Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded in adding two full new factions, the Soviet Red Army and the German Ostheer, packed with unique and exciting units to the existing armies - a feat never before achieved in the Company of Heroes world.

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Eastern Front Patch 1.20 Changelog 'The Great Patriotic War' A mass of changes bringing the Soviets a leap towards completion and the vanilla sides that extra final step towards the balance they deserve.

Posted by Dragon93 on Jul 29th, 2010

Eastern Front Patch 1.20 Changelog

'The Great Patriotic War'

This patch will be released on 31/07/10

Faction Design
* All Soviets Infantry Units now have the ability to retreat, except the NKVD Conscripts (that's what the NKVD Commissar is there for!)

Veterancy is gained by each unit individually based on the kills they make in game, similar to the forces of United States.

Veterancy 1: +10% bonus accuracy
Veterancy 2: Armour changed to Airborne
Veterancy 3: +15% bonus damage
Veterancy Experience Values are 6/12/24

No Veterancy

NKVD Conscripts
Veterancy 1: -10% received accuracy
Veterancy 2: +20% sight range
Veterancy 3: +20% bonus damage
Veterancy Experience Values are 7/14/28

Tank Hunters/ZiS AT Gun/Mortar/Sturmovie Ingenery
Veterancy 1: -15% received accuracy
Veterancy 2: +15% bonus accuracy and +1 squad member
Veterancy 3: +15% bonus damage
Veterancy Experience Values are 7/14/28

Command Squad
Global Veterancy Bonus provided in every veterancy level with a choice of 'Offensive Tactics'(+5% bonus damage) or 'Defensive Tactics'(-5% received damage)
Veterancy 1: Gains barrage ability
Veterancy 2: Gains binoculars and Airborne Armour
Veterancy 3: Gains improved barrage ability
Veterancy Experience Values are 7/14/32

Veterancy 1: -5 sec ability cooldown
Veterancy 2: 20% range increase
Veterancy 3: +50% bonus damage
Veterancy Experience Values are 8/16/32

Veterancy 1: -15% received accuracy
Veterancy 2: +20% sight range
Veterancy 3: +15% weapon ROF
Veterancy Experience Values are 8/16/32

Veterancy 1: Becomes unsuppressable
Veterancy 2: -15% received accuracy and +15% bonus accuracy
Veterancy 3: +15% sight range and +15% weapon range and +15% bonus damage
Veterancy Experience Values are 8/16/32

Sniper Ace
Veterancy 1: Gains Artillery Ability
Veterancy 2: Gains Suppress Ability
Veterancy 3: Gains One Man Army Ability
All abilities have a share timer, similiar to Grenade and Smoke Screen on Commnados.
Veterancy Experience Values are 8/16/32

Veterancy 1: +20% main gun accuracy
Veterancy 2: -15% received accuracy
Veterancy 3: +15% main gun range
Veterancy Experience Values are 8/16/32

Veterancy 1: +20% main gun accuracy
Veterancy 2: +20% main gun penetration
Veterancy 3: +15% main gun range
Veterancy Experience Values are 12/24/36

Veterancy 1: +20% main gun accuracy
Veterancy 2: +20% main gun penetration
Veterancy 3: +15% main gun range
Veterancy Experience Values are 8/16/32

Lend-Lease Sherman/KV-2
Veterancy 1: +20% main gun accuracy
Veterancy 2: +15% main gun range
Veterancy 3: +50% main gun damage
Veterancy Experience Values are 8/16/32

Veterancy 1: +20% main gun accuracy
Veterancy 2: -15% main gun reload time
Veterancy 3: +15% main gun range
Veterancy Experience Values are 14/28/42

