Improves Rome: Total War in every aspect! It offers innovative AI enhancements, original gameplay improvements, new maps & campaigns, new units, new graphics & textures, new historical battles... in fact, everything needed for maximizing challenge,realism and fun for this game.(From 2006 the previous version got around 75.000 *unique* downloads).

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Rome best mod makes the game 10x more replayble then it already is Darth is a modding genius.

The Best Mod For RTW

Darthmod for ever!

Darthmod is best mods for TW series

It's cool

Ive always enjoyed the darthmods but i downloaded this one and the installer is an unopenable unrecognizable file


definitely one of the best mods for Rome Total War in the history of the mods a shame that the great Darth has withdrawn from moding T.T


danny0952 says

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The ai is just absolutely amazing I mean like really smart though annoying.


The Best Gameplay RTW has to offer.Some minor bugs in the unit skins wont change the score.An amazing mod that needs to be updated

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