Modern Combat transports players into the midst of a high-tech war between the current-day Chinese and U.S. militaries. Incorporating all-new factions, units, doctrines, gamemodes, artwork, music, maps, and singleplayer missions, we aim to craft the most immersive and enjoyable strategic representation of 21st-century combat possible on the PC.

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Heavy armor approaching!
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weasle Aug 8 2010, 3:34pm says:

Lookin' good

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willychong8921 Aug 8 2010, 9:43pm says:

I have a question, will the ZTZ-99 MBT be an equalizer to the M1A2 Abrams or will it be slightly weaker? Cause I think M1A2 Abram will be slightly better but also more costly than the ZTZ-99. While the ZTZ-99 will be supported by the Type-59d.

Also the Type-59d will be slightly more advantage(upgrade) than the Stryker MBS. So that player will try to reach the Abrams tier asap.
Is my concept right?

Just an opinion.

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Darkbladecr Creator
Darkbladecr Aug 9 2010, 11:25am replied:

TOW emplacements and Javalin launchers will keep those pesky Type 59Ds at bay :) As long as you don't do mindless attacks and hope for the best the tide of battle could go either way.

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kman52434 Aug 10 2010, 12:56am replied:

How can you say that higher price tag means better?
1. China can mass produce the ZTZ-99s at a lower cost because they have the resources and economy to support it.
2. The ZTZ-99 has a slightly larger caliber than the M1 which would not give any side a disadvantage.
3. Both have very sophisticated defense mechanisms which would give them both a high survival rate.
Just saying because everyone on the net seems anti-china. (damn media always putting bad things just because of government. Just pathetic.)

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OnkelSam Author
OnkelSam Aug 10 2010, 1:19am replied:

First of all, right now you seem to be biased towards china, rather than us being biased towards US. Where did you read anyone of us saying that "higher price tag means better?".
You're saying that China has the economy to produce it at a lower price in large numbers. That's not true, in fact the ZTZ-99 is produced in rather low numbers because of it's rather high price of 2.500.000 $ compared to the ZTZ-96 (source: Of course in case of war the production will be increased, but do you really believe the same doesn't count for the USA? China is the country with the quickest increasing industry, no question, but saying that this makes them already superior in production is an illusion.

Seriously, we, the mod creators, did not say anywhere that the mod will be US favoured. We're trying to make a balanced mod, which is possible to be played at high level. This alone doesn't allow us to favour one faction over the other.
If you come in here asking for an unbiased mod, start with yourself!

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kman52434 Aug 10 2010, 1:36pm replied:

I was replying to willychong's comment:
"Cause I think M1A2 Abram will be slightly better but also more costly than the ZTZ-99"
I am just saying that neither side should have an advantage. Where was I being biased? I was explaining how they are equal. I did not say that one faction was better than the other. Sorry that I might have clicked on reply to your comment because I really was not trying to offend you or anyone else. Just trying to say that willy's comment didn't make much sense. And if I was being biased, I am very sorry. I cannot support one side more than the other since I live in the U.S. but is Chinese. You have to understand I take a lot of criticism from others because of race.

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willychong8921 Aug 10 2010, 2:29pm replied:

Nope, I'm a Chinese and I do admire China military technology. But why making two tanks exactly the same stat with different appearance. I know that ZTZ-99 is one of the Top ten modern tank in the world, but making it same as Abrams is like making Pershing to be the same as Tiger(which is never was).

Its not about who is biased, its the spirit of RTS. I anticipated the PLA more than the US. But I don't want a clone of US arsenal. I wanted to prove that you can beat even the strongest technology with tactics. Besides, its not like PLA is weak, I'm being defending PLA tech in the forum. I wanted to see a RTS game with diversion, veriety and quality. I cast my vote for PLA, cause these guys produced quality PLA model than surpass C&C General.

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kman52434 Aug 10 2010, 2:41pm replied:

Then I apologize to both of you. I just believe that just because a country is communist, that doesn't make them a bad country. A lot of Americans form bad opinions about China and don't even consider the good. That is why I get very defensive when it's US and China. I believe that if the US and China were to form a strong alliance, no attackers would ever win. If the PLA fought alongside the US Armed Forces. Don't worry about the comments that ******* me posted.

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Jkl22d Aug 9 2010, 7:02pm says:

:o cool good work

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willychong8921 Aug 10 2010, 2:40pm says:

You shouldn't think that slighlty(even the smallest disadvantage) become racial biased. A small difference may have impact when 1 on 1, but when tactics applied, even the best tank can be beaten.
I've played CoH online and always use tactics and improvised rather than getting the strongest tanks, and can turn the tide.
A good RTS gamer always think ways to outsmart your opponent. And CoH offer just that, not even Tiger can beat Shermans. Thats the same to a single Abram facing Type-59ds with employed tactics.

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willychong8921 Aug 10 2010, 2:42pm says:

Variety is best. I hate clones with different make up.

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OnkelSam Author
OnkelSam Aug 10 2010, 5:58pm says:

i just want to remind everyone, that this mod is based on a completely fictional setting. On top of this we are not trying to create a modern war simulation, but a game. In this regard we are willing to look over realism and make the necessary changes to balance the two factions. Realism is favoured, but not our first goal.
So, if one unit is weaker than another, this is no reflection of reality, but it is a necessity of our mod to play well.
I hope the discussion can be continued in front of this background, leave politics aside.