Soviet Balance
* Guards can now be supressed.
* Strelky and Ingenery now starts with Infantry Armour.
* Heavy Weapon Teams now normally have 3 members, instead of 4.
* Armoury upgrades now increase squad sizes to a maximum of 4, not 5 for Heavy Weapon Teams.
* Command Squad now have Infantry Armour.
* Sharpshooters and Mechanics now have Airborne Armour.
* PTRD-41 damaged modifier vs Puma increased to 1.4.
* PTRD-41 base accuracy is now 1.05.
* PPSh-41 damage is now 4.5.
* NKVD Conscripts and Ingenery Rifle now back at 7 damage.
* Pop cap of Firebase is now 8.
* Katyusha health changed to 350.
* PPSH-41 and DP-28 upgrades now costs 35 munitions.
* Ingenery now lay regular mines.
* Tank Hunters can now lay AT mines which cost 50 munitions.
* Tank Hunters can no longer lay normal mines.
* Tank Hunters health has been lowered by 10 health per man.
* Tank Hunters now costs 240 manpower and reinforce cost is 23 manpower.
* Light Tankovy support now costs 120 manpower and 55 fuel.
* Strelky reinforce cost increased to 23 manpower.
* Heavy Tankovy support now costs 200 manpower and 85 fuel
* IS-2 accuracy modifier vs infantry set to 0.6.
* IS-2 requires Light AND Heavy Tankovy to be built.
* ISU-152 accuracy modifier vs infantry set at 0.65.
* Lend-Lease Shermans capped at 3 on the field.
* T70/T90/ZiS AT gun/Mortar/Firebase/ZiS-5 Medic Truck/Katyusha upkeep set at 0.007 munitions per tick (3.36 per min).
* T34-76/T34-85/SU-85/SU-100/Lend-Lease Sherman/KV-2 set upkeep at 0.014 munitions per tick (6.72 per min).
* IS-2/ISU-152 upkeep set at 0.018 munitions per tick (8.64 per min).
* Upgraded mortar now works as follows:
-Base Damage: 38
-Radius: 8
-Damage Long: 0.55
-Damage Medium: 0.7
-Damage Short: 1
-Range: 105
-Increased Projectile speed by 20%.
-Increased reload by 20%.
* Mortar no longer has Barrage Ability neither standard nor upgraded.
* Command Squad Heroic Change now has the negative side effect like fireup.
* Conscript capping speed lowered to 1.3. NKVD conscripts unaffected.
* Tank Hall cost increased to 55 fuel.
* T70 cost changed to 270 manpower 30 fuel.
* T90 cost increased to 260 manpower 35 fuel.
* T90 penetration reduced vs puma by 0.1.
* Conscript cost increased to 224mp, reinforce to 16mp and build time increased by 5s.
* NKVDs cost increased to 240mp, reinforce to 18mp and build time increased by 5s.
* Strelky reinforce cost increased to 22mp.
* IL-2 bombing run now only drops 3 bombs.
* Added smoke flares similiar to US bombing run before IL2 attack runs begin.
* IL2 strafing run damage reduced by 20%.
* IL2 bomb damage reduced 50%.
* Slightly reduced suppression for KV2.
* SU-85 damage modifier vs Stug to 0.9 and penetration 0.7.
* Changed SU-85 fuel cost to 60 fuel.
* Sharpshooter Team cost increased to 340 manpower.
* Sharpshooter Reinforce cost increased to 100 manpower.
* Increased ZiS AT gun Crew health by 5 health per man.
* Increased Mortar Crew health by 5 health per man.
* ZiS AT gun added a hold fire function.
* ISU-152 cost lowered from 1000 manpower to 800 manpower.
* ISU-152 turret rotation speed increased.
* KV2 damage lowered vs Flak88.
*Set Wind UP to 0 for the T70 gun-might fix missfire bug
*T90 gun-Set penetration vs Sdkfz 22x to 0.25 and damage to 0.75
Set penetration vs Sdkfz 251 Halftrack to 0.2 and damage 0.75
Set penetration vs Marder to 0.05 and damage to 0.5
*Remove suppression from IL-2 Strafing run
*Reduce IL-2 Attack run recharge by 20 secs
* Sharpshooter Team's Observer rifle damage increased to 15.
* Increased build time of Outposts.
* Urban warfare twin flamer upgrade for Sturmovie doesn't happen automatically. Now it gives the option for Sturmovies to upgrade to the twin flamers for 75 munitions.
* Added 'hold fire' ability to Tank Hunters.
* Increased rate of fire on Firebase by 20%.
* Increase cost of Sniper's Observer Artillery upgrade to 125 Munitions.
* Decreased damage of Observer arty by 25% and set cooldown time to match that of the Walking Stuka
* Observer arty now set with a Global timer so that only one strike can be called at any one time regardless the number of sniper teams on the field
* AT grenades set to 0.75 damage vs Flak88
* Sturmovie can no longer build base structures.

