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Problem implementing Alien Grunt in mod (Games : Half-Life 2: Episode Two : Mods : Human Error : Forum : Human Error : Problem implementing Alien Grunt in mod) Locked
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Jul 11 2012 Anchor

After trying to wrestle with the coding of this monster, I'm about to give up on it. While the npc, for the most part, is functioning, there remains an issue.

No matter what the relationship table states, enemies (even when set to HATE) will simply approach the Grunt and stand in front of it, not fighting. It's like it realizes there's an enemy, but has no idea how to kill it. This is throwing a rather large wrench into my plans for a mod, which will eventually require the many different factions to fight one another. This is, however, impossible, as the Grunt apparently can hypnotize it's foes.

Someone please help me fix this problem, so I may attempt to get the Alien Controller to work (One npc at a time).

Additionally, the Grunt will not dissolve when hit with an energy ball, which is rather annoying.

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