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Weapon Suggestion (Mods : Fallout 3 Reborn: A Realism Mod : Forum : Fallout 3 Reborn V8 Feature Requests : Weapon Suggestion) Locked
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Aug 29 2010, 2:37am Anchor

I was reading through the mod's features and it says the Laser Rifle is replaced by the M4A1. I was playing through the Replicated Man quest earlier and at the end of the quest I received a suppressed M4. Without the mod you normally receive A3-21's Plasma Rifle. The Enclave soldiers who normally wield plasma rifles are also equipped with M4s. In the vanilla version of Fallout 3 the Plasma Rifle is clearly more powerful than the Laser Rifle, but in the Reborn V8 it is replaced by a weapon of equivalent power. The United States military contracted H&K to develop a new assault rifle for them, the X-M8. It fired a somewhat larger round at a much higher firing rate, yet was very accurate and had little recoil. It was light weight and could be put through extreme amounts of punishment without any noticeable loss in performance. Would it be possible, for the final version of V8, to replace the Enclave's M4s and the M4 that you receive at the end of The Replicated Man with the X-M8 assault rifle?

Aug 29 2010, 1:36pm Anchor

First off, you put this in the wrong place, V7's thread. I moved it for you, so no problems there, just for future reference.

I know about the XM8, but a few points:

-The XM8 fires the same round as the M4A1 and Bushmaster ACR, the 5.56x45mm NATO.

-The XM8 model on Fallout 3 Nexus (the one I'd be using) doesn't support any attachments, meaning I'd never make it replace the M4A1, which has 6 variations.

You are correct on the fact that it is superior in durability to the M4, but that's not saying much, as the M4 is a very unreliable weapon compared to some of the newer rifles. However, since I feel that there are too many AWM's, I will put the XM8 in for you, to buffer the amount of AWM's you find on enemies. I dunno if I can replace the rifle that Harkness gives you, but we'll see.


Mod DB - Game Modder

Aug 29 2010, 9:26pm Anchor

I really need to start paying attention more when I post stuff. All I saw was feature suggestions and I automatically posted.

Aug 31 2010, 4:32pm Anchor

No problem :P

Anyhow, I hope you'll download V8.0, and enjoy the XM8 :D


Mod DB - Game Modder

Sep 1 2010, 12:10am Anchor

I've really enjoyed the V8 Beta, so I'm definitely going to download V8. The XM8 is also going to being really fun. The XM8 and the P90 are two of my favorite guns.

Sep 1 2010, 12:35am Anchor

Sweet, it should be out soon :D


Mod DB - Game Modder

Sep 14 2010, 7:25pm Anchor

i noticed that the m4a1 silenced did not do as much damage as the Mauser im not sure what it is supposed to be but it took like three shots to kill someone. also the l96 rifle is pointless it is not very accurate and takes three shots to kill i could just use an assault rifle and the bullets would go further and do more damage again im not sure how things are supposed to be and what things are bugs

Sep 15 2010, 12:53pm Anchor

Did you have any big guns skill? The AWM is deadly accurate... soooo.


Mod DB - Game Modder

Sep 15 2010, 7:43pm Anchor

i will check but will increasing big guns increase damge

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