NKVD-Now renamed to represent Penal military units used by the Soviet army. If you want to know more please visit the following link in Wikipedia

Reward Units
- Eastern Front Reward Units does NOT require Tales of Valor.
Credits for all the reward units must go to a number of dedicated members of the modding community whose superb work has allowed us to include these amazing units.

Sherman Jumbo
Replaces Calliope.
Model Created by Loran Korn (RIP) and Tankdestroyer.
Texture by Xalibur.

Replaces King Tiger.
Model by MrScruff, RIP.
Animations by Hartkeks and Tankdestroyer.
Texture by Widowmaker/Zerstorer.

Replaces Firefly.
Created by Tankdestroyer, Slayernecht, Pojarsma, Reichsbahn and Georider

Replaces Hetzer.
Created by Tankdestroyer, Slayernecht, Pojarsma, Reichsbahn and Georider.

Sherman 105mm Howitzer.
Replaces Sherman Crocodile.
Created by Halftrack and Tankdestroyer.

Description of EF reward units

* Added Sherman 105 as a replacement for Sherman Crocodile. Sherman 105 is a sherman with a slow, heavy turret that fires shells similar to StuH.
* Added Sherman Jumbo as replacement for Sherman Calliope. Sherman Jumbo is a version of the Sherman with improved armor and fires HE rounds.
* Added Jagdpanzer IV as replacement for Hetzer. Jagdpanzer IV has more health and damage then the Hetzer, but cannot go into camouflage.
* Added Comet as replacement for Sherman Firefly. Without as much range as the firefly has, the Comet is a cheaper tank, that can be deployed faster.
* Added Jagdtiger as replacement for Kingtiger.


Americans Bug Fixes and Balance Changes
* Strafing Run now has warning.
* Strafing Run now has a slight delay before entering.
* Decreased cost of Pershing from 900 manpower to 800 manpower.
* Sherman Crocodile Health increased by 10%.
* Tank Depot manpower costed reduced by 50.
* M18 can now be detected.
* M18 veterancy now matches other American vehicles.
* Engineers suppression threshold now matches other infantry.
* Fixed M10 misfire bug.

Wehrmacht Bug Fixes and Balance Changes
* Pak-38 damaged tuned so that it kills (un-vetted) M8s in 3 shots and T17s in 2 shots.
* Pak-38 decloaks after first shot fired.
* Pioneers switched place of Veterancy 2 and Veterancy 3 bonuses.
* Geschutzwagen MG-Gunner moved to Veterancy 2.
* Geschutzwagen damage decreased from 250 to 165.
* Reduced Geschutzwagens accuracy modifier vs AT-Guns from 0.65 to 0.2.
* Decreased cost of Tiger to 800 manpower from 900 manpower.
* Reduced Health bonus bunkers receive from Fortify the Perimeter from 50% to 25% (600->750 instead of 600->900).
Reduced drop rate of LMG42 to 20% to match all other weapons.

British Bug Fixes and Balance Changes
* Kangaroo Manpower cost increased to 300 from 240.
* Kangaroo Fuel cost increased to 45 from 10.
* Kangaroo Health decrease from 650 to 550.
* Kangaroo Build time increased from 35 to 45 seconds.
* Staghound MG Gunner is now in line with other MG Gunners.
* Increase delay of Forward Observation Officers (FOO) from 2.0 to 2.75 seconds.
* PIAT accuracy vs infantry reduced.
* Recon Tommies can now detect snipers while moving.
* Sappers now has wire cutters.
* Bren Carrier now receives double damage while repairing.

Panzer Elite Balance Changed
* Reduced Marder III accuracy modifier vs AT-Guns to 0.2.
* Allow the munitions halftrack to reinforce nearby squads.
* Removed the fuel cost of the munitions halftrack.
* Increased Armored Car health from 220 to 260.
* Increased Armored Car accuracy modifier vs garrison cover from 0.4 to 0.45.
* Increased Infantry Halftrack damage modifier vs light cover from 0.75 to 0.8.
* Increased sight radius of Kettenkrad/Schwimmagen from 35 to 55.
* Increased AT-halftack accuracy vs M8, T17, T70 and T90 from 1.00 to 1.05.
* Increased Hotchkiss accuracy modifier vs infantry from 0.5 to 0.6.
* Decrease cost of Stuka upgrade on Hotchkiss from 150 to 100 munitions.
* Luftwaffe reinforcement time reduced to 7 seconds from 14.
* Goliaths can now be detected.
* Armored Car will no longer detect snipers.
* Hetzer veterancy made to be in line with other PE vehicles.
* AT-halftack Focus Fire will now have intended accuracy bonus vs british infantry.
* Fixed shared veterancy for Hotchkiss.

