FF7:Source will be a remake of the classic FF7 but taking place a year later in the story line. With classic characters and classic rivals, this mod will be hard to pass up.

Storyline: A year has past. Clouds' dreams are getting increasingly worse every night. Tifa asks Cloud whats wrong. Cloud says his nightmares are about his last fight with Sephiroth. Before
Sephiroth died he said he would return with a vengence. Cloud & Barret decide to investigate
the lab where Jenova is being held only to find that Jenova is missing. Both confused, they
come to the conclusion that it was either the reamaining members of Shinra or Sephiroth. On
their way out of the lab they are startled to find that Reno and Rude are waiting for them
at the exit. They go into a discussion about Shinra's plans of a new experiment. They reach
Shinra HQs, now with more backup (Tifa, Cid, Vincent, Yuffie, etc.), only to find a very
bloody mess. Your party reaches what looks like a holding cell for Jenova, however there is a giant gash in the door. Jenova's gone, aswell as 3/4 of Shinra's hench men. You set out to find Sephiroth and put an end to what evil plans he has this time. Upon finding Sephiroth, as if that was not enough to handle, you find Jenova, this time not in a cell, but alive and walking.

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