Welcome to wasteland - the place, where you never been before. Try to survive and find the way...

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Well well, i am first off surprised to see that this mod sneaked under my nose for that long. Oh well!

Now, after playing the mod all the way through, i drew the following conclusion; Basically, the mod itself is bad, tho the scenery and nice looking locations saves it.
I really was impressed by the wasteland, it looked really good and huge. I also love how the old RtB concept of the depot was captured.
That aside, had the mod been without the good looking scenery it would of sucked.
And since i don't judge games on whether they look good or not, i can't help but feel the mod is only for a 6/10. Why? Simple, i was lost more then once not knowing what to do, it felt like most the puzzles where too complicated to figure out, and it was terrible navigating through the wasteland area. The second map was bland and boring, it only took about 7 minutes to get through that, and then it all ends.
Tho if you look at it, as being a 3D version of the old concept, it's awesome. Looks alot like it, specially with the custom textures.

For your next project, i suppose get some testers to help out. From my own experience, when you make maps with puzzles, you need someone else to try them and give feed back. Cause when you play them, they are too damn easy and you continue to make them harder till you even got problems. And it's at that point the general gamer gets lost, like i did.

Either ways, the mod is worth it, JUUUST for the wasteland part.

I hate rating systems, but I'll take a chance and give it a 7.

Anyway onto the review. This is pretty much the best *released* version of the Depot I've seen so far. The puzzles are not complicated when you go back and think about it(some of them were actually quite clever), but a subtle hint here and there would have helped when playing for the first time. The submarine is dark as ****, but I know why you left it that way(also reminds me of why I stopped working with this **** engine) and I won't blame you for it.

The wasteland itself looks straight out of RtB and that, for me, is a huge plus. Personally I'd have added a darker and more polluted skybox to catch the full feel of RtB and to show that we have AirEx a few miles further but this one is good too. Although why you chose to use the retail thumpers, when we've had a fully working leak one complete with an on/off switch for years, is beyond me. Navigating the wasteland though is a bit hard and mowing down antlions while trying to find your way gets boring after a while.
The Depot itself is fairly good and I have no major complaints for it, although throwing out combine troops like flies doesn't exactly suit them(they still can't shoot for **** though so it's not that big a deal).
All in all it's a decent mod. Great scenery, but from a gameplay view it's poorly executed.

Poor level design and direction.

The beginning is pretty sparse on supplies, and hard to navigate. The second map is very balanced gameplay wise. Atmospheric, and beautiful throughout, and I used the none high res textures.

The mod it's OK. The scenario is impressive and well ambiented but it's hard to know the path or what to do, also the mod it's too short to call it "MOD". I expected to play inside the entire prison/depot but there's just two maps (the second is short).

Gameplay is poor.

I give you a 7 because the nice scenario with good usage of textures and models, also the use of custom stuff, and because no one has done something like that. What you have done is not easy to achieve but poor gameplay is poor.


Shirk says

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While the mod looks nice, in the aspect of gameplay it is pretty dull, boring, and frustrating trying to find where to go and what to do.

There is no clean objective given in the map, you simply wake up from a crashed buggy accident and walk through some tunnels where you reach a rotting sub. There is no indication of what to do when you reach the sub which left me walking around trying to find a way out for about 10 minutes until using noclip to find where to go. Only was it when I found that you were supposed to go inisde the sub did I try to navigate it, although this was tough because it was far to dark with the rust textures and no other form of lighting. I ended up walking around not knowing where to go in the sub. At first I tried using my gravity gun to blow some doors down, but that didnt do anything. Later I discover that you can only blow down a few doors, which look exactly alike to the others, and that broke consistency.

Out of the sub and onto the sandy patches I once again had no direction to travel, and still no idea what I was trying to complete. Aimlessly walking around I stumbled upon a cave with some grubs and an antlion guard. Once I killed the guard I had absolutely no idea what to do. I ran around the cave for 15 minutes and didnt find anything.

I used noclip again to find my next postion, killed the guard and got the bugbait, but once again I didnt know where to go or what to do. The mod then crashed and I decided to not try and complete the rest.

Maps are tiresome and the mod is to short.

You saved from oblivion the ideas of hl2beta (submarine, coastlined antlion hive)

Very beautiful rust design, abandoned ships the best thing you did


markic92 says

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This mod is realy good one. It is really atmospheric and got lot of good things in it. The idea for this mod is excelent. Personaly, I love wastelands in half-life universe, and i think that they can be used, as location, on many ways. They are so unexplored and dangerous, and in this mod we actually wisit them for the first time. For me, as a player, artisticaly it is very well made, wasteland really look like wasteland we saw in concept arts. Negative side of this mod for me is that at some point it is realy confusing, especially begining because of so many weapons aviliable at start, next is submarine part wich was frustrating, for me.Pace is not bad, but it's not so good eather. At some points mod is really hard. At the end, it was idea, art and atmosphere that was so good that I really fall in love with this mod.


Not bad but some parts are too plain design-wise. Submarine part was too dark, the desert area was hard to navigate with all the antlions in my back, and the lighthouse part was hard to navigate as well - I had to watch a walkthrough to see where to go. I liked the final battle, that was designed well and was not hard to get past. Make more mods, please :)

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