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Energy Weapons (Mods : Fallout 3 Reborn: A Realism Mod : Forum : Fallout 3 Reborn V8 Feature Requests : Energy Weapons) Locked
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Jul 13 2010, 5:31am Anchor

i would like to see energy weapons still in the game as EVE (Energy Visuals Enhanced) adds some really awesome stuff
trust me slayer its worth checkin' out :L

Aug 4 2010, 12:22am Anchor

I dunno man, I kinda wanted to restrict the energy weapons to "realistic" sources, such as little green aliens. Sure the Fat Man isn't too realistic, but at least it's plausible, if suicidal.


Mod DB - Game Modder

Aug 4 2010, 5:24am Anchor

the game is set in an alternate timeline where everything from toasters to cars are nuclear powered, im just sayin, where the tech is years beyond us in the 50's (which i never got btw :P) and we can already make plasma blowtorches...which could be adapted to a weapon in an alternate hi-tech timeline. and there is already a laser, a prototype, mounted on a boeing 747that is used as a ICBM defenseive weapon. anyway it dosent really matter as if i wanted to have energy weapons i can just turn the mod off ........what a rant :L

Aug 4 2010, 1:49pm Anchor

Yeah, I know about the alternate timeline, but I'm pretty sure that it's obvious how well I follow that :P

I'm pretty sure Fallout 3 isn't meant to have standard 2010 military BDU's, assault rifles, and perhaps even air support (the AC-130U gunship).

A weak laser mounted on a C-130 is a long ways from a hand-held laser weapon capable of disintegrating someone :P

If you want laser weapons back, you can always play V7, as it contains all the default weapons.


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Aug 5 2010, 1:04am Anchor

I agree with catman94 i do miss the melting of flesh from a plasma rifle or the sizzle from a lazer rifle

Aug 5 2010, 5:01am Anchor

lol that was the one feature that i didnt like about energy weps, i found a mod to disable the ash and goo piles as they dont look as cool as thousand bodies and also caused some lag :P

but yeah i just get bored of guns n' bullets and the occasional explosion, i just want to go "IM A FIRIN' MAH LAZOR" sometimes
prehaps not replace the energy weps rather make them really rare or something
anyway thats the only slight problem i have really :P and if you cant make it work, im not bothered XDD

Aug 5 2010, 12:54pm Anchor

Besides Liberty Prime and other large machines, lasers are out of V8. There are still alien weapons, however, which I find most satisfying.


Mod DB - Game Modder

Oct 24 2010, 11:15am Anchor

go little gren aliens

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