Improves Rome: Total War in every aspect! It offers innovative AI enhancements, original gameplay improvements, new maps & campaigns, new units, new graphics & textures, new historical battles... in fact, everything needed for maximizing challenge,realism and fun for this game.(From 2006 the previous version got around 75.000 *unique* downloads).

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The best mod ı have ever played


Good mod, no correction. EPIC mod. It's a shame that Egypt is not something like the Ptolemaic Empire. Would also be awesome if 3 roman factions were gone to give us 3 new factions like Sparta, Athens, and Judea. Still, epic mod, especially love the sacred band unit for Carthage skin.

Best rome total war mod :)


Best DARTH MOD ever, (played only MTW 2 darth mod and Shogun vanilla but i believe this is the BEST, unit balance and mechanics are simply top in any Total war game, and Darth mod makes it even better GJ :D)

large scale 60 roman hastati


I hope you keep this fantastic work on rome 2 total war to ;)

Best. Darthmod. Ever.


Great Job

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