Expanded Galaxy Mod Version 2 There is going to be al lot more content than in the first Modversion. Besides a total new and expanded Galaxy Map, we are going to make every single Faction unique- the Gameplay of each is going to be different. And just as a reminder: We have a 4th fully playble Faction: The CIS. We are also going to add a lot more tactical experiece to the GC, like new special structures and Builddefinition and of course new units and vehicles for the battles.

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New Mod Version

New Mod Version

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I want to announce that the Mod isn´t death an that we are still working on it. Currently we are working on Version 2 of the Mod.

Patch 1.1

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Maybe you all noticed, that there are some little bugs in the Mod. Because of that I´m going to make a little patch, witch correct them. If you find...

Mod Release

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Version 1 of the Mod is ready. Im uploading it at the moment, it depends on Moddb when you can download it. Have fun ;)

Mod Release Date

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I´m going to start the Beta Phase on Saturday. So ther 1. Version of the Mod is going to be released soon. Greetings ;)

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