Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded in adding two full new factions, the Soviet Red Army and the German Ostheer, packed with unique and exciting units to the existing armies - a feat never before achieved in the Company of Heroes world.

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Unfortunately it is not about a patch or an Ostheer sneaky peaky, but it is still an update, some news about Ostheer and what you can expect on our future patch.

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Hello Eastern Front fans!

Long time of not writing something, although we haven't posted too much lately, it doesn't mean we have stopped, just slowed down a little bit(more tha usual), hopefully we can push Ostheer into beta this summer.

Now, to the business, at the moment we are stuck with the T3 and some doctrinal models, but we have more or less finished the units from the Infantry Gruppen Post and Schutzen War Camp, thus we present our latest finished models:

Panzer Kampf Kommand

The last tier building, where most of the armoured force of the Ostheer is built.

One soldier for hole, up to two squads. You will get those on Fortress Doctrine. Textures are WIP.

Finished at last, it is the early production, meaning it doesn't have MGs at all... not that will need them ;).

Panzerwerfer 42
Another unit that we finished at last, thanks to Halftrack & Tankdestroyer for their support.

But of course, while Ostheer is our main concern, we are still tweaking soviets and also some other things from the vanilla factions! (not redesigning anything, ofc)

Soviet balance vs PE is almost finished, but we are tweaking some things that we think can be improved. Fortunately for Skirmish players, we have two new members of our staff that are working hard to improve EF's AI: Jojorabbit & Otto_Halfhand. They have done too much for EF's AI and we think you'll enjoy it :D!

We have also fixed more bugs from CoH... no more PE halftracks not closing their engine hatches after being fully repaired(last one of the batch, Marder III and KT are already repaired and included in the last patch), no more peskies ghosts of Sdkfz. 222s when locking down the Sdkfz. 223s.

No more Jumbo being the reward unit for the Calliope... wait what? Yes, what you have read is correct, atm in our internal version, the Jumbo doesn't replace the Calliope any longer, that doesn't mean the Jumbo is going to be removed though, just rellocated. US will have a new reward unit the next patch, which unit is and what replaces is still a secret, but probably will like to US players ;). Time to bet guys :D!


Will the next patch be the Ostheer one? Or there will a couple of them before it?

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Walki Creator

There are going to be some (no numbers here) patches before it.

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The Americans have quite the range of units why them? Any plans for other reward units for PE which is now kind of lacking variety imho. Looking forward to the Ostheer! ^^

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blackbishop Author

Diversity of units has never been the strongest point of PE, besides they already have a lot of reward units.

* Jagdpanzer IV
* Jagdtiger
* Nashorn
* Schwimmwagen
* Hotchkiss

* Geschutzwagen
* Schwimmwagen
* Voss Tiger
* Tiger Ace
* Luftwaffe Officer

* M18 Hellcat
* T17
* Sherman Jumbo
* Sherman 105

* Kangaroo
* Staghound
* Comet

All factions already have too many reward units, so there is not going to be any new stuff for them ;).

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Not to troll you guys but the VCoH PE reward units suck @$$. The only ones that are actually useful are the ones you made =) SchwimW is barely if ever used over the Ketten. Also the Hochkiss is the most useless of all the reward units, not to mention it is the most cost-ineffective unit in the game, imo + it is hard countered by a single squad of AT - try this on the PzIV, I dare you =)

I'm not trying to tell you how to do your work and all, but perhaps you should listen more to your fan base instead of sending them away to other mods with ease. I realize that making such a mod is a huge effort (let alone you're doing it for free), just the fact that you managed to stay together for so long as team is amazing. The work you've done is inspiration to us all... even for Rellic, and you know it. I am also certain that you guy plan the things a lot, you have your own concept and vision for EF, and we (the fans) should learn to respect that. After all it's your mod and your toil.

But what I am trying to say is - out there in the soup of comments, while most of them are bollox, there are some viable opnions that are worth thinking over... and I think you know it. I am not telling you to change your mod accordingly to all the rants and random mood swings of some of the... younger fans... just asking you for some more comunity involvement. I believe this would be a great deal to most of us, and I believe you'll make the right choice. Peace out! =)

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This preview is really nice :)

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blackbishop Author

Thanks for your support.

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Will ostheer be a defensive faction because iam quite a defesive player :P oh and great mod ur fans will always support u :D

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Walki Creator

It will be offensive in the beginning and in the end it'll get defensive. Like it was in WW2.

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I wonder if you will update the mod to not download now

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