This is not just a compilation of the best mods for GTA San Andreas, it adds a lot of new features ,improvements and new content to the game: textures, vehicles, peds, tuning options, weapons, clothes, tattoos, plants, sounds, scripts, special effects, maps, technical improvements, real world names, etc, etc...in spanish and english. It also features different themed mods and game modes: missions, freeroam, gangwars, assault (survival), superpowers, aliens, zombies, myths and misteries, races, stunts, etc.) Each themed mod in the California Megamod can have its own vehicles, peds, scripts, maps, etc.. And everything come already installed in just one gta san andreas and ready to play with just a click. And in each release your gta san andreas becomes more and more realistic than ever.

This is my tribute to all GTA Modders out there. this is the most ambitious GTA project of all times that will allow you to have hundreds of Mods + several Medium Conversions + few Total Conversions in just 1 installation of GTA San Andreas, and be able to play any of them easily with just a double click. and all of the mods will have improved image quality. At the same time you still have the option to play without mods if you want, or install SAMP on it and play without mods.

I started this project in 2006 i think, i published versions 1.2, 1.4 and 1.5 later in 2008, and version 1.55 in 2009. In 2009 i also released CAMP MOD, a special mod that would let you play samp with mods.The mod only worked in the client side of samp, making samp look much more nicer, but without giving you any advantages against other samp players, (no cheating options, only an open door to a world of new entertaining posibilities) i also released a server with some gamemodes specially customized to take advantage of mods, making a lot more fun to play samp) but some days later the samp developers banned allmost all latin-american countries because a personal problem they had with a hacker from Argentina. And some time later they released another version not compatible with the megamod, and so my samp mod (Called Camp) became useless, so i deleted it from internet, and decided not to work again in mods for samp. i even quit making mods and started working in my own game.
In 2013 i found some comments in internet about people asking me to come back to work in gta mods, they said i was the best modder ever LOL, i don't agree but it felt good, i also noticed a lot of good and new stuff had been published by talented gta modders for gta san andreas and that could be used to improve the Megamod project a lot. I downloaded some content and started writing my own scripts, but i kept focused in my own game. In 2014 i had a lot of realistic textures in my game and thought they would make GTA San Andreas look awesome, but i still had to make even more stuff but nobody will ever see it for years until i release my own game, so i "parked" my own game proyect and came back to work in the California Megamod, i published an update to 1.56 and 1.57, and worked in re-texturization of san andreas and improvements to the megamod using new available content in gta websites, i worked everyday in 2014 in the megamod, and i had plans for version 1.6 and 1.8 in 2014 but they got delayed and never released, finally in 4th january 2015 i decided to publish version 2.0 (in my website) later i published some small patches/updates and i'm still working in improving the california megamod project. wishing to finish it this year 2015 so that i can go back to work in my own game (which still has no name but looks REAAAAALLY NICE and still needs years of work).



Este es mi homenaje a la comunidad de modders del GTA.
California Megamod es un conjunto de mods singleplayer para Grand Theft Auto San Andreas que contiene muchos diferentes mods tematicos y alguno gamemodes (Modalidades de juego): los hay de lucha contra el crimen, de invasion alienigena, de supervivencia, de coches tuneados, de mitos (o misterios), de zombies, etc. y por supuesto el modo de juego normal haciendo las misiones originales del san andreas.
Cada gamemode tenia un .EXE (Reemplazado por un .BAT en la nueva version) de forma que se inicia facilmente con solo hacer doble click el .EXE (.BAT) correspondiente. Luego hice un menu de mods que te permite desde un acceso directo en el escritorio lanzar cualquier mod con solo hacer click en la foto del mod deseado.

