168 non human lords,
expanded native map
Heraldic armor and horses
choose from 504 banners
Sea travel, battles
New foods, items, weapons, armors, horses, troops, factions, companions, bandits
Modified troop tree
Faster horses
Slower map travel
More food spoils,but it lasts a day longer
Better graphics
Faction navies
Beer Drinking
Drinking game
Trade ledger
Wagon train
Build and garrison outposts and forts
219 new human lords
Put companions in garrisons
6 landless factions
Hundreds of horses to choose from
Hundreds of armors to wear
Hundreds of weapons to slay with
108 human companions
Buy headquarters and set up trade routes
Build and run enterprises
Battle formations
Cows follow
Build settlements
Recruit peasants from the Barkeep
Recruit troops from the tavern keeper if your renown is high enough
Port scene, Buy a ship, buy Sea raiders,
Drowning added
Weapons break
Weapons can deteriorate in battle
Join a battle on either side now
Epidemics, catching a sickness
Royal traders
Permanent camps
Get guns and ladies from the Barkeep
Perma death
Bad injuries
Besiege any castle
Commanders tent
Chuck wagon
Working weather
Custom recruits
Gold, silver, diamond, and iron mines
Foraging skill
Fight a drunk in every tavern
Skip merchant quest
Skip alley scene by going to Praven
Quick character
Family heirlooms
Shield bash
Eat every 12 hours
Battle dust
Start as a vassal of a faction
Start as a King of a faction
Family trees change every game
Change faction Color’s
Play as a Zombie or Skeleton
More tournaments
Tournaments held at castles
Defeated factions can return
Custom lord notes
Play as an Orc
Starting as king gives you siblings
Kings get reputation types
Start as Prince
Add dialog to tavern travelers to provide faction of unfound companions
Troop notes now include Kings in relations
You can build 4 villages 1 castle 1 town and 2 ports before you join a faction
Kings now have children with in the faction
Heroes keep their own gear for tournaments
Flaming weapons
Play as a Snarf
Play as a Snarf female
Play as a Orc female
Magic system
4 mage companions
More than 2200 new items
More than 3000 new troops
Over 700 new locations on map
more than 500 scripts added

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credits for empire iv


polished landscapes by Gutekfiutek,
better graphics by uraikus,
Improved Buildings by SendMeSmile,
More metal sounds by Checkmaty,
Ambient soundtrack by Adorno,
Crusader banners by Anardion,
Traditional Banner Pack by Somebody (which allows more than 8 pages of banners to choose from),
Combat Animation Enhancement by Papa Lazarou,
Faction arms colored by Monnikje,
better banners by MarkQuinn,
camel by Xenoargh,
Towers walls and ladders by leandrojas,
elephant by Rigadoon, Barabas, and Deras,
armors from texture fiddling by lucky lancer.
Some horses of Saregonas modified,
spak_items by spak,
Horse armor originally made by Mongoloid(not sure for what game)
added freelancer - credits next post
added Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment by Caba`drin - credits a few posts down
Thanks to Iorya Dragon for the use of their modified PBOD, Freelancer module files out of Warband enhanced
added Rigale by Cernunos extra credits: Duh, Taragoth, Caba'drin, the rigale team, Ogrecorps, the OSP sharers of the forum

Added Diplomacy by waihti, zParsifal,
Included work:
hessuu - Recruiter Kit
fisheye - autoloot
rubik - autoloot improvements, initial version of autosell, viewing troop equipment (from custom commander)
jrider - relation presentation

Helmets by:
Ursca (special thanks here for the new sallet pack)
The Pope

Female armor pack by Subotai

Terrain advantage by Arch3r

Plated Chargers by Njunja and wanderer949

Viking model pack by dejawolf thanks Rybopiotr for keeping this saved

Highlander model pack by Yamabusi

Indo Persian Shields and Indo Persian Armor by drakharios

Roman equipment by RR_Raptor65, Llew

Unique Armory by Talak

Wes Helmets by mr. master

Eastern Armor by Njunja

Ficus's Roman Pack by Ficus

narf's_transitional_armour_pack by Narf

narf's_plate_armour_pack by Narf

Pino_Armors_Packs by Pino

Mackie's OSP Weapons Pack by Mackie and xenoargh

Mount & Gladius by Llew, Narf

TLD by The TLD team

Battlefield Priests by Yamabusi

GRIM AGE by Furok

horse textures by wildhorse

maws horses

maw's Armor Pack by maw, Burrek, Lord Condormanius, Ornumentum, Stainless Steel 6.0, DaBlade, Subotai

magic system from Curtain of Fire by Mirathei

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Full Version 6 comments

Based on Empire III, requires WSE from Empire III to play, included in download take WSE folder out of Empire IV folder and put in warband folder make...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 57)

The mod is great but the lag on the campaign map makes it barely playable.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

any way to reduce the lag on the campaign map, just got a new power supply/graphics card so it cant be my pc.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

you could optimize the map because my computer is very good and it runs call of duty ww2 60 fps with everything in the middle and in the mod it turns everything cool plus the map hangs a lot when I accelerate it and when I do not accelerate what I do to solve this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

After I purchased some Black Knights, I bought a ship and ported my army down to the Krom port of Taujlo. After 150 days, I now hold 2 towns and one castle. The Krom must be worried about me, because they keep petitioning me for peace. They SHOULD be worried....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I just played a little more of the mod and I am still not all that clear on how to build settlements or villages and develop said settlements.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
LorDric Creator

not much is known, settlements are from Rigale
available info

I've never had any luck with building settlements yet

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Could you develop villages into towns?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Having a problem with castle scenes, like in the options "take a walk around the castle" or when sieging a castle. I get the castle with huge ships stuck in the walls, and neither I nor my party can access ladders. In the siege, the game stops working, closes, and returns to the opening screen with the lady on horseback. Empire III seems to work fine, so I don't think it is my wse or M&B warband files. Any suggestions?
Love this game & just got enough renown to hire good troops for sieging, then hit this wall. I have reinstalled M&B Warband & re-downloaded Empire IV.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Apparently this problem is not at every castle. I have found it in several Swadian, Vaegirs, and Nord castles, and at least one Rhodok castle. I went to what I call Fantasy Island (Orcs, snarfs, etc.) and didn't find any problems there, although I didn't visit all castles there. I will explore further.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

After some extensive traveling, I found that this problem seems to be limited to only the Swadians, Vaegirs, Rhodoks, Nords, and Khergits. I didn't visit EVERY other castle, but I took a pretty good sample of all the other factions, and found no problems. Hope this is helpful.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
LorDric Creator

should be fixed, the castles on timmons island were messed up too

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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