boys! It's a jeep ride mission to escape to the harbour! Please download the supplementary...

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 4

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 4

Jan 26, 2014 Full Version 0 comments

This is the final release of Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 4: Destiny Awaits. Please download the supplementary video files and mod file in the...

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 3

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 3

Dec 26, 2013 Full Version 6 comments

This is Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 3 version 2 (Player mode). It features some things fixed and pathfinding. Players now know where to go and...

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 2

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 2

Dec 23, 2012 Full Version 2 comments

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 2: Hell Awaits This is the final version of the map. Episode 2 is now ready! I may patch the map. Though it is unlikely...

Heroes 7 Part 2 "The Great Escape"

Heroes 7 Part 2 "The Great Escape"

Aug 31, 2012 Full Version 2 comments

This is Heroes 7 Part 2 full version. It's the same as the one on modsonline. It is now available on here. There's a bonus map in there, which I had originally...

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 71)
Spi-Hamentsios10 May 8 2014, 10:04pm says:

Really unique maps. the style is interesting and it has good features.
what i couldnt do, is play episode 3 i dunno why. it didnt load
Episode 4 was nice.
and i wonder where u found the MW2 models please tell me.
i have an offer to make

+1 vote     reply to comment
sam_fisher3000 May 9 2014, 1:49pm replied:


Thanks. Try loading episode 3 again. It should be heli_part1.

As for the MW2 models, I have a modeller/scripter/helper helping me with this. You can ask him. BigWigglyStyle is his name on moddb.

Thanks to him, I am able to have custom models/characters to use.

What offer? No monetary. I really don't need any offers. If you want help, just let us know. You can check out the forum which allows you to post help with mapping. The Tutorial Corner.

+1 vote     reply to comment
RoXoR_Sokas Apr 14 2014, 6:45am says:

Can i work with you? I have experience for this and i'm American from europe
D'like to improve your mission can i support you and can we talk :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
sam_fisher3000 Apr 14 2014, 2:33pm replied:

Hi. Sure. Just add me on Steam. It's the same name.

+2 votes     reply to comment
RoXoR_Sokas Apr 20 2014, 7:31am replied:

I've send you request accept.

+2 votes     reply to comment
RoXoR_Sokas Apr 19 2014, 10:31am replied:


+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jan 30 2014, 11:23pm says:

i would love to help you some time

+3 votes     reply to comment
sam_fisher3000 Jan 31 2014, 5:10pm replied:

Sure! Just add me on Steam or Xfire. Steam name is same as here. On xfire is without the hyphen. Thanks!

+2 votes     reply to comment
MrDeath651 Jan 26 2014, 5:27am says:

Great maps. I love your work

+4 votes     reply to comment
sam_fisher3000 Jan 26 2014, 12:12pm replied:


+3 votes     reply to comment
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