En cada gamemode puede haber o no diferentes vehiculos, armas, piezas de tuning, texturas, personajes, sonidos, mapas y mas cosas.
Aparte de eso he reemplazado muchisimas texturas del juego por otras creadas por mi que le dan mayor realismo al juego. Tambien se han reemplazado todos los peatones y vehiculos del juego por otros mejores mas realistas, y no solo eso tambien incluye muchos nuevos personajes, ropas, tatuajes, armas, sonidos, piezas de tuning, graffitis, etc.
Ademas de todo eso tambien tiene algunas mejoras tecnicas que dan mayor fluidez a la hora de cargar el escenario, mayor nitidez de imagen en general, mayor distancia de vision, y mayor realismo en el cielo, agua, fuego, explosiones y demas efectos especiales. Tambien incluye nuevos efectos de sonido.

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4th January 2015

Version 2.0 of California Megamod has been published in the official website (mods-gta.blogspot.com)
it features a lot of features listed in previous posts and some new features never mentioned before.

california megamod logo by starman

Download California Megamod 2.0 from the official website: Mods-gta.blogspot.com
The new version uses a new technology, a system not compatible with previous versions, it must be installed in its own separated folder. The new version 2.0 adds lots of improvements over previous versions, too many to remember all of them, some examples:

- New technology to install mods, easier to customize and allows more mods with less HD space.
- New Themed Mods and new GameModes
- Different GameModes available for same themed mods (freeroam, assault, gangwars, ...more later)
- New Mod Launcher, easier to add new mods, and shows info about each mod and special keys.
- mod's *.EXEs replaced with *.BATs to launch each mod, saving more than 100 MB.
- 49 .BAT files each one plays a different mod or combination between themed mod + game mode.
- More secure (.bat files are harder to be infected by virus than .exes and you can see what it does)
- Easy to add your own mods: create a folder, copy files inside, add a new .bat, edit gamesmenu.cfg
- Created new terrain, roads, roadsides and vegetation textures.
- Retexturized all the roads, country and dessert.
- Many textures replaced with HD version.
- Replaced most Peds with better ones.
- Replaced some vehicles, especially in mods that needed special ones (crysis, halo, starwars,..)
- Replaced player skins with better models.
- Added new superheroes and famous characters from games, comics and movies.
- More realistic special effects: fire, explosions, dust, smoke, etc.
- ENB Series with Shadows and transparency for low end machines (ON/OFF with SHIFT F12)
- Automatic installer very easy to use: select a folder and press install.
- Installer adds a desktop shortcut to the mod launcher menu (California Megamod.exe)
- Better Loading Screens, more spectacular images (will add more later).
- Many mod authors credited in loading screens, (i plan to add more later).
- New Cleo Scripts (will add more later)
- very STABLE, we are using only a few cleos now, we will add more once they pass a stability test.
- Many new characters that improves all themed mods (crysis, crime wars, halo, quasar, starwars...)
- New white CJ with better model, as in previous version can be customized in Clothes Menu (press 3)
- Customized ingame CHEATS MENU with a lot of features available in all mods (press CTRL X to display)
- in CHEATS MENU you control almost anything: vehicles and vehicle cheats, weapons, skins (player model), health, armour, money, stats, teleport, gangs, wanted level, time, climate, etc.
- etc, etc.

i also have already published:

- An English patch to translate some text into english that was only available in spanish in the main release, for example the cheats menu and descriptions of each mod and special keys in mod launcher They now will appear in english if you install the english patch into your megamod folder (small file).

- A patch to fix some bugs and improve some things. (i did 1 patch and later made a new one which includes the first one, so you only need to install the second one, and this is the reason there is only one patch available now for downloading)

Both patches are available here at moddb in the download section. The megamod is not yet available in moddb but it will be later, for now go to my website and download it there.
i will be releasing new patchs and updates soon.

i hope you all enjoy California Megamod as much i have enjoyed working on it.
This project is my tribute to the GTA MODDERS COMUNITY.
Thank you very much for your outstanding work. You are the best.
without all of you this project would have never existed.

Next Version of California Megamod W.I.P. Report

Next Version of California Megamod W.I.P. Report

1 year ago News 0 comments

In case anyone thought this project was dead because i only have been publishing in my website and not here at moddb i decided to update the news to show...

Informe California Megamod 1.55

Informe California Megamod 1.55

5 years ago News 0 comments

Informe de avance del California Megamod. Aqui informamos acerca de como va avanzando el proyecto en cada una de sus fases o apartados. Here we show the...

