ESF is a fast paced, 3rd person fighter based on the hit anime, Dragonball Z. Select your favorite character and fly, power up, transform, melee, and beam your enemies into pulp. Each character is given signature moves and abilities to compliment different style of play. Some are stronger in hand to hand combat, others are better with energy attacks. Play in three different game modes, deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the dragonballs. There is a learning curve so newbies beware. This is not your normal Half-life mod.

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Posted by on Mar 2nd, 2010

The ESF team is seeking talented artists to design and produce high quality artwork for use within the game

What is ESF?
ESF (Earth's Special Forces) is a fast paced 3rd person fighter based on the hit anime, Dragonball Z. Up to 32 players may battle in large scale environments while using a mixture of hand-to-hand combat and energy attacks. Players can string together melee attacks, hurl opponents into objects, and deal devastating damage with energy attacks. Gameplay has been fine tuned for maximum flexibility and caters to various play styles. Overall, ESF boasts to be the most immersive Dragonball Z experience ever created.

POTW - 11/1/09

the 2D/GUI is responsible for designing user interfaces such as HUDs, menus, and other in game 2D elements. Tasks include generating conceptual designs, exchanging feedback with developers, producing images, and using ESF's proprietary XML tool to bring elements in game.

- Available to work a minimum of 10 hours per week
- Able to attend weekly developer meetings every Sunday at 19:00 GMT (7PM GMT)
- Self motivated, hard working, and has a positive attitude
- Driven to produce polished, high quality content
- Prior game development experience preferred
- Applicants must submit a link to an online portfolio

- Adobe Photoshop or equivalent
- Adobe Illustrator *optional*
- Steam

- 2-3 years of graphic design and web design experience
- Ability to create designs and themes that fit ESF's overall style
- Produce bitmap and vector based images
- Knowledge of how a site using a Content Management System operates

The warm fuzzy feeling you get from working on an ambitious project with a great group of devs. Seriously, this is a hobbyist project and it actually costs money to produce...

To Apply

Please send an email with a link to examples of your work to

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