There is an island that had a dark secret. A terrible epidemic had started to occur only, but a few months ago. A horrendous and violent infection had began to spread all across the island attacking anything or anyone in it's path with tremendous speed and savage force leaving few survivors in it's wake. You have to get out of there, hiding away in some cave formations has done you good so far...

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Dead Sector is a marvelous survival-horror mod with incredible atmosphere and superb level design.

While there are some problems already mentioned by other reviewers, Dead Sector is still a wonder to behold on your coffee break :)

This mod really surprises me, in a good way.

This mod has some nice textures that I think may have been gotten from Poke646, because the models of the corpses of civilians definitely are. What impresses me is the atmosphere, it looks and feels professional, new, and it challenges the mind. The puzzles require a logic, in fact the level design itself is top notch which is what draws me in the most. It makes you keep playing.

Some people may complain that there isn’t much combat, in fact some of the maps have no enemies, and most of the maps you are avoiding them.
But I think that would ruin the mod and go contrary to what its trying to do.
They are mostly zombies naturally, a small number of headcrabs, and about 3 scenes with army grunts that want to kill you for some reason eventhough you don’t look like a zombie.

My only criticism is the fact that you can’t climb the crane (instead theres one scene where the screen goes black, and then when it fades back in the crane starts moving so I don’t understand why the modder skipped the “Make ladder climbable and add button on the crane” part)… oh and the ending is a tad cliche and strange considering the army was trying to kill you a few moments ago.


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