H7P3 E7 Alpha Play Test is now live. It's uploading mainly for testing purposes. This is NOT the final game. It's uploaded for a select few but if you like to play test, you can download it. No ETA on final release. More details on the addons page.

E7 is the final episode to Part 3. Part 4 and 5 will be short. Part 4 does have 2 maps but they are short.

Walkthrough videos are now up!

Episode 6 Part 2 (1/2): Youtu.be

Episode 6 Part 3 (1/2): Youtu.be

Episode 6 Part 3 (2/2) + Good Ending: Youtu.be

Episode 6 Part 3 Bad Ending: Youtu.be

Episode 6 Part 3 Bonus Main Ending: Youtu.be

Episode 6 Part 4 (1/2): Youtu.be

Episode 6 Part 4 (2/2): Youtu.be


Will upload here.

NOTE: This project was originally for COD2 and WW2 era but because of the improvement in coding and background for the COD system, I transferred to COD4. I may go back and continue with WW2 but I may not. I love WW2.

I will be developing the mod for COD4 (finishing up) and ARMA since it has great support and is good for military simulation, so I will be using it. This is a hobby but I like to share my work.

A fictional leader, Al-kab-dir, wants war on the friendly nations, the US, Britain and Russia. The friendly nations, have declared war on Iraq first. This is pre-WW3.

Heroes 7 strives to be realistic and may be a simulator in ARMA. There are some unrealistic events but Heroes 7 always have that sense of realism, especially when there are squads, huge teams, covers, battlechatter - which still needs some work (AI speaking to each other where enemies are), evading difficult situations instead of going through it. Heroes 7 always going to have teammates unlike the later Modern Warfare game where only 2 "heroes" having super health and taking out everyone. We all know war isn't fought or won with 2 people. Even though part 4 and 5 is based on two people, there'll always going to be teammates or resistance in part 5.

A special forces group belongs to Special Elite Task (S.E.T) organization and is tasked to scout out a city for the main invasion or so it seems. This organization consists of many groups of soldiers, such as U.S. Army Rangers, Airborne, S.A.S, etc. This group is very diverse and is the largest ethnic organization. It is a global defense headquarters.

The special forces group consists of 8 soldiers called the "Heroes", famously known as "Heroes 7". They are in Squad 5 "Forward Strike". One of them is Colonel Markens, but since he died early, I didn't consider him a "hero" and he was technically an enemy before. Teaser! There are a few other squads supporting too for the iinvasion. However, everyone is a hero, it is a Company of Heroes.

Was it really a scout/recon mission or was it a suicide mission? Find out.

History will be revealed in Part 4 and a teaser in Part 3 Episode 6.
1960's, 1970's, 1980's - uprising of Al-kab-dir's family, General Bradley, General Hershey, Colonel Eric Leonovich Markensov (Markens' official name in Russian), Captain Seewin, Sgt. Parker (revealed in Episode 6) and the whole story between them. There is a connection to why the war got started. They met each other several times years ago. The story leads up to the year 2020, and that's when the tension eventually explodes and causes WW3.

Heroes 7 spans over 20 days in July. Preparation for war starts on July 1. Training is on the 10th.
Day 1: Declaring war on Al-kab-dir
Day 2-9: Getting troops to be deployed in England for training.
Day 10-13: Training (Part 1)
Day 14: Deploying in Iraq. Fighting on the road to Al-kab-dir city. (Part 1)
Day 15-18: Fighting
Day 19: Al-kab-dir uptown invasion (Part 3) - Episode 3 teaser decision-making but only 1 was canonical.
Day 20 - D-Day: Grand assault/invasion on Al-kab-dir city and harbor. (Part 3, Episode 6, 7 and episodes of Part 1) - Episode 6 has 3 endings, 1 is hidden and canonical. Ooohh...
Day 32: Prisoner of War and Brothers in Arms (Part 2 and 4)- Make decisions to result in 2 different endings.
Day ?: WW3
Day ?: New York City Invasion - War at Home (Part 5) - Your Part 4 decisions/ending carries forward to part 5 (you may be able to reverse/change the consequences by making the other decision in Part 5) Make decisions to result in 2 different endings. Both endings are canonical but there is no next series/parts. 2 official endings to end the series.