General Balance Changed
* Snipers moving accuracy modifier increased vs snipers to 1.0 from 0.5.
* Medics have their health reduced.
* Grenades will no longer have a chance to miss.

* Fixed bug with turret on Lead-Lease Shermans is invisible when playing on low graphic settings. Fix by community member Blackbishop.
* Fixed a bug that made Parisians sometimes unable to use Camouflage.
* Fixed a bug that caused Tank Hunters Mines not to cost anything.
* Fixed bug where medic truck healed even when not deployed.
* Fixed bug that the T70 misfires.

User Interface
* New Skin for IS-2.
* New Skin for KV2.

* Added language support for Spanish version of the Game
*Added language support for Czech version of the Game.
* Fixed missing or inaccurate text in various translations.
* Updated all Localizations.

Post comment Comments
Darkbladecr Jul 29 2010 says:

Will balance for the Vanilla factions continue from EF? Or is this a one time deal, where you fix all the problems that Relic should have done a while ago?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Revo1uzzer Jul 30 2010 says:

Really nice!

Will this be deployed by the updater?

I thought, Ostheer will come in 1.2 ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Xantor Jul 30 2010 says:

I don't like the idea of changing balance of vCoH factions in EF. But other changes looks great to me. Keep up working guys:)

PS. "Added Jagdtiger as replacement for Kingtiger."- Can you say something more about this replacement?

EDIT: "Geschutzwagen damage decreased from 250 to 165"- You know that now G-wagen will have only 15 more damage than MarderIII but with about twice more reload time?

+2 votes     reply to comment
ModJunkie Dec 2 2010 replied:

The King Tiger is a heavy tank, the Jagdtiger is a heavy tank destroyer. It looks kinda like a toaster with an 88 mounted on it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ModJunkie Dec 2 2010 replied:

Actually, sorry, the Jagdtiger has a 12.8mm gun, scratch what I said earlier.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Craots Jul 30 2010 says:

the release is on my birthday lol :)

+3 votes     reply to comment
SomEOnEfrOmEarTH Jul 30 2010 replied:

nice for u bro.

+1 vote     reply to comment
BrutalCuecumber Jul 30 2010 says:

No pak36 reward unit?
No map fixes?
No dp28?
No ZIS-3?
No Operation Domination?

besides that looks like a great patch.

+1 vote     reply to comment
RocKRebel Jul 30 2010 says:

Veterancy 1: -15% received accuracy
How is that a good thing?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Revo1uzzer Jul 30 2010 replied:

The chance of being hit decreases by 15% ;)

+2 votes     reply to comment
ramagon Jul 30 2010 says:

cool... this is looking good...

thanks for fixing the sherman turret bug... :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
LethalDosage Jul 31 2010 says:

You added Parisians in huh? And they can camo? Those sneaky germans! :P
(Parisians a.k.a. French Letters, a.k.a. Rubbers, still don't get the joke?)

I think the Sherman 105 replacing the Croc is a bit overpowered. Likewise the Sherman Jumbo replacing the Calliope is a little underpowered. I think they should be swapped around, the Jumbo replacing the croc, has better armour and firing 75mm HE shells (like the StuH, but weaker damage and smaller FX) as the Croc wasn't an uber infantry killer either, and the Sherman 105mm replacing the Calliope, has a normal gun behaving the same as a StuH, but also able to fire barrages (with a long recharge time). This way the reward units aren't so different from what they replace that the balance is wrecked and no one will use the old units. Also as a suggestion, the Jagdtiger's main gun actually had similar penetration to the King Tiger out to long range, where it was actually worse than the KT. The Jagdtiger should do significantly more damage on a penetrating hit though.

I was hoping to see the Ferdinand added as a Reward Unit replacing the Jagdpanther though, even if it's a temporary reward unit till the Ostheer are released. Their incredibly similar in armour and armament, but instead of the Jagdpanther's hull MG the Ferdinand could make use of a roof top MG upgrade to be purchased at 75mu (as is the trend in the PE).

+1 vote     reply to comment
cyoung Aug 2 2010 says:

Amazing updates guys, love the new gameplay units in this patch and the balance is fantastic.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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