Welcome to the crazy world of Hammy-Bob Mod (Half-Life Modification). If your new to the mod of HBM then get ready for a mod that is a little different from its peers. While most of the modding community is working towards achieving realism the HBM team is working at making something unrealistic and funny. The fun doesn’t stop at the game play we have also changed many of the Half-Life sounds to fit more of a comical feel (for example: BA-BANG! For the shotgun). Most of the maps are different from each other in HBM because there is not set theme for the maps allowing us to produce a wide range of different types of maps. Possibly the most famous part of HBM is the many characters we have created for the mod and gives you a lot of choices on what you want to look like when your playing in a server. So download, laugh, enjoy. Weapons: 1. Fish - Primary: regular swing / secondary: Throw Fish 2. Cluster Grenade - Primary: throws a Cluster Grenade / Secondary: Throw the soda farther 3. Pist

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Half-Life has always been about realism, But sometimes you need a break from reality..and Hammy-Bob mod brings you to a utopia of strangeness.

The mod, While a multiplayer mod can also be played in Single player, The serious of Half-Life is brought to a halt, While awkwardness and craziness rule the day with Reskinned weapons, Funny sound effects, and wonderfully unique maps.

While I would not call it a "Messup" mod, I think Hammy-Bob Mod, Monkey-Strike, and Sex Drugs And Beer Can brought the popularity of the Humor Mod to new Hights For Half-Life.

Hammy-Bob Mod also has a devote following which has several killer servers around the world.

i dont get it

awesome mod, if you have half-life 1, you must play this mod,



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