Our representation of Halo's iconic space combat in the Homeworld 2 engine, which puts the player in command of some of the most powerful weapons fielded by the UNSC and Covenant and to provide a balanced and competitive experience.

The WiP Suite

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The WiP Suite

5 tracks in one, these are all WiP, except the for the last track.

0:00-0:58 Delta Halo (Based off Halo 2)
0:58-2:49 Duel (Based off Reach)
2:49-4:45 A Space Walk (CE-Reach)
4:45-6:03 This is the Hour (Based off Halo 3)
6:03-7:58 Orbital Defense Grid (Custom)

These are still being extensively worked on and improved. I wanted to upload Orbital Defense Grid earlier, but didn't get around to it until now.