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Food, Better Hunting, and more DC (Games : Fallout 3 : Mods : Fallout 3 Reborn: A Realism Mod : Forum : Fallout 3 Reborn V8 Feature Requests : Food, Better Hunting, and more DC) Locked
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Feb 6 2013 Anchor

I love the mod but the types of food where still small and boring. I would think it would be more realistic to see more types of food in the wasteland, like the ones from these mods;

Hunting seemed unfair in the game and I think you should just need a knife of some type to collect the meat. Like if you kill a starving dog you need a knife or a combat knife to cut the meat off of it. MMM introduced more realistic hunting, like selling dog hides and molerat teeth. I hunt myself and thats what I do so shouldn't hunting be added? It would give the player an alternative to eating old food or buying it.
MMM Eggs:

DC is a hell hole to fight through but there is hardly anywhere to loot. I've visited DC twice in the last year and it is a crowded place with lots of places to go, so why not in the game?
DC Interiors:

These dawned on me while throwing a brick at a wall in the middle of the night(dont ask why). The wasteland is unpowered and would mean no lights at night, so why is it so bright? It should be turned super dark and impossible to see. Then add ways to see, like flares, flashlights, and night vision goggles. lights flicker

I love how the weapons are more realistic and huge in variety(pardon me if i spellt that wrong), but it still seems like i see the same damn gun twenty times a day, so why not more modern types? 20th centry guns [over 170] more perks, like amnesia and others wasteland, so it dosn't seem so bland MyDog, so you can feed your pet dog, name it, and have it stash things for you. dogmeat leather armour, so dogmeat lasts longer and can pull his own weight.

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