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Oct 29 2012 Anchor

1.0.1 (alpha) progs.dat [ 10.28.12 ] - download here:

Archon 1.0 code fixed:

Lava morph in fact3 moving lava pit - lava was getting damaged by lava pit hurt, fixed, now gets healed
Fault in morph_test where monsters were not attacking player when they should, fixed
-- enhanced deathmatch - grunts & enforcers dont attack marines (still go after morphed players)
-- monsters will act normal in singleplayer, plan to add a morph / monster attack chart to the docs
Fault in killmsg function calls where message was returned and printed, creating messy obituaries, fixed
Some quake items were not appearing on enhanced maps - fixed this instance (could be others...)
Ammo load on reggun from crate /cube was wrong - should be 33 shells, fixed
-- was from old code to provide more cells to a certain "big" gun, every crate & cube weapon had 100 ammo!
Not detecting q3 maps properly - was affecting map item load, fixed
Added loop safeties to certain fire code, fixes runaway loop counter
Pulse nails were being left in the void forever - fixed void detection logic cures this (& other things in void)
-- things left in void likely from bots fallen out of level

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