Turn any UT 2004 Onslaught-map into a classic Real-Time-Strategy battlefield. Play the game like you never did before...

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awesome mod, but i wish it was compatible with ballistic weapons mod, otherwise it`s one of the best


for now 5 because i have problems with the guide link.when you re-upload this i give you 10

pd:god mod except the link guide


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Awesome ! this have bright future, i wish i could help you with something, but i dont know how to code,model,animate or any UT editor basics

If you like games like CNC, this mod, will takes you to eyes of commander or soldiers, defending to last man that goddamm point !


i must say:its really first awesome mod for onslaght maps,i now its got some -,but its awesome.:)


Thank's for your efforts in this mod!

Great mix of RTS/FPS gaming. However the construction vehicles introduced with version 3.2 are annoying as hell, the hand-held device was way more comfortable. THe build ai of the bots needs heavy rework (better to play with your buddies). Nevertheless great mod, 9/10


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