This is not just a compilation of the best mods for GTA San Andreas, it adds a lot of new features, improvements and new content to the game: textures, vehicles, peds, tuning options, weapons, clothes, tattoos, plants, sounds, scripts, special effects, maps, technical improvements, real world names, etc, etc...in spanish and english. It also features different themed mods and game modes: missions, freeroam, gangwars, assault (survival), superpowers, aliens, zombies, myths and misteries, races, stunts, etc.) Each themed mod in the California Megamod can have its own vehicles, peds, scripts, maps, etc.. And everything comes already installed in just one gta san andreas and ready to play with just a click. And in each release your gta san andreas becomes more and more realistic than ever.

This is my tribute to all GTA Modders out there. this is the most ambitious GTA project of all times that will allow you to have hundreds of Mods + several Medium Conversions + few Total Conversions in just 1 installation of GTA San Andreas, and be able to play any of them easily with just a double click. and all of the mods will have improved image quality. At the same time you still have the option to play without mods if you want, or install SAMP on it and play without mods.

I started this project in 2006 i think, i published versions 1.2, 1.4 and 1.5 later in 2008, and version 1.55 in 2009. In 2009 i also released CAMP MOD, a special mod that would let you play samp with mods.The mod only worked in the client side of samp, making samp look much more nicer, but without giving you any advantages against other samp players, (no cheating options, only an open door to a world of new entertaining posibilities) i also released a server with some gamemodes specially customized to take advantage of mods, making a lot more fun to play samp) but some days later the samp developers banned allmost all latin-american countries because a personal problem they had with a hacker from Argentina. And some time later they released another version not compatible with the megamod, and so my samp mod (Called Camp) became useless, so i deleted it from internet, and decided not to work again in mods for samp. i even quit making mods and started working in my own game (although the real reason was the shutting down of the megaupload server and so i didn't had a place where to upload the megamod because the files were too large and other servers gave very bad service).

In 2013 i found some comments in internet about people saying my work was very good and asking me to come back to work in gta mods, i also noticed a lot of good and new stuff had been published by talented gta modders for gta san andreas and that could be used to improve the Megamod project a lot. I downloaded some content and started writing my own scripts, but i kept focused in my own game. In 2014 i had a lot of realistic textures in my game and thought they would make GTA San Andreas look awesome, but i still had to make even more stuff but nobody will ever see it for years until i release my own game, so i "parked" my own game proyect and came back to work in the California Megamod, i published an update to 1.56 and 1.57, and worked in re-texturization of san andreas and improvements to the megamod using new available content in gta websites, i worked everyday in 2014 in the megamod, and i had plans for version 1.6 and 1.8 in 2014 but they got delayed and never released, finally in 4th january 2015 i decided to publish version 2.0 (in my website) using new technology created by LINK2012 (modloader) replacing the one i had created in previous versions. Later i published some small patches/updates and i'm still working in improving the california megamod project. wishing to finish it this year 2016 so that i can go back to work in my own game (which still has no name but looks REAAAAALLY NICE but still needs years of work). In december 2015 i wanted to publish the latest version of the megamod that i had in my computer eventhough i haven't been working in it for months and it wasn't finished yet, i spend few weeks testing and fixing the most important bugs and i tried to publish it for my birthday but it got delayed and then i published it 2 days later. In 1st january 2016 i published version 3.0 of California Megamod, with some improvements, bugfixes and new content from 2.1. in May 2016 i published version 3.1, a beta of version 3.2 was uploaded to diskokosmiko in october 2016 and version 3.3 was published in 1st january 2017.


The megamod still needs some more work to fix some details here and there, but i can not promess you anything, maybe you will get some updates in 2017 but later i dont know. It will depend on my freetime, my future motivations and also it will depend on the reaction of the people, if i see enough downloads and interest of people in the project then i will continue improving it, but today most people plays GTA IV and V. Although latest improvements in the megamod makes the game looks really nice and have some GTA-V-LIKE feelings, the truth is that today GTA San Andreas is an old game from 2005 which is losing players as time goes by, and even we all grow older too, we are not kids anymore and we have a life to live.

