Blue Portals is a unique Portal mod that has players traverse through new test chambers using only the single portal device and many new test elements.

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You managed to release a mod, without delay, which every other source mod on this website is incapable of doing so.

I should remind myself to play the mod before reviewing it. Tastefully made and gorgeous to the eye. The puzzles though aren't very mentally challenging, if anything this puzzle tests you more on execution than anything else.

Don't even get me started on the recycled momentum puzzles which crop up almost every single level. They're fun with a TWO portal gun, with a one portal gun I am forced to barely dodge those damn rails for the orange portals.

A puzzle game is supposed to make me think on how to solve it, not build muscle memory in my wrist, I already give it plenty of exercise. I'll give you points on your nice looks, good support, and timely release, no more.

i love this game i waited so long!

What made Portal great was while it was certainly challenging it was easy once you figured out what to do. The main problem with basically any Portal mod i've played is that you know what to do but no matter what you do you can't do it.

Any Portal mod that requires crouch jumping, having two portals next to each other and forming a circle that makes you go higher is just frustrating to play in my honest opinion.

Sadly this mod falls in the same category as Portal Prelude and Gamma Energy, really good looking Portal mods, but incredibly difficult to play

Maybe I'm just a bad gamer but the difficulty with this one really drives me away from it.

Enough of the bad, now to the good I am impressed with the new cubes and magnets, I would encourage when the day comes to use them in a new Portal mod along with the new elements in Portal 2. That being said however, you really should turn down the difficulty just a tad

turrets are looking cool

Overall it was a great and Challenging bunch of maps with a great environments, scenery, sounds, puzzles, and atmosphere. I absolutely LOVED the turrets' voices I thought it was very funny to keep reloading up the last quick save to hear each of their phrases. A few problems I had with it is that the player could get stuck in a few of the test chambers (Like place a cube through a portal and step off the button to close the orange Portal kind of thing.) I can't exactly name each one that can happen in I