Freespace: A New Age (FS:NA) is a total conversion (TC) for Homeworld 2 (HW 2). FS:NA features ships ranging form the original FS game though to FS 2 ships with additional custom ships. FS:NA features new game play options for new and old players of HW 2 as well as many improvements to the original tactical options. On top of that many new 3D effects have being added to the game to allow FS:NA to really show off ships and other crafts from the original games; going beyond the what was seen in FS 1 and 2 by improving the 3D effects to give the FS universe a new look and feel. Take command of the GTA battle groups and wage war against the PVN during the 14 year war period. Defeat the Shivans during the first Great War period with the GTVA. Fight to break the GTVA with the NTF during the Rebuilding period. Fight the Shivans with the largest ship that either Terrains or Vasduants have ever built: the Colossus, during the second Great War with the Shivans. Freespace: A New Age, the future is...

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