After eliminating Al-kab-dir and getting ready to be evacuated from the area, Heroes 7 and squad mates' ride were shot down. They crashed into an unknown part the desert. Al-kab-dir's forces were in the area, or Al-kab-dir junior should I say, were in the area. Heroes 7 found a nearby jeep and decides to ride their way out when the enemies started firing on them. Captain Seewin fought with Al-kab-dir junior while Heroes 7 tries to escape. However, they couldn't leave him, so they went back and try to rescue him. The enemies were too many and Heroes 7 were outnumbered. All of the teammates were presumably dead but a couple made out alive but still horrifying. Al-kab-dir captured the player and Captain Seewin.

Part 2 is "The Great Escape". Takes place a week after the event of part 1. The player and the Captain has been taken hostage as their entire team has been wiped out, as it "seems". They are on their own and has to escape the prison. Little do they know, they are at the heart of a war factory. Two groups are inserted to assault the factory but as it appears, they encounter the player and the Captain. The player and the the Captain are able to escape back to friendlies to avoid further complications.

Starting with part 4, the title changes since it is no longer Heroes 7. Everyone dies. :( Except the player and the Captain. Part 4 and 5 is called "Brothers in Arms" (literally), Blood Brothers or the Formidable Two. (All made up and not copied from real life)

Part 4 takes place on the same day of "The Great Escape" part 2. I'll tell you a bit of what's happening. A traitor is meeting up with the enemies at an airfield. The player, and the Captain is ordered to find out what the meeting is and what is up with the traitor. Just escaped prison and they're on a mission again! It's going to be fun! There'll be alternate endings depending on your actions.

Part 5 takes place 5 days after part 4. The allies are stationed in New York. Enemy counter attack. And the player and the Captain are considered "rogue". Friendly allies would target them but there are some "resistance" supporting them. An all out warfare between the allies, enemies and resistance. Find out what happens to the player and the Captain. An epic ending to the series. This is WW3.

Now, not every characters/teammates from Heroes 7 are deceased. ;) Find out who survives the devastation back at the desert. Still depressing, b/c most were killed. :( Heroes 7 salutes!

There are 5 parts to Heroes 7.

Heroes 7 Part 1 (outside the city and inside the city)

Heroes 7 Part 2 "The Great Escape" (Prison)

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" (Part prequel, part sequel, outskirt of city to inside of city)

Heroes 7 Part 4 "Endgame" (Find out who the traitor is and make your decision)

heroes 7 Part 5 "Checkmate" (Epic ending to the series/story.)

Part 3 is still in progress. Part 3 is split into 7 parts.

For episode 1 and 2 videos check out: Social.xfire.com and Social.xfire.com respectively. Enjoy.

Word of Dedication:

So much have happened every day and continue to happen.

I dedicate the mod to all the men and women that sacrifices their lives to save others, whether regular people or service men and women, dead and alive, past, present and future. Thanks for your generosity.

I also dedicate this mod to a friend whom I hardly knew but my brother does. I have spoken to him, not much, but we are all friends. He had an illness but thought he would recover. He's so young. His recent passing came as a shock to us all. Especially to me, he was only 1 year younger than me. Although, it was expected but we had the hope that he would make it. It's sad and difficult to see a young man go. This mod is dedicated to all people that sacrifice their lives and to him. We should cherish everyone when we have the time. Salute! This mod is dedicated to their names.

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It's that time of year again! I have finally released episode 6 for Part 3. And released before the Christmas holiday again.

This has been many years in the making and I finally released it. Episode 6 is the largest map and feature rich mod that I have ever released. I had a "battlefield" mindset and wanted to incorporate it to COD4, pushing the Call of Duty limit. I mostly succeeded with some help.

