Caveman2Cosmos is a CivFanatics community mod that add new features and content to the Civilization 4 experience, with almost daily updates since November 2010. It is the spiritual successor the The Civilization 4 mod Rise of Mankind and its addon A New Dawn, and combined the work of over 100+ modders to create a mod to "rule them all". It is developed by StrategyOnly Productions with its modding team made up of prominent members of CivFanatics.

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Just awesome!

Frankly, the Most Ambitious version of Civilization I've ever seen!!
Trust me, it has to be that good to keep my attention for so long.
Completely blown away by the care of the community and depth of gameplay shown in this mod. C2C redefines CIV so much that it has the momentum to set a much higher bar for Civ 6. It's already so close ; it could inspire Civ 7! You have to check out the forums and play it for more than a game or 2. It radically evolves monthly!!


This mod, in many ways, is the sum culmination of all modding efforts and concepts brought forward on the CivFanatics sight for Civ4. What hasn't been done yet, they continue to work towards accomplishing. Every version is better than the last. There are miracles in streamlined processing at work that have pushed the Civ4 limitations far beyond all imaginable limits.

And let's face it... it's fun! It's by far one of the most immersive GAMES ever developed... everything the Civ franchise ever wanted to be. The vast variety of units, buildings, and features to support it all enables the player to really 'feel' every era as if he were not only there but a major player in the development of history. The depth is purely a marvel to behold.

Sure there are bugs on occasion... as a mod in a constant state of development, that's to be expected. But when bugs are reported, they are addressed with an unusual degree of attention and haste.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this mod is the goals the design team has set for it. The current state of the game pushes the envelope as it is but from the discussions and plans being put forward on the forum, it becomes clear that the intended scope of the game is beyond the imagination.

The evolution is fascinating to witness - all the more so because for the true diehard player, they have an SVN that may be accessed that is constantly receiving updates every day from each modder on the team. And they keep all changes compatible with previous versions so you never have to lose a game you're in the middle of if you update to the next great release.

If you're not planning on losing hundreds to thousands of hours of your life immersed in strategic bliss, make sure never to download this mod!

In many ways, this is the one mod to rule them all.


Probably the best mod I've played this far, all games included.
Really amazing work !
Merci !


Great Job


A very good exteceve mod full of intence and exciteing chalanges never before seen in any other Civ Mod. Its still a bit buggy, but playable. But what do you expect from a mod created by a single, GENIOUS man. :D

Ok, I completely change my mind. I have been playing it since June of last year and I'm STILL playing it. It may be buggy, but the loads of features and such makes up for it...


I tested this MOD for a while.
It makes realy fun when you can play long parties about 10000+ rounds and even short battles.
You have evertime something to do and wehn not you make something wrong, it is never boring. The gameplay is great. It uses the strenghs of Civ IV and adds alot of new.

A bad thing by this mod is that it takes 3 minutes or more to start, but this is only a little thing. (by my first game it's also takes 15 minutes)

I wold say this is the best MOD for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword

This mod is nothing short of mind blowing. One of the most ambitious and well executed mods I've ever played. The team behind it is just as brilliant as the content within it. It takes everything you loved about Civilization IV and expands it, while building upon concepts that made it so great. As a starting tribe(you have to work a bit to even be a civilization), you need to hunt for food and fight off your primal cousins, all the while trying to evolve. This is but a few of the many concepts introduced in this mod. So, can you do it? Can you build a civilization that can truly stand the test of time in what in my opinion is one of the greatest mods of all time? Download and find out.


Great mod , kept me for hours.

See the full review at

C2C introduces a lot of additional depth and complexity to Civilization IV. It goes beyond a TBS game and makes Civ a civilisation simulator, which is arguably what Sid intended when he set out on this journey with the original Civilization back in 1991.

Often when I reflect on these mods, and for the benefit of you, the reader, I open with the qualification that more depth and complexity isn’t for anyone. I stand by that, but I feel like this doesn’t quite apply with C2C. The mod is so massive that it shifts its base game’s genre significantly enough that it can no longer be compared directly alongside it.

There are features in C2C that I could quite happily ignore. In fact, one can quite easily do just that with many features given how customisable the game experience is (in game setup and the in-game BUG menu). However, there are many, many more features that I just couldn’t go without in Civ IV knowing now that they exist.

There’s enough in C2C to keep a player occupied for dozens, if not hundreds, of hours before they’ve even seen it all just once. And there are some incredibly ambitious expansion ideas on the horizon, such as the aforementioned Nomadic Start and Multi-Maps, which make it worthwhile to keep coming back and seeing what’s changed. I can’t express how excited I am to see Multi-Maps – and the possibility of expanding naturally into a space 4X game – arrive in C2C.

The years of work by its many contributors has generated a truly iconic game in Caveman 2 Cosmos. It’s not perfect – there are technical issues – and it’s not finished – some later eras have not had the same love and attention as their predecessors. But it draws you into an historical simulation – no, a bonafide anthropological study – like no other.

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Just awesome!

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