Alliance are a serie of different mods. On the Star Wars GC, you can play the civil war Empire vs Rebel era + Black Sun and soon the Republic and CIS.

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Report RSS FOC Alliance - Legacy, new Muunilinst ground map (view original)
FOC Alliance - Legacy, new Muunilinst ground map
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Yesterday I was searching at my ground maps avault and I saw the map from the intimidation at Muunilinst, a corruption mission. It was a very small map but it looked very good and for a moment, I had a fun idea, what happen if I make a map four times bigger with a similar terrain, objects and more. Well the ground map from the pictures is the result.

I named to this new map, at least at my mind as the Muunilinst landing zone.

I had lucky because some times when you add the elevations, the map editor adds the passability, with it, I saved a lot of time. But all the map is not very complex, at least it was not very complex the creation for me. I find easier to create a urban map like that than a green map where you must add a lot more of textures in the ground. At comparation, I needed a lot more of time for the new ground map from Sullust which I have not showed you, other day perhaps.;) I have added 37 new ground maps by the moment.

Of course this map is beautiful but it needs be tested, perhaps it gives problems, who knows, it can happen with all the new ground maps, some times, some maps do not run as they should be and they crash the game. These things will be depurated when I play more. Oh I have played, not too much but the new galactic conquest is running. However I do not go to lie, with the amount of things added, I will need a lot of free time testing and improving things. It is not a mod with a bunch of new units, it adds a lot of new things. More than many other things.

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