Lots of hard work have been put into this episode as well as this whole project. This project is a hobby but I like sharing my work.

I hope players will enjoy what I have to feature and see how the game engine can be pushed to the limits. And the game has been pushed to the literal limit. Effects, dynamic objects (projectiles), playable features, all exceeded the game engine limits. I had to cut the dynamic objects (projectiles) down in order to avoid map crashes. This happens during the helicopter dogfight sequence.

Features promised and released:

  • Large warfare
  • Airbornes (still some work left to do)
  • Driveable vehicles
  • RTS mode/Swapping characters/players and helicopter teammates command

Features cancelled:

  • Jets gameplay (though still doable but needs a lot more development and testing)

I still have the rest of the project to finish but I won't be releasing new features and there's isn't anything unique to offer. I have one more episode to go for Part 3. There is also a short prologue. Then I am done and moving on to Part 4 (2 maps) and Part 5 (1 map) and then I can finally finish the project. I am still going to finish the project. I'll sort out the backstory. Really, only one map features the main points of the backstory.

I thank the following people for their support and commitment:

  • TakeHomeTheCup/BigWigglyStyle for his help on advanced features such as the above, driveable vehicles, RTS, and simplified airborne feature.
  • Delta Obi-wan for his voice acting, some map designing and scripting.
  • Xessive for his voice acting on General Bradley. Unfortunately, he didn't have time to reprise his role for episode 6.
  • Voidsource/InvalidAccess for his scriptings and voice acting.
  • My good friend, Harold, for his voice acting and support for my gaming endeavour. :P
  • My brother for his voice acting and help to do some work for the project.
  • CoDeManX for his voice acting and scriptings.
  • Pablo for his airstrike script.
  • SPi for his voice acting and partial airborne script.
  • All other voice actors that helped me.
  • All others that I may have missed.
  • Modsonline for tutorials and where I started mapping 8 years ago.
  • The fans for their support.

Thanks for all your support and help.

I hope you players out there will continue to support and enjoy.

Music Credits for Episode 6:

  • Brothers in Arms/Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood Theme
  • Company of Heroes Soundtracks
  • Amazing Grace
  • Red Alert 2/Command and Conquer Soundtracks
  • Comanche Gold Soundtracks (ah, takes me back, great flight simulator and great game. Music makes me get a lost in a world and also lost in my past)
  • Jane's Combat Simulations - F15 Soundtrack (takes me back as well)
  • Jane's Combat Simulations - USNF '97 Intro Theme (takes me back as well)
  • Highway to Hell - AC/DC
  • Archangel - Two Steps from Hell
  • United We Stand, Divided We Fall - Two Steps from Hell
  • Strength of a Thousand Men - Two Steps from Hell
  • Dark Harbor - Two Steps from Hell
  • Ironwing - Two Steps from Hell
  • Vindicator - Immediate Music
  • Voices from Comanche Gold and Ace Combat
  • Voice and effect sounds from Battlefield 3

Links to avoid login:

dday: Onedrive.live.com

dday2: Onedrive.live.com

dday3: Onedrive.live.com

Mod: Onedrive.live.com


Episode 6 Part 2,3,4 Release

Episode 6 Part 2,3,4 Release

News 1 comment

Episode 6 is planned to be released for the Christmas holidays. Stay tune for updates. I will try to finish episode 6 and also the prologue (if I get...

Heroes 7 P3 E6 and 7 Trailer 3 and News

Heroes 7 P3 E6 and 7 Trailer 3 and News

News 0 comments

This is trailer 3 for Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 6 "Highway to Hell" and Episode 7 "Serpent's Lair". This shows the progress so far and the...

Good news!

Good news!

News 0 comments

New video to be released tonight/tomorrow. Good news! I have decided to go back and map COD4 maps again! Here's how it's gonna go down. I'll be making...

