Call in. A single player mod which plays out at the same time as Gordon and Alyx flees the citadel in Ep1. You take the role of a rebel soldier on a mission to retrieve information regarding the super portal to aid in the building of Dr. Magnussons rocket.

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beautiful textures-
great level design-
nice mix of puzzle & run-n-shoot-
touches on all aspects of HL2 gameplay-
no disappointments, definitely a very fun mod.
look forward to CI2

Just a quick few of my personal thoughts regarding this mod.
I installed this mod twice upon it's release and essentially wound up with quite a mess of corrupted and/or damaged ( texures mostly ) files and an unplayable mod. I got frustrated and said " some other time after it's patched ". A couple of days later, I discovered that it wasn't the mod at all, but a small download glitch with the Desura program. Fixed that and downloaded it a third time and I'm so very glad I did !

If what I've read is correct and this is Ludvig's first release, I cant believe it. This is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable HL2 mods that I've played in a while. Nearly everything about it seemed suited to all my personal preferences and style of play. Challenging, immersive, diversity of environments, consistent atmosphere and the ability to employ some tactical combat.

Overall, the level designs were just superb and well planned out. ( I'm a big fan of the " close quarters " style of mapping ) Each section lead clearly and progressively to the next with all the space within the maps skillfully and fully ( without cluttering ). Ludvig's good use of plenty of stock assets, together with the paralleled E1 story-time line, gave me the feeling of actually playing the original. My only critique was an insane difficulty spike with the Hunters battle, but we'll let that slide once. I rate this mod an absolute must play for all HL2 fans.

Many thanks to Ludvig Kallin for this great mod.
The game design really apes the orginal half life 2 levels, from the quite linear signposting of the levels, to sections of extremely precarious platform balancing. Some people might be disappointed by this but it's no mean feat to pull the HL2 style off as well as it has been here and it makes for a very enjoyable game.
I found the length great, just right to finish off in a single sitting in the evening.
It's been a while since I played the orginals but it seemed to me there was quite a lot of original content in terms of models and textures. All were of high quality and combined with assets from the games to feel fresh. During the coast section there was a little stuttering, maybe because the environments were too wide ? Still, I did have everything on highest & it didn't detract from the enjoyment.
The biggest flaw with the mod was a really horrfic difficulty spike in the form of the battle against the hunters. Up until that point Call-In had offered no serious challenge at all then suddenly 30 deaths in a row before I finally scraped through. It very nearly made me give up altogether, although I'm glad I persisted. This was probably the biggest factor that marked it out as a mod, that kind of frustration would have been balanced in playtesting.
Still, don't think my criticisms are too serious, this remains a very enjoyable and accomplished slice of gameplay that I would recommend everyone to try.

One step away from perfection.
Cons: sometimes boring until you got the data. Zombies is also not very fitting in Combine controlled area.
Lack of voice acting, but overall soundscape is great. It's very helpful in immersion and often ignored by other mods.
Combine stronghold doesn't look epic, very tight corridors. And I think one hunter at once is enough but it's only my opinion.
Everything else is top notch and I'm especially glad about two things: variability of environments and two big fights (you should play to know). Keep up the fantastic work and don't make us play too long until we could engage in some really intense firefight.

The pacing and gameplay were spot on, you really thought it out, showing the players the enemies before fighting them really helped make the transition into combat much smoother and overall made the pacing of the levels that much better. This is a very good little campaign, however, in the first level I dies once and when I reloaded the opening music started playing again, not a bad thing, but change the "logic_Auto" entity to play the sounds when the level is loaded, not when the player spawns. Another thing I must say is that wood walls are much thinner than plaster walls, the thickness of the walls made sense in most parts, but the wood walls looked wrong, use real life reference more often in the future. Overall, it's a darn good campaign, and you really got the styles of the HL2 areas down. Good luck with your next project, and one last thing, don't be afraid to use combat music, running with the air boat and fighting heli would have been much better if there was some of the HL2 music going to it.

Oh, and before I forget, tell your testers to try playing on hard, make sure your mod plays with a good challenge level on all difficulties, because I only play on hard, and there were not enough medkits for the amount of enemies in some of the fire fights, and my god, 3 hunters in a close combat situation with barely any firepower!? I was lucky to take out the last guy with the pistol with 20 HP. But, now that I've made this go too long, good luck with your future projects...


solid maps and well balanced battles, however nothing extraordinary here.

A fun and fairly well-made mod. Brings back memories of the calssic HL2-based mods that have recently gone out of fashion, but still give you a good time. If you havent played yet, do so!

Very good! Not perfect, but I enjoyed it very much! This mod just lacks some good voice acting instead of clumsy text messages, but everything else is great. Thank you! :)

It was great i felt like i actually was playing a short campaign, whilst
there were some words that were written wrong, but as a gamer i liked it and recommend you to try it :)

This is amazing, awesome work :D

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