¿There may be a multiplayer mod in a future version of the california megamod? maybe yes, maybe not, all i can say is that i have in my hard drive some unedited HD videos recorded in 2015 while playing SAMP in a random server with a special modified experimental version with only the base and crime wars mod from version 2.1 installed, it looks really nice with the latest textures, peds, vehicles, sky colors, particle effects, etc. but it was just an experiment, a one-day-random-test, a diagnostic of the situation, to see what needs to be done in this direction. Maybe the megamod will need to be RE-DONE AGAIN to fix a lot of compatibility issues between samp and all other mods, specially with cleo mods that are enemies of samp and would need to be switched off when playing samp.

mod launcher aplication



Este es mi homenaje a la comunidad de modders del GTA.
California Megamod es un conjunto de mods singleplayer para Grand Theft Auto San Andreas que contiene muchos diferentes mods tematicos y alguno gamemodes (Modalidades de juego): los hay de lucha contra el crimen, de invasion alienigena, de supervivencia, de coches tuneados, de mitos (o misterios), de zombies, de superheroes, etc. y por supuesto el modo de juego normal haciendo las misiones originales del san andreas (starman mod) pero con todas las mejoras en cuanto a vehiculos texturas etc..
Cada gamemode tenia un .EXE (Reemplazado por un .BAT en la version 2.0) de forma que se inicia facilmente con solo hacer doble click el .EXE (.BAT) correspondiente. Luego hice un menu de mods que te permite desde un acceso directo en el escritorio lanzar cualquier mod con solo hacer click en la foto del mod deseado. Asi que ya no hacen falta todos esos .EXEs ni todos esos .BAT.

En cada gamemode puede haber o no diferentes vehiculos, armas, piezas de tuning, texturas, personajes, sonidos, mapas y mas cosas.
Aparte de eso he reemplazado muchisimas texturas del juego por otras creadas por mi, que le dan mayor realismo al juego. Tambien se han reemplazado todos los peatones y vehiculos del juego por otros mejores mas realistas, y no solo eso, tambien incluye muchos nuevos personajes, ropas, tatuajes, armas, sonidos, piezas de tuning, graffitis, etc.
Ademas de todo eso tambien tiene algunas mejoras tecnicas que dan mayor fluidez a la hora de cargar el escenario, mayor nitidez de imagen en general, mayor distancia de vision, y mayor realismo en el cielo, agua, fuego, explosiones y demas efectos especiales. Tambien incluye nuevos efectos de sonido y muchas mas horas de musica en las emisoras de radio de los vehiculos (solo en las versiones 3.1 y 3.3) por eso pesa tantos gigabytes, seria posible una version light sin musica, como en versiones anteriores, que pesaria unos 4GB menos).

mod launcher aplication 2
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Picture of the modlauncher California Megamod.hta with images of all mods available in California Megamod version 3.3.
All 7 files are available in the FILES section of the website, anyway here are all the links.


Part1_CaliforniaMegamod33.exe SIZE: 757.315 KB (739 MB)
Part2_CaliforniaMegamod33.exe SIZE: 782.644 KB (764 MB)
Part3_CaliforniaMegamod33.exe SIZE: 572.325 KB (558 MB)
Part4_CaliforniaMegamod33.exe SIZE: 632.537 KB (617 MB)
Part5_CaliforniaMegamod33.exe SIZE: 648.518 KB (633 MB)
Part6_CaliforniaMegamod33(audio streams).exe SIZE: 1.642.956 KB (1,56 GB)
Part7_CaliforniaMegamod33(audio sfx).exe SIZE: 1.789.957 KB (1,70 GB)







- you are allowed to record gameplay videos and upload them to youtube and earn money but only from publicity in your videos, WITHOUT download links.

This is a FULL VERSION, not an update. So you don't need to have a previous version of the megamod, and you should not install this in the same folder from a previous version (or inside a gta san andreas folder), install it in a new folder, like a different game, to avoid mixing the files from two different versions and fucking each others, because some files dont have the same name and will be duplicated causing crashes. anyway the installer will create a folder named California Megamod 3.3 in the destination you choose, so if you select for example the folder
then the megamod will be installed in
D:\GAMES\CALIFORNIA MEGAMOD 3.0\California Megamod 3.3
which is stupid but will avoid fucking both versions (fortunately you can move the megamod folder to another place when the installation has finished to fix this kind of mistakes, even if you already played the game there is no problem in moving the folder, but quit the game first) so it is best if you select D:\GAMES\ cause then it will be installed in D:\GAMES\CALIFORNIA MEGAMOD 3.3
Another good path could be C:\PROGRAM FILES (x86)\

and once you have tested version 3.3 and all mods work fine then you can delete the old version of the megamod, because the new one has everything that the old version had, plus lot of improvements, some bugs fixed and new content added.


