Gunslinger's Academy is a Jedi Academy total conversion which aims to bring gun combat to Jedi Academy Multiplayer. Features include new weapons, achievements, killstreak rewards, a new combat system, several new maps, and multiple new gametypes.

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May 8th, 2012
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.EXE VERSION, 2.4.3 is REQUIRED. Ensure that you are pointing to the Gamedata folder whenever you are installing. This version comes with a desktop shortcut and other things to help you play the game easier.

Gunslinger's Academy v2.4.3 is required to play

Full changelog:
New Features
- Added Dual Wielding
- New Weapon: G36C
- New Weapon: L85
- New Weapon Variant: Silenced P90
- Added launcher and installer files
- Added Volumetric Light Scattering (Post Processing effect)
- Added Last Man Standing (g_LMS/g_LMSlives)
- Added chat commands: /me, /roll. These can be typed in chat, but not in the console.
- Added news feed to main menu
- Added weapon icons in the Loadout menu
- Added Post Processing controls to the Advanced menu within Setup
- Players will now play a piece of dialogue whenever they are blinded by a flashbang
- New Color Codes menu (under Settings -> Options -> Color Codes)
- You can now specify an alternate weapons.txt to read from in your weapon overrides .txt, thus making multiple weapons.txts possible.
- Added admin commands: /acp_status and /acp_team
- New objective display system, which reduces confusion in gametype objectives. Currently in Ninja.
- Sniper Rifles (and the AUG) are able to have a single level of zoom, 2 levels of zoom, or a progressive zoom (like base), specifiable in the weapon properties file.
- Killing someone with a killstreak now announces when and how their killstreaks were ended.
- New Ninja ability: Dash
- New entity for map-makers: func_door_new. This allows map makers to make swinging, lockable, two-way (or one-way swinging), break-downable doors with zero scripting.
- Added lockpicking and locking of some doors.
- Added the ability to kick down some doors
- Added XBOX 360 controller support. Turn xbox_power on for XBOX 360 (tm) support.
- Added reload, quickthrow, and toggle auto reload (new feature in itself) to the Controls screen
- Added XBOX 360 menu in Controls
- Default name changed to "Private"
- Slight adjustments to announcer

Bug Fixes
- The RPG-7 no longer plays M16 grenade launcher sfx (played two sounds at once, causing some bugginess)
- Ninjas can now cloak properly (they couldn't before)
- Weapon damages now ignore base JA location based modifiers
- Sabers no longer cause a massive console spam
- The M16 no longer has bugged damage
- Made guns disappear after a length of time, specifiable through CVAR
- Popping out from ADS now has an animation associated with it (No more instant ADS->idle!)
- baseJA fix: Ragdolls no longer flip vertically whenever they init
- Sniper Rifles now go into ADS before you scope and when you leave scoping
- The TASER now uses its correct first person animation
- Jumping no longer causes the reload animation to reset.
- Prevented some kills from marking the wrong person as the killer.
- Rolling while using a weapon that cannot fire while rolling will result in the weapon dropping
- You can no longer roll while reloading
- Optimized respawning for better performance
- Fixed an issue which caused the game to (rarely) hang at "Awaiting Snapshot" while playing a local game.
- Rolling now results in the proper viewheight being shown.
- Fixed the Escape Point on Barn on VIP Escort
- Fixed MP5 being replaced by a P90 on Trainyard and Villa.
- Cleaned up a lot of the weapon PK3's hierarchy
- Fixed issues with "S_FindName: empty name"
- Fixed a rare assertion failure caused by invalid animevents
- Sway no longer has an effect in ADS
- Selecting primary/sidearm/explosives/CQC via hotkeys now works properly. In addition, the Primary Weapon bind now works properly.
- It is now impossible to spawn with two sidearms, or no primary weapon.
- Fixed a bug which prevented the L85, M249 SAW, P90 and USP Match from properly getting headshots
- Stun Grenades, Flashbangs, Gas Grenades and Smoke Grenades all properly bounce off their targets
- Stun Grenades now inflict the proper knockdown when a target is hit directly by them
- Fixed all smoke grenade and gas grenade related crosshair bugs.

* C4
- Now has a delay upon using it
* M16
- Reduced damage (On top of th
- Reduced alt fire grenade arm range by 200ms
* MP5
- Increased firing rate
- Reduced damage
- Increased firing rate
* Sawed Off Shotgun
- Increased damage
- Fires one extra pellet
* M1014 Tactical Shotgun
- Increased damage
* M249 SAW
- Slightly improved accuracy
- No longer affects targets that aren't looking at it (or around it)
- Wider area of effect
- Full blinding typically lasts longer
- All weapon damages have been regulated across the board in order to moderate DPS
- All scopes now zoom in further
- Most explosive weapons (except Stun Grenades) no longer inflict knockdown
- Reduced reload time for the P90. Increased reloading time for the RPG and Assault Rifles.
- Greatly increased Melee damage
- Most weapons have a less intrusive muzzle effect, this is to improve ADSing
- NPCs will now run away when wounded, will have more realistic aim, and will attempt to hunt down players who run away from them
- Increased ninja jump height
- Ninjas can now block some bullets
- Increased Ninja crouch-walk speed
- You can now roll backwards.
- Red players in VIP Escort now always start with a TASER
- Double Kills, Triple Kills, and Multi Kills are now much easier to get.
- Special grenades no longer have a smoke/flame trail behind them (except Missile Strike), and now display their model properly (including Missile Strike).
- Missile Strike lasts much longer, and launches a total of 10x as many missiles, in 4x as wide of a radius

- Blood spatter now sticks to walls
- Completely redid a lot of weapon sounds
- Some new animations
- Improved ragdolling and blood efx
- Blood splatter now shows up on screen

CVAR Defaulting
The following CVARs have had their defaults changed.
- g_redteam -> "Red"
- g_blueteam -> "Blue"
- g_dismember -> 2
- broadsword -> 1

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Gunslinger's Academy Patch Installer (v2.4.4c)
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Armordude91122cute Feb 7 2015 says:

This Mod Doesnt Work On Windows 8, Everytime I Start The Game, It Crashes.

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