Our representation of Halo's iconic space combat in the Homeworld 2 engine, which puts the player in command of some of the most powerful weapons fielded by the UNSC and Covenant and to provide a balanced and competitive experience.

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1.09 Release:

As I said before, the HHF have done a superb job with the Ships, they are highly detailed (The Blast Windshield, the Marathon Hangar Animation, etc) and beautifuly textured (Seriously check the frigate textures are Awesome).

New ships where included, the new model of the Prowler (Reminiscence of the Normandy from Mass Effect), the Marathon class cruiser, the Thanatos Destroyer, et al.

Gameplay wise, it´s still a beta, however, playing with the UNSC has been so far smooth, and not buggy. The ships fill their assigned role well but until the Covenant gets release we´ll not know if this is 100% true or not.

*Sigh* I got to say this, IMO the older missile effects and sounds where better; not that the new ones are bad, they´re good, I just liked the others more.

Also the lack of some voice sounds is...disturbing.

Anyway this is a must watch mod, with a really talented group behind it.

On a side note:

-More canonical UNSC Ships classes would be neat although I don´t think they´ll implement em (Perhaps sometime later), The Sabre Fighter, The Broadsword, The (New Design) Charon Light Frigate, The ONI PRO-49776, or even Phoenix Class Colony Ship. Seeing how 343i seems to be moving towards a more stylished ship design.

Goo god, just played this, and my love for Homeworld has been reawakened. Keep up the good work!

This mod is awesome

What is not good about this mod????

Good updates, Constant Progress, and not to mention a active community.
Plus the old build is fun to play.

Its good but put back the Canon Covie Destroyer!

It is awesome! There are quite a bit of rts kind of mods for Halo now but this one is definitely the best.

Has made massive amounts of progress, constantly kept up to date. Have seen some fantastic idea's with new material really looking forward to the full release!!!

sweet mod cant wait for full mod to come out so exited:D

great mod ! still some features missing, but, hopefully, they will be added in the next update :)

keep up the good work guys !

This mod is AMAZING. I came here when researching mods about Homeworld 2 and to see that there is an active Halo mod about, I FREAKED OUT. Even to find that there is an active modding community was shocking enough for this game.

This is, by far, one of the best halo mods I have seen. Keep up the good work guys. :)

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