The installation is divided into 7 parts with his own installer each one, you need to install all 7 parts one after another in the right order, to get the full california megamod sucessfully installed in your PC.

When you start Part1 installer, only files from part 1 will be installed, nothing more, if you start Part2 installer, only files from part2 will be installed, it will not ask for other files it will not try to install other files, you have to manually start the installer for each part. the advantage of this method is that you can if you want, download part one, install it, delete the part1 installer, download part2, install it, delete the part2 installer, download part3, install part 3, delete installer, and so on. But i recommend to keep all installers just in case you need it in the future (for example if you buy a new computer or if you need to format and re-install everything, or if you add a new mod or edit a file not knowing what you are doing and then the game stops working). All 7 installer files take 6,5 GB so, for example you could record them all in a single 8GB DVD, or you could record 2 DVDs of 4 GB each one, or store all of them in a 8 GB pendrive...

All instalers have install instructions in english and spanish, eventhough it is very easy to install. They all use the same system, just click BROWSE button to select destination folder (where you want to install) and then click EXTRACT button, that's all.

In the instalation of the first part, at the begining, you must select a hard drive letter (C: D: E: etc) and/or a folder in your hard drive (C:\Program Files (x86)\ or D:\GAMES\ for example) where you want the California Megamod 3.3 folder to be created. but In all other installers, you must select the CALIFORNIA MEGAMOD 3.3 folder, because all files must be installed inside this folder, created by the first installer.


These settings are not only the best for maximum performance even in low budget pcs, but also it fixes some abnormal behaviors in the game, you should try these settings if you experiment problems of any kind, for example it seems to fix a problem that happens when you load a saved game and then you try to get outside the cj house then the game closes and takes you back to the windows desktop. with these settings this problem does not happen. you may use any other resolution but you should set the others settings as in this picture.

settings for best performance

The most important things are enabling MIP MAPPING that will improve a lot the performance allowing you to play without lag at maximum resolution, and disabling Antialiasing because if you enable it even at minimum level it will reduce your FPS by a minimum ammount of - 20 FPS. Also important for stability and bugs fixing is the FRAME LIMITER, which in some computers it must be disabled and in others it will work better enabled (so check which one works better for you). i suppose in powerfull machines which gets more than 100 fps it may need to be enabled, but in slow computers it is better disabled because the game works more stable).


- YOU NEED a COMPUTER with WINDOWS Installed, there is no android or console version, only PC.

- You need a decent computer with a decent graphic card (ATI/AMD or NVIDIA) (though it will work fine in some intel chips but they are not recommended for games)

- You will need at least 12,4 GB of FREE HARD DRIVE SPACE to install the full California Megamod 3.3 (you will need 6,5 GB more to keep the installer files once everything is installed)

- You will need at least 512 MB of graphic ram, although some 256 MB cards may still work

- You will need at least 2 GB of FREE RAM to run the game. but its better to have 4GB or 8 GB of RAM.

- Recommended Windows 7, but it will work in Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (but they require to install Microsoft DirectPLAY and if possible Microsoft DirectX 9.0c)


New welcome image with info about function of every icon in the mod launcher and game settings hta application. (help.hta)

- I have created a new exclusive HUD SELECTOR Aplication (SelectHUD.hta), at anytime switch between GTA IV, GTA V, or original GTA San Andreas HUD.
version 3.2 and older had by default GTA IV HUD installed, version 3.3 comes with GTA V HUD enabled by default, while my testigs during december, i found that the GTA V HUD was very nice and works fine, but sometimes, in some mods, when i start a new game, the game did not work ok, it looked like the GTA V HUD was bugged, and so it will not allow to select and use weapons, to fix this, quit the game and start a new game again. and this time it will work fine. if you get upset by this trouble remember that you can quit the game, start help.hta and click in the Select HUD icon, and then click in the picture of the GTA IV HUD to set it as the default HUD, disabling the GTA V HUD at the same time.