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Hongjian Aug 10 2010, 6:00pm says:

In reality, the ZTZ-99 has quite different strenghts and weaknesses than the Abrams, so, if this mod is only remotely truthful to the general direction of things, I wouldnt worry about US-clones and such.

The ZTZ-99 has a 125mm ZPT-98 gun, which is reportedly very powerful and has a very high muzzle velocity, enabling it to penetrate 810mm of Steel-armour in 2000m using standard 125mm Tungsten penetrator APFSDS-rounds. With gun-launched missiles, the ZTZ-99 can fight targets up to 5000m with good penetration. With this, the ZTZ-99 can potentially outrange the Abrams in terms of useful penetration at long ranges (yes I know, in Gulf-War, it was confirmed that the Abrams could kill Saddam's T-55's at 7 kilometers - but I still doubt that it could do so against any really heavily armoured tanks at such distances)...

In return, the ZTZ-99's organic, non-ERA armour is weaker than the Abrams massive Uranium Composites, making it more vulnerable against Sabot rounds - especially when the heavy ERA-packages are all 'used up' through enemy fire.
So, the ZTZ-99 would have to rely on its superior speed (80km/h), more reliable and fuel-efficient engine (German derived 1500hp diesel engine), and its low profile to fight from cover and great distances against the heavily armoured Abrams.

Though I know that the Mod wont model every stat realistically, I wouldnt doubt, that they gave both sides their own unique flavour to make multiplayer games more enjoyable.

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Darkbladecr Creator
Darkbladecr Aug 10 2010, 7:34pm replied:

Some good details there, and you match the point exactly that we will be making models based on their general statistics. So a faster ZTZ99 than M1A2, however we will not be putting in crazy realism such as javelin missiles being fired from one side of the map for a direct hit on a moving ZTZ99.

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MonkeySoldier Aug 11 2010, 4:18pm replied:

Those T55's were monkey models, not very comparable with their Soviet versions.

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enyo Apr 27 2011, 6:27pm replied:

1)having a 125mm cannon dosen`t mean that will take out an abrams at 4 km range.for example in iraq/Astan the us army had to destroy a few of they tanks because they were stranded with no hope of recovery. even another abrams at very close range had a very difficult time to destroy another abrams(frontar shots using both apfsds and heat rounds where useless).And with TUSK package abrams recevied Era armor on sides and slot armor on rear with increased the armor rating overall.
i know its fictional but a little reality will be good, but they is still a good difference between m1a2 and type 99
2)tungsten rounds are good but they are weaker then their DU counter part(they shatter more faster then DU does).The DU KE penetrator is much better then tungsten one witch implies a difference in penetration rating and dmg.
3)the speed its not an issue the m1a2 sep has a 68 km/h road speed(governed), germans did a test with the governed shutoff and the abrams got 90 km/h on road(dont remember the site where i read but it can be looked up on google).

as for the mod itself, can u add the options to tanks to switch between different types of ammo, like have APFSDS for AT purpose doing great dmg to armored targets but useless against infantry and buildings,HEAT rounds , canister rounds etc.

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kman52434 Aug 11 2010, 11:35am says:

One question: Will this be for the 2.500 Patch of OF? And can I run this even though I have Tales of Valor installed?

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Darkbladecr Creator
Darkbladecr Aug 11 2010, 1:50pm replied:

this mod will work with either OF or ToV as long as you have the latest patch installed

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kman52434 Aug 11 2010, 4:56pm says:

Oh okay, Thanks! That clears things up a lot.

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willychong8921 Aug 11 2010, 10:54pm replied:

Go tho the latest, Eastern Front mod in 2.500 got lots of damaging glitches. As well as temp folder crash that may harm to your PC. 2.601 is the latest, but I hate to say that that maybe the last patch for CoH, cause those guys focused on Dawn of War 2, sucks man!

I wish they can featured CoH modern warfare 2 years ago. My dream stop when they officially announced that they will put all focus on Dawn of War 2(a game I did not own). But this dream was reignited by Modern Combat of Blackstudio. You give us hope that CoH mod is alive and kicking.

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OnkelSam Author
OnkelSam Aug 12 2010, 2:51am replied:

It's not true in this way. Relic has seperate teams working on Dawn of War 2 and Company of Heroes. The CoH team is focussing on the development of CoH: Online though.

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stonehaha Aug 19 2010, 1:50am says:

it looks great, but have to say, it seems something wrong with it.maybe the turre is a little bit small or something else.BTW,ztz-99 is about 35000000RMB.Because chinese have to buy the engine and some other equipment from the other country,anymore over there is large number of rake-off

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Timgao929 Dec 3 2011, 11:41pm replied:

No that's NOT the case, the exporting tanks like MBT-2000 and VT-1 are what you are talking about. The ZTZ-99 is using domestically made 1500hp engine and other systems, the west simply won't sell anything to China for this tank, and Chinese military consider Russian systems are too expensive for China to buy (today's Russians only want money).

If PLA really want foreign goods for their tanks they would have purchased Leopard 2A4s in 1980's or T-80s and T-90s in 1990's. Those were possible. But however, the PLA simply managed to use some Leopard 2's technologies such as engine and T-80's technologies like main guns and auto-loaders (T-72's auto loader cannot launch ATGM) to design and make its own tanks like ZTZ-96 and ZTZ-99.

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iuwin Sep 26 2010, 4:45pm says:


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