Arma 3 Playtest/Notes

Arma 3 Playtest/Notes

News 0 comments

Hi all, The mod is still finished, COD4 anyway. I currently have no plans to go back but I do want to because of the simplicity of modding this game...

Heroes 7 Part 3 Episode 6 Part 4 "Day of Infamy"

Heroes 7 Part 3 Episode 6 Part 4 "Day of Infamy"

Full Version 1 comment

This is the release of Heroes 7 Part 3 Episode 6 Part 4 "Day of Infamy". All 4 parts of episode 6 are now released. Extract all files to the root COD4...

Heroes 7 Part 3 Episode 6 Part 3 "HH - ABTF"

Heroes 7 Part 3 Episode 6 Part 3 "HH - ABTF"

Full Version 0 comments

Load the game and in main menu, open console (~) and type map dday2. This is the release of the 3rd map of episode 6. Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode...

Heroes 7 Part 3 Episode 6 Part 2 "D-Day"

Heroes 7 Part 3 Episode 6 Part 2 "D-Day"

Full Version 3 comments

Move the .ff file into zone/english if it's not done already. Load the game and in main menu, open console (~) and type map dday. This is the release...

Heroes 7 Part 3 Episode 6 Part 1 Harbordam

Heroes 7 Part 3 Episode 6 Part 1 Harbordam

Full Version 4 comments

This map, Harbordam, is complete. This is the first map of 4. Episode 6 is split into 4 parts due to game engine limitation. Please read the Readme in...

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 4b

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 4b

Full Version 0 comments

This is the final release of Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 4b: Hell's Highway Part 1. Episode 4b is a movie gameplay. You can still play the map...

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 5

Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 5

Full Version 0 comments

This is the full release of episode 5: Lost. See what happens to the boys! It's a jeep ride mission to escape to the harbour! Please download the supplementary...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 86)

hey ,buddy ,where can I download the mod file ?or in which Episode.and ,this project is for singleplayer or MP?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
sam_fisher3000 Creator

The mod file is in the addons section. This project is SP only.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Single player.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

The RTS part looks awesome,keep up the good work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
sam_fisher3000 Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

how to install it? i can't understand. i really wanna play this mod. where to put it? after compile, nothing happen. any tutorial? step by step tutorial?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
sam_fisher3000 Creator

Which maps are you downloading? The maps go into COD4 (your COD4 directory)/zone/english.

The mod file go into COD4/mods/Heroes 7

Part 1 maps need to be compiled but that requires some advanced knowledge of mapping, well not really but just download the mod tool, extract to COD4 folder and place the maps into the map_source. All .gsc files go into raw/maps.

Hope this helps.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

i put the heroes 7 into mods folder. then i download the part 1 and what should i do? where can i find maps? i find everywhere. maps are only in raw folder.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
sam_fisher3000 Creator

If you're downloading Heroes 7 Part 1, I wrote in the download page that it is raw files. You need to download the mod tool and compile the maps yourself. It should be simple. Download the mod tool, extract to the COD4 directory, place the maps into the map_source folder, place all scripts into raw/maps, sound and soundalias into the main folder. Open the compile tool and click on the map, click compile BSP, then reflection, then build ff. When launching the game, make sure you turn on developer in the compile tool. Then load the game. Game will say missing assets, then go to update zone file. Copy/paste the missing assets into the right side. Keep repeating until all assets are in. There may be times where you get into the game but missing file, so quit and repeat the update zone file procedure until there is nothing left to add in. Hope this helps. Thanks.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How do you play this? I got the files in the cod 4 mods folder but there really isn't a way to play the singleplayer

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
sam_fisher3000 Creator


Thanks for downloading the mod. You need to download the maps to use the mod. Make a shortcut and add this to the target.

+set fs_game mods/Heroes7.

I mentioned this in the description on the mod addon page.

Launch the game with this shortcut and run the maps. The readme that comes with the maps should tell you what the map name is.

Let me know if you have further issues.

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