C&C Generals : The Last Battlefields Mod is a mod for C&C Generals : Zero Hour.This mod aim to bring C&C Generals : Zero Hour more fun with add new units,structures,Gameplay, and 3 new generals who has it own tactics and powers.

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GLA Kirov Airship (view original)

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After ten years of silent moves, GLA comes back to the air with superiority power that far away from before...

Ten years on silent moves, they're not stop... they realized Land concentrated attack will useless for now, since APA (Asia-Pacific Alliances) Established.
So, they make a contact with Vladimir Abdul, Old Soviet scientist who joined GLA for some reasons. He said "you want a helicopter, huh? It's useless! come to my lab, and i will show you the true power of the sky!"
GLA leaders from around the world make a meetings on Doctor Abdul's Labs, somewhere on Russia region.They wait on some plainland, The Doctor said they will see an incredible power.
A Big Airship...Come and loads so many big bombs, come and drop the bombs so far away from the leaders, but they can feel the bombs explosion shockwaves. After that, they're agree to make this airship.

GLA Kirov Airship, a remote-controlled airship loaded by so many HE Bombs,have heavy armor and that's why the speed is obviously slow, but effective if you're using it with a good leading intuitions.