California Megamod for GTA San Andreas

California Megamod for GTA San Andreas

5 years ago News 2 comments

Download links for California Megamod 1.55 beta released 3 December 2009

California Megamod v. 1.55

California Megamod v. 1.55

1 year ago Feature 0 comments

Features and Download links for California Megamod v. 1.55 (released in 2010)

English Patch for California Megamod 2.0

English Patch for California Megamod 2.0

10 months ago Patch 2 comments

This small patch translates into english some texts in California Megamod version 2.0: description of mods in mod-launcher, cheats menu in game (ctrl...



10 months ago Patch 0 comments

Patch to fix some bugs and improve some details in California Megamod version 2.0, it also adds 15 new mods to mod launcher menu. (only for 2.0, do not...



1 year ago Skin Pack 8 comments

SMALL UPDATE TO V.1.56 of GTASA California Megamod:<br> Released in 14 March 2014<br><br> Off course Requires California Megamod v.1.55.<br> Install it...

AS - Andromeda 20113

AS - Andromeda 20113

2 years ago Multiplayer Map 4 comments

AS - Andromeda 20113 Thanks and hope you like my addon

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Guest Jul 11 2015 says:

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Guest Jun 7 2015 says:

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Guest May 13 2015 says:

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xSelfInflictedx Apr 9 2015 says:

This mod is simply amazing keep up the good work man.

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Guest Apr 5 2015 says:

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maggotknees Mar 10 2015 says:

How do i get audio to work in cutscenes?

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starmanfp Creator
starmanfp Mar 20 2015 replied:

if you have the original game then you can copy the file SCRIPT FROM GTA SAN ANDREAS\AUDIO\SFX\ folder and paste into the CALIFORNIA MEGAMOD\AUDIO\SFX folder, and you can also copy the file CUTSCENE in GTA SAN ANDREAS\AUDIO\STREAMS\ folder and paste inside California Megamod\audio\streams\ folder (in case you have any trouble copy the entire audio folder from the original game and paste it into the california megamod folder)

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dady977 Jan 10 2015 says:

I love this mod, it's so unique, fresh and new, it's great and I'm a Cali fan so of course I'll love this mod, so would you, totally tracking this mod!

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Guest Sep 1 2014 says:

Hola Starman fp me intereso mucho tu proyecto al hacer al Gta sa 200% de veces mejor. Pero me llama la atencion porque no empieza de hacer de cero el juego agregandole textura como srt3 + Project Oblivion le quedaria perfecto en todos las posiciĆ³n angular del juego que lo vaya dando seria tan genial como GTA.San.Andreas.2013.by_SlimThug ese es un juego en HD. Pero he podido observar la foto previa del proximo actualizacion que sera el Gta California V1.60 realmente para muchos es HORRIBLE con Mayuscula te lo digo es fuerte realmente Si!!! Pero esta usando todas de la version anterior del juego concuerdo con vos en aquello tiempo cuando habia empezado hacer el proyecto Del GTA Cal no habia tanto mods en HD y tenia que arreglarte como pueda en aquel tiempo en el 2010. Me averguenzo de vos no poder hacerlo compatibles todos los .exe con el cleo 4. Si vos fuiste un grande de la historia del Gta sa inventando de todos los .exe para que funciones perfectamente haciendo mods, inventando script hiciste miles de cosa que nosotro no podemos hacer.

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Guest Sep 1 2014 replied:

Ya no piense de los demas si vas a tener muchos lags en su pc.Por mi que se jodas todos, vos nunca Starman nunca te va a ser lucir por todos hoy, hay ciento de mods en HD no sea orgulloso por vos mismo te va a quedar de favulassss!!!!! Cambiendo todos al juego como la radio, peds, las armas, efecto, vegetacion y texturas en total en HD te va a quedar DE 1000%. Si lo tenes de Padre el Gta Sa no hay nada imposible para vos. Si problemma viene por el lado de la steamt memori yo se que vos lo vas solucionar!!!! No lo desiluciones

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