Caveman2Cosmos is a CivFanatics community mod that add new features and content to the Civilization 4 experience, with almost daily updates since November 2010. It is the spiritual successor the The Civilization 4 mod Rise of Mankind and its addon A New Dawn, and combined the work of over 100+ modders to create a mod to "rule them all". It is developed by StrategyOnly Productions with its modding team made up of prominent members of CivFanatics.

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Mar 4th, 2014

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Mar 2nd, 2014

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Jan 13th, 2014

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Dec 25th, 2013

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Dec 8th, 2013

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Oct 30th, 2013

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Oct 26th, 2013

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Oct 14th, 2013

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Oct 5th, 2013

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