2011 release renamed to: G STRING BETA. The Dec. 19 2011 release is now referred to as a beta release- read the mod's "news" to see why. Download the beta in the mod's "downloads" section.

Fake Dmm (view original)

The media you are trying to view has been deleted and is no longer available. This may have occurred at the uploaders request, or it may have occurred because it violated the sites Terms of Use. If this is a mistake and you would like it re-activated, please contact us with the details.

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Still working on the textures because they are highly inadequate. Hopefully by the end of the month I'll be done updating all of them.

Glass is somewhat nicer than in hl2 but not as nice as portal 2. Oh well. Fake DMM is fake.


Also I have not counted but I believe the number of torrent downloads exceeds the number of reports I got for "day one" testing. :)

Please get it done as soon as you can, and for those who have submitted their feedback thank you very much!

Got it!

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