Grand Theft Auto BioHazard Alert its a Total Conversion for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that convert SA in a survival horror game based in Resident Evil Movies games. You will be able to play as some Resident Evil characters like Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, Carlos Olivera (movie), and so on. And see some Resident Evil game-play elements like Zombies, Monsters, B.O.W experiments converting GTA San Andreas in an Arcade Horror Total Conversion called BioHazard Alert.

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Another month, another monthly update. This month has some very important updates, we are the first mod ever in GTA to create and animate flying and 4 legged animals to work in the game.

Posted by coin-god on Feb 28th, 2009

Another month, another monthly update. This month has some very important updates, we are the first mod ever in GTA to create and animate flying and 4 legged animals to work in the game.

The first animal aniamted and working in SA was our Crow, it is not finished yet. The animations done are the movememnt ones, Idle, Walk_Start, Walk, Run and Sprint. Which are animated to make the impression of the animal flying.

Then, in colaboration with Beeswax, I (coin-god) animated the Dog. The anims done are the same as the crow. And some minor development in the attack anims is beeing done.

Both animals work really goodin SA, there are some minor bugs which must be solved in order to have them fully working.

There are also some anims left, such as the Figthing Anims. But thanks to SA Figthing Styles it wont be a trouble.

Animation Preview and Promo Pic:

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SinKing Mar 1 2009 says:

wow, either this style fits very well with gta - which would surprise me. Or you have an ace modeler. either way that's real nice quality and I would jump to reinstal SA, just to give this a long and lasting spin.
Great idea, you should team up with a multiplayer mod and make this a coop survival 24/7 game.

P.S.: why does the crow look like it has an exaust when flying?

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coin-god Author
coin-god Mar 1 2009 replied:

Because our effects have a minor "smoke" particles when the peds foots touch ground, while walkin/running. So the same happens with the crow. But you notice it because the crow is flying.

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Otreum Mar 1 2009 says:

Are these animations just a quick WIP just to show the animations working in game?

Anyway, Nice progress, but the dog animation feels very robotic, when a dog runs, it's front and back paws don't hit the ground perfectly in sync, try and put them slightly out of sync so that the dog doesn't look like a robot, it's only a small difference however when it actually moves, you'll notice that difference ALOT.

Also with it's walking animation, it still feels very stiff, try and give the dog a bounce in it's step, right now the legs just move, but the body stays in the exact same position the whole time, try and bop the body up and down at the very least so that the animation looks more fluid.

As for the models, I like them alot, keep up the good work, I think i'd be tempted to install SA just to play this aswell :)

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coin-god Author
coin-god Mar 1 2009 replied:

Thanks for the Tip.

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Tornronim Mar 1 2009 says:

Wow, I never knew you'd be able to get a crow working in GTA. I'm curious as to what you're gonna do for the anims of the player falling? A nosedive? Or flapping it's wings like it's trying to get higher? Anyways, good work.

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BugEyes Mar 2 2009 says:

I'm in no position to critisize, cuz I don't know sh*t about developing games nor modding but...HAHA screw it: that dog don't run like a dog. Looks like more a robot. Bad robot. Nice ideas, but a hell lotta work on the horizon I'd say...

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coin-god Author
coin-god Mar 2 2009 replied:

Its not that easy to make them 100% aqurate. Besides its just the first test to run them ingame.

To be honest, i was more worried about making them WORK in SA than doing them perfect. Its not like there are dogs and crows in SA already. Its the first ever done.

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darkenes Mar 3 2009 says:

great mod

i have a suggestion don't you think that in walk animation if the head move a little will be much better?

anyway great work keep it up !!!!!

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Shoto Mar 4 2009 says:

yea this would be fun not only as a single player but a coop liek 2 4 ppl mabye more great work keep it up always checking in on u guys. also ppl gotta remember the animations will never be 100% can only do so much with what you got game wasnt made for this so fact that it can be done at all is great.

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coin-god Author
coin-god Mar 5 2009 replied:

Exactly my point.

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Undying_Zombie Mar 14 2009 says:

Not perfect ( but that is to be expected considering ) but great job in all truth. Will be nice to see them when you guys have them finished.

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stealthdragon44 Jun 8 2009 says:

when this is downloadable. can you make a cleo mod just for the bird and dog. pleasseeee. i don't want to download the whole mod. just the two animals.

please tell me there is a way you can do this?

great work by the way7

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