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Weapon Suggetions for Uniques or DLC Stuff for 8.1? (Games : Fallout 3 : Mods : Fallout 3 Reborn: A Realism Mod : Forum : Fallout 3 Reborn V8 Feature Requests : Weapon Suggetions for Uniques or DLC Stuff for 8.1?) Locked
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Sep 13 2010 Anchor

Goddamn from being a god forsaken ninja of god-dahmn silence, to an atomic bomb of annoyance. What the hell is wrong with me? Well anyway if you people have been reading my posts then you know i have already talked about this. But as the title says im asking your help for recommendations for the weapons that are "unique" to the fallout world, or in this case the "reborn" world, while some changes to the original weapons and uniques might be the same thing only with a few stuff. I'm looking for something different. Like say... Explosive shells, armor piercing, or even a makeover for that specific unique, don't get it?

Note: I had ALOT of edits cause i came looking for some weapons and found better ones so i remade some of the sentences i made before i post this, no credits needed just your help ^^)

V8.0 - .44 magnum (a 44 magnum) = Black hawk magnum (another magnum only scoped, dunno if adam distributed it to the world like the other uniques)

V8.1 - .44 magnum = Black hawk magnum (44 auto mag pistol) ballad of gay toy style ^^

Here are mine:

Gauss Rifle = X277 "Viper" magnetic rail cannon (depleted uranium) (this is from fallout 3, ill post a railgun schematic or some information bout them but for now this is the only lead i have. Nice name too ^^) or maybe the ARTEMIS might cut it. I dunno you people comment if you want the railguns to the tesla cannons but remember. These are just Suggestions to adam so dont get your hopes up ^^

Tesla Cannon = Okay this was tough but the railgun stuff that i was gonna put in here was tougher so i made a decision to create my own weapon IDEA for this bad boy. PRESENTING! THE XM325 Heavy Assault Cannon (Thank god for the name). It still looks like the XM312 and it still fires the same .50 caliber rounds ( but has a smaller/lighter figure like the XM307 ( and its .50 caliber rounds are specially outfitted with a small explosive charge much like the purpose of the XM307, but still goes as fast as the XM312. (whew that was tough, took me all morning here in my country to make. But all credits to you modelers and coders. I'm just pure thought. I had a lot of things to say but now im speechless. i just want to play this game awesomely ^^)

Heavy Incinerator = M202 "Grim Reaper" or "Flash" Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon (i was going to put this in the tesla cannon slot but i wanted to be realistic ^^)

P90 = F2000 5.56x45 NATO Bullpup (Attachments)

Arctic Warfare Sniper = WA2000 (Different Rounds)

Rpg 7 = AT4 (Different Ammo Types)

Dragunov = QBU Type 88 (Different Rounds)

RPK = QJY-88 LMG (Different Rounds)

That's all for now. I'm sleepy so yeah.... oh yeah hopefully adam you read this post and think about my ideas AGAIN hahaha. YAWN! okaaay. This is because i lav this mod man. !!!!!. too sleepy to fix post... tomorrow will.... fix... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Sep 19 2010 Anchor

i would say all Fallout 2 weapons that are still not in the game :P

Sep 29 2010 Anchor

Sorry for taking so long to respond, I just saw this post today (the forum only alerts me to posts if they're responses in my thread).

I'd love to add the FN F2000, M203, AT4, and WA2000, there is a problem, as I've told you several times before: I don't have models for any of these things... And no, I cannot, repeat CAN NOT model or texture to save my life. Nor do I have anyone working with me that could do it for me. I'm not a fan of the Chinese Norinco knockoffs, though, and those guns would probably not make it into my mod.

I'm actually keeping the Tesla cannon in Broken Steel (as it is an experimental weapon, like the Gauss Rifle), however, it is a railgun, just powered differently (by a tesla coil). The Incinerator is staying too, as it's not crazy unrealistic, like the hand-held laser weapons.

As for the XM3-- series of weapons, they are all HEAVY mounted weapons, and unsuitable for hand-held use (and Fallout 3 doesn't give you any other option).

P.S. To Valuga, I've never played Fallout 1 or 2, so no idea what kinda weapons they have :P

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Sep 30 2010 Anchor

Again i also say you COULD borrow some models like you did 20th century weaapons

Oct 3 2010 Anchor

Find them for me, and I will. I've searched and searched, no luck.


Mod DB - Game Modder

Oct 3 2010 Anchor

2oth century weapons, every weapon you need has that, excalibur. if you even want i could ask permission from them for you, providing that you give them credit

Oct 3 2010 Anchor

Yeah, go for it. I'm certain I've never seen an F2000 or any of the other guns, though.


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Oct 3 2010 Anchor

There's a f2000 there lots of weapons also there, and a suggestion minimize your weapons. Use a script for some like the bushmaster. A WMK style perhaps

Oct 4 2010 Anchor

I took a look, some of it looks pretty good. The F2000 won't work, as it's bullpup, and the reloading would be fucked.


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Oct 4 2010 Anchor

I see, well do your best the permission slip is on d way. Hopefully i get a yes from the authors

Oct 4 2010 Anchor

So far, my plans include these weapons:

Steyr TMP, Five SeveN, M72 LAW, FN FAL, Glock 19, UMP .45, M79, MGL140, XM1014, and Striker 12.


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