There is an island that had a dark secret. A terrible epidemic had started to occur only, but a few months ago. A horrendous and violent infection had began to spread all across the island attacking anything or anyone in it's path with tremendous speed and savage force leaving few survivors in it's wake. You have to get out of there, hiding away in some cave formations has done you good so far...

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ethics says

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I'm still amazed by what this mod had to offer.
There were puzzles, jumping parts and a bit of horror involved.
I really liked the shore-cave-design and the ship/containeryard parts.
Especially the little wooden planks-running parts held such an athmosphere. I didn't encounter one single glitch or texture clipping.
Some puzzles were pretty hard, but I solved almost all of them myself.
This mod also was hard. Most of the time I was down to approx. 10 hp.

Another great factor is that you only had a crowbar and a shotgun.
This added challenge to the whole thing and made the enemies more fearsome.
Great work, although I'm not czech and couldn't understand most of the texts.

very good leveldesign!


pretty damn good mod i love it!
Jen tak dal pane!


Im sorry but yhis mod is totaly crap, i hae been everywhere and theres nowhere to go, this mod totaly bores me.


Long time no played in a balanced, atmospheric and interesting mod. But not enough ambient sounds. Duration of the last levels are extremely low. 8/10, good job!

Už nehrál vyvážené, atmosférické a zajímavé módy. Ale ne dost okolní zvuky. Doba posledních úrovně jsou extrémně nízké. 8/10, dobrá práce!

Good atmospheric zombie-mod.


Nice mod !


BigSm0ke says

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To me Dead Sector felt like a survival-horror mod and I gues it is. There is not much combat in this mod but it doesn't spoil the fun I had. In the beginning of the mod you have no weapons and your avoiding most of the enemies. But when you get your hand on the crowbar there is a lot of bashing involved.

The mod exudes an atmosphere of desolation which you can feel in the entire story. There are many dead corpses on the floor which confirm it. The gameplay mainly consists of puzzels that can be solved with quite the logical thinking, so I didn't got stuck any moment. I was happy about that because I just finished The Trap and that took a while.

I didn't found any bug or glitch in the game and the level design is really awesome and kept my attention on it the whole time. The end was a little confusing for me because you got rescued by soldiers which you killed like 10 minutes ago. But in general this is quite a nice modification that didn't bored me at all. But this mod doesn't make a high jump or attempt to be better than most mods. This is just a great entertainment in gameplay for a couple of hours.

very few horror mods for half life i enjoy...but this one is a keep

The story is challenging and it entertained me alot

Dead Sector is a marvelous survival-horror mod with incredible atmosphere and superb level design.

While there are some problems already mentioned by other reviewers, Dead Sector is still a wonder to behold on your coffee break :)

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