Gunslinger's Academy is a Jedi Academy total conversion which aims to bring gun combat to Jedi Academy Multiplayer. Features include new weapons, achievements, killstreak rewards, a new combat system, several new maps, and multiple new gametypes.

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Gunslinger's Academy is the most visceral, dedicated first person shooting experience for Jedi Academy available to date. At first, the mod was to be styled around Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield 2. However, games became upgraded, and so did the style of the mod. More influences crowded the mod's style. Eventually, everything came together to form the mod you now see today.



Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy modification
(v2.4.0b BETA)


Table of Contents

IV. CVARS/CMDS (server)
V. CVARS/CMDS (client)


I. Installation
Note that Gunslinger's Academy has higher recommended system requirements than Jedi Academy does. This is due to advanced post-processing effects and far greater model detail than any of the basic game gun models.
Tested systems, and their settings:
- nVidia GEForce 210, 1GB RAM - Very High textures, High Model detail, postprocessing on, vsync off, dynamic glow off
- (Add a system here)
- (Add a system here)
In addition to the base files, Gunslinger's Academy saves an additional block of data that is roughly 1MB in size.

Gunslinger's Academy utilizes a 64 player cap patch. This is only enabled for jampded.exe on Windows systems (in the future, Linux systems will be given support)

• Take caution to back up or remove any previous installations of GSA.
• Unpack all contents of the .zip into your GameData folder (usually located within C:/Program Files/Lucasarts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/ on Windows XP)
• Run the GSA.bat. You will know the mod is running when "Gunslinger's Academy" is displayed in green text on your main menu.

II. An Introduction

Gunslinger's Academy is the most visceral, dedicated first person shooting experience for Jedi Academy available to date. The concept of the mod wouldn't begin until around 2009 and 2010, when the two project leaders, eezstreet and Silverfang discussed their ideas for a modern shooting mod for Jedi Academy. Thus, Gunslinger's Academy was born.

After two (almost three) years of learning C and JA, and countless polies carved into the game's assets, the two began their uphill climb to the latest (and greatest yet) versions of GSA.
At first, the mod was to be styled around Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield 2. However, games became upgraded, and so did the style of the mod. More influences crowded the mod's style. Eventually, everything came together.

III. Features

- Over 20 new to JA weapon models, including the P90, the MP5, RPG, and more.
- 3 new maps
- 3 new skins
- Dozens of new effects, including advanced pixel shaders
- Per-Map weapons system allowing for themed maps and countless other possibilities.
- New Gametypes: Ninja, Hero TFFA, and more.
- Continuous achievement system, with over 35 achievements total.
- Smooth and balanced gameplay ironed out over hours of gameplay
- Loadout system: Choose a primary weapon, sidearm, explosive, and/or mix things up.
- Mutators to existing game modes: Hardcore mode and Instagib
- Reloading system, along with a new weapons pickup system
- Recoil added to guns
- Sprinting and per-weapon based speed modifiers
- Dynamic accuracy system that improves based on actions performed
- Aiming down the sights, with both an FOV and speed modifier
- Killstreaks, with rewards: Recon Team, Portable Gatling Gun and Sentry Gun
- Many base JA bugs fixed
- Grenade indicators and quickthrow button (which also rapidly detonates C4)
- Laser sights
- Compacted menu system greatly expands on the original
- Customizable color codes
- Customizable HUD color
- Advanced team overlay
- WIP CO-OP system
- Probably tons of other stuff I forgot

IV. Cvars for Server Owners
g_hardcore: Turns on/off hardcore mode.
g_pregameLobby: Turns on/off pregame lobby (buggy, but kind of functional for bot games)
g_instagib: Turns on/off instagib mode.
0 = FFA
2 = Ninja (kind of done)
3 = Duel
4 = Powerduel
5 = CO-OP (crashes with NPCs)
6 = TFFA
7 = Siege
8 = CTF
10 = Domination (broken)
11 = VIP Escort (no maps done)
12 = Commander Escort ("")
13 = Hero TFFA (kind of done)

mp_villa, shipment1a, train1a

V. Cvars and commands for players:
/quickthrow: Throws a grenade or flashbang quickly, OR detonates all C4
/laser: Turns on/off laser sight
+button12: Sprinting
+button13: Aim Down Sights
/fmode: Change firing modes
/reload: Reload your weapon

/r_ext_postprocessing: Turns on/off postprocessing
/cg_colorX: Replace X with value 1-7. Changes colors of color codes (example: /cg_color3 orange changes ^3 to orange)

VI. Additional Tips
* Switching to your sidearm is always faster than reloading.
* Laser sights will turn off your crosshair, however they are more precise than your crosshair is. A laser pointed directly at a head while sniping almost always results in a headshot.
* Head shots are always marked in your obituaries (ex: Alora was spiked by Desann )
* Train yourself to reload directly after a grenade launcher shot.
* RPG rockets have a 25% chance to veer off course, 50% chance to fly a little drunkenly, and 25% chance to fly directly on-course. This does NOT mean that they ignore accuracy, however
* Time your shots to avoid gaining too much recoil or innaccuracy at a single stride
* All TASER attacks kill on one hit. Always. VIPs can only be taken down using the TASER.
* The AUG alt-fire doubles as a scope.

VII. Credits
Senior Programmer, Project Lead: eezstreet
Senior Art Director, Co-Lead: Silverfang
Modelling Backup: Zero, Pande
Programming Assistants: Raz0r, Xycaleth, Didz, redsaurus, TheOneAndOnly
Additional Effects: Raz0r, Xycaleth, TheOneAndOnly, BlasTech
Webmaster: Caelum
Mapping: j3rk, Zero, Silverfang
Texture Artists: Suibuku, Zero
Voice Acting: Remnant (ex-Bungie employee)
OJP Basic: razorace, Ensiform, countless others
The Game: Raven Software (esp. Richard Whitehouse, Ste Corke), Lucasarts, id Tech
Special Dedication: BobaFett, you were a great asset to this community and it's a shame to see you go.
Inyri Forge, it's been rough. I'm making peace with you now.
Mikouen, you told me all those times, "No, you can't.". I did, and that's made all the difference.

The following provided assets to us:
- jedi_hm2: Ninja skin
- Suibuku: Gangster skin
- j3rk: Villa map (reused in JKA Siege)

The following communities are worth honoring:
• Filefront Gaming Forums, this was where it all started
• JKHub
• Moddb
• JACoders

This mod is a(n attempt at a) realistic work of fiction. Any likenesses, psychological or physical, is purely coincidental.
This mod is not endorsed, distributed or otherwise affiliated with Lucasarts LLC or any of it's subsidaries. This mod is not made or supported by Raven Software. This product is a beta; support may be minimal from the developers at this time while everything is sorted.

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Gunslinger's Academy 2.4.0 Beta
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