- in this version the ingame cheatsmenu comes in english by default, and can be switched to another language using the language selector .hta application. by default 3 languages supported: spanish, portuguese, english, and the application is ready to use any new languages that you may want to add, just edit the template to make a new translation and save a copy with filename: YOURNEWLANGUAGE_Cheats(F5).fxt inside languages folder. then edit the .hta file with notepad to add your language and flag of your country if not included.

- Now ALL mods have his own information screen, with complete info about their features and special keys.

- at any time you can select if you want to play the game inside a window or in full screen. (the window option was very usefull during the development of the megamod, it allowed to switch easier from the game to the desktop, to change some textures, and get back to the game, and see the new textures applied, without the need for restarting the game to see the changes, though this will not work with all changes, only with some of them, like textures, peds, vehicles, it will not work with changes in handling.cfg for example)

- everything in the game improved, textures, efects, lightning, sky, water, blood, particles, vehicles, peds, etc.

- new exclusive ultrarealistic roads, grass, dirt, sand, water, sky,....

- ultra realistic look, very close to GTA V, with LOW END specs resources, no need for very powerfull machines.

- LOW SPECS ENB SETTINGS FOR LOW END PCS (enabled by default, you can turn it off pressing SHIFT F12 (just one time, two times it enables it again)

- a lot of new vehicles and new peds in some mods (alien city for example)

- lot of scripts edited to fix bugs in several mods, game a lot more stable, for example, now some features are back in Crysis mod that was left behind some time ago, because of stability issues (now fixed).

- NEW EXCLUSIVE MISSIONS in some mods (Myths mod, Halo, Crime wars, Ninja, Wolverine,...)


- lot of texture bugs fixed, a lot of textures improved, new more realistic roads, and with road lines fixed (now they are as they should be in real world)

- in any mod, get inside a car, press F9 and you get NEON lights instantly, keep pressing to cycle through all colors, lot of colors. Last color after white disables neon light, press again to enable again.

- in any mod, in any vehicle, anywhere, anytime, press F10 to fix it if it's broken, flip it if it's upside down, cycle through paintjobs if it have any.

- skin selector mod fixed, and enabled again in all mods. also new peds added to skin.img. IMPORTANT NOTE: you should not remove or edit filenames of any peds inside skin.img, although you may be able to add a few more peds before causing troubles. just dont touch the ones already there, or game will crash because they are used somewhere else (gang cheats and superhero cheats)


- I have tried to fix the problem of player model getting corrupt because you improve your physics stats when you are playing with a PED instead of CJ (Muscle, stamina, fat, maxhealth, etc) in some cases it will work (but sometimes will fail, sorry, you can always switch back manually to another skin when the model gets fucked.

- you have 2 methods to choose for changing skin: cheats menu (F7) and skin selector (skin.img) (TAB + MOUSE SCROLL wheel, or TAB+Q and TAB+E).

- superheros menu mod improved, also some superheros improved with powers: captain america, daredevil, deadpool, thor, hulk, etc.

- some superpowers or features emulated for some superheros. (captain america shield, THOR's Mjolnir (mystical hammer), Daredevil's stick, deadpool's katana and autohealing, ....


- some new maps added

- new profile launcher for modloader (profiles.hta)

- new exclusive tool for playtesting combinations of mods, customized by you, without editing any file.

- I made some profiles ready to test your own mod, create your own mod by copying dff and txd files inside the folder California Megamod 3.3/Modloader/YOURMOD and play it with just a click from the profiles.hta application.

- New girlfriends (Honoka, Kasumi, Kokoro, Helena, Lara Croft, Jill Valentine), very beautifull and sexy girls, some are from the game Dead or Alive.


- if you use FRAPS to record videos, you should always start the recording ONLY AFTER cj is available to move, or AFTER the cinematics start playing, because when the game just finishes loading, it does a switch of resolutions, the size of the window changes 2 times, very fast, and if you are recording with fraps then fraps may crash, or it may cause a crash in the game, so to avoid any trouble when recording video, avoid recording BEFORE starting a new game or BEFORE loading a saved game, you should ALWAYS start the recording AFTER the change of size of the screen which takes place just when the loading bar reaches the end which means that the game has finished loading and 2 seconds later cj appears in the screen, ready to play or acting in a cinematic; and then everything will work fine. (if you need to record the options menu then you can at any time press ESC to pause the game and enter the options menu, and pressing ESC again you get back to the game).Let's say you really want to record everything since the game starts loading, the settings in the options menu, and the loading screens, you can do it but you will need to be quick and pause the recording just before the loading bar reaches the end (or else game will crash) and then you can continue recording 2 seconds later when the cinematic starts playing (or when cj appears if the mod you are playing has no cinematics).

- when selecting screen resolution in Advanced graphics options, you should always select one resolution that ends with x32 , never x16, for example: 1024x768x32, 1280x720x32, 1920x1080x32. why? because x16 was made years ago for older graphic cards, the x16 means that the color resolution depth is 16 bits, and x32 means that the depth of the color resolution is 32 bits, and so with just 16 bits (x16) you can not represent all the colors needed for realistic images, you need at least 24 bits to represent more than 16 million colors that is the number of different colors that the eye can recognize, with just 16 bits some colors will look bad, specially with gradients, there will be less colors than it should and so things will not look realistic, but while using x32 bits for color encoding it allows for 24 bits photorealistic images + 8 bits for transparency (256 tones of grey from white to black that represent the level of transparency of the image, black = invisible, white = opaque, grey = transparent)

California Megamod 3.1

California Megamod 3.1


Released California Megamod 3.1 (1 MAY 2016) Now you can Download full version 3.1 in just 2 links

California Megamod 3.0

California Megamod 3.0

News 1 comment

Version 3.0 of California Megamod has been released in 1st January 2016 you can Download it from the official website mods-gta.blogspot.com (and also...

California Megamod v.2.0 Released (4 January 2015)

California Megamod v.2.0 Released (4 January 2015)

News 7 comments

Version 2.0 of California Megamod has been published in the official website (mods-gta.blogspot.com) in january 4th 2015.

Next Version of California Megamod W.I.P. Report

Next Version of California Megamod W.I.P. Report


In case anyone thought this project was dead because i only have been publishing in my website and not here at moddb i decided to update the news to show...

RSS Files
Part7 California Megamod 3.3 Installer

Part7 California Megamod 3.3 Installer

Full Version 2 comments

installs only PART 7 of california megamod 3.3 (there are 7 parts, so this is the last one). This file installs AUDIO/SFX folder into California Megamod...

Part6 California Megamod 3.3 installer

Part6 California Megamod 3.3 installer

Full Version

installs only PART 6 of california megamod 3.3 (there are 7 parts). This file installs new versions of AUDIO/STREAMS and AUDIO/CONFIG folders into California...

Part5 California Megamod 3.3 Installer

Part5 California Megamod 3.3 Installer

Full Version

installs only PART 5 of california megamod 3.3, they are 7 parts (though the last 2 files are just the audio folder and can be skipped if you get a full...

Part4 California Megamod 3.3 Installer

Part4 California Megamod 3.3 Installer

Full Version

installs only PART 4 of california megamod 3.3, they are 7 parts.(though the last 2 files are just the audio folder and can be skipped if you get a full...

Part3 California Megamod 3.3 Installer

Part3 California Megamod 3.3 Installer

Full Version

installs only PART 3 of california megamod 3.3, they are 7 parts.(though the last 2 files are just the audio folder and can be skipped if you get a full...

Part2 California Megamod 3.3 Installer

Part2 California Megamod 3.3 Installer

Full Version

installs only PART 2 of california megamod 3.3, they are 7 parts.(though the last 2 files are just the audio folder and can be skipped if you get a full...

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Sir. I'm always stuck on Start up game loading screen on 3.3 version.
But the 3.1 version is working on me.
Thank you

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
starmanfp Creator

enable mipmaps in advanced graphic options in the game

Reply Good karma+1 vote
starmanfp Creator

delete california megamod 3.3 folder, reinstall all 7 parts, do not make changes, and if still got problems then switch HUD to GTA IV one (or original san andreas HUD).
if everything fails then try disabling some .asi mods from main california megamod 3.3 folder (move .asi files to DISABLED folder ) the ones you can disable are LimitAdjuster.asi (more probably the cause of your troubles), flickr.asi, HDResolutions.asi, V_HUD_by_DK22Pac.asi, GTA_IV_HUD.asi (do not disable modloader.asi cleo.asi cause then the game will not work, and dont disable streamMemoryFix10.asi because the game will look like ****) another possible cause of troubles could be that you graphic card does not support ENB series and so you need to remove all d3d9.dll to disable it. can also try disabling (removing) some cleo scripts from CLEO folder and see which ones let the game work for you and which ones not.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hola, te hago una consulta, el megamod 3.3 viene con un mod que añade vegetacion (https://s22.postimg.org/ih5ny5p0x/veg.pngy) y eso me genera bajones de fps, ¿eso hay forma de desactivarlo editando o borrando algun archivo? Muchas gracias.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
starmanfp Creator

solo uno de los mods tiene un mod de vegetacion que hace mas lento el juego debido a haber aumentado la densidad de hierba (creo que es el mod de iron man si mal no recuerdo), pero en todos los demas mods la densidad es la normal y por tanto el juego va bien rapido. Asegurate de haber activado el mip mapping (importantisimo) y no tener activado antialiasing (que reduce muchisimo los FPS) y tener desactivado el limitador de fotogramas por segundo para que el juego te vaya bien rapido. para que lo veas mas claro Fijate en la seccion de imagenes hay una foto que muestra la configuracion grafica recomendada para el maximo rendimiento. Tambien acabo de subir una serie de videotutoriales sobre el megamod a youtube Youtube.com

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Tengo las opciones de video tal como sugeris, incluso con los efectos visuales al minimo, y el starman mod clasico (el unico modo que probe) anda perfecto salvo cuando aparece la vegetacion con ese tipo de textura que mostre en la imagen (por ejemplo las palmeras 3d y todas las demas texturas no me producen bajon de fps)... Mi placa de video es muy vieja, una ATI HD 4200 de 128mb, pero se que si pudiese borrar esas texturas especificas (y que en cambio carguen las originales), podria jugar con un nivel de fps muy estable (tal como corre cuando no veo ese tipo de vegetacion). ¿Podrias decirme los nombres de los archivos a eliminar si es que los sabes? Muchisimas gracias

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
starmanfp Creator

para jugar con esa grafica tan antigua y aligerar peso al juego usa la herramienta custom.hta para iniciar el juego con la configuracion que desees, por ejemplo, el gta san andreas con las texturas originales + vehiculos, peatones y armas del megamod

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey bro pls make a video for the installation
I install all the parts correctly but when I open any game it crashes and show GTA: sa crashed , debug info follows

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
starmanfp Creator

when you install part1 you just need to select a hard drive letter, when installing parts 2 to 7 you need to select the California Megamod 3.3 folder that was created by part 1 installer.
use HELP.HTA to start the game, set HUD to GTA IV
Try installing microsoft visual C++ 2005 redistributable runtimes.
also 2008 version, and directX 9.0c and directPlay.
if you want me to help more then you need to give more details about your system: which windows do you have (XP/vista/7/8/8.1/10), what system: 32 or 64 bits, how much RAM you have installed (recommended from 8 to 12 GB minimum but if you know how to disable useless windows services and limit programs that run on startup to free some ram then you may be able to play with just 4 GB RAM) and how much RAM you have FREE (windows taskmanager, performance tab), how much free space in HARD drive C: (you need at least 4 GB free for windows to work without problems). for noobs i recommend to restart windows before each play sesion in california megamod (to free as much ram as possible but it will not work if you have low ram and have a lot of useless programs eating all your ram right from the start of windows, you need to be smart at administrating your resources)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Man the amount of stuff the mod has seems crazy, good thing though.
Does the pack include that ragdoll mod? damn it was a blast xD, but seen the corpses disappearing after 10seconds was just painfull T_T

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
starmanfp Creator

no, i dont like the ragdoll mod, so i didnt include it

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Cant blame you, there are plenty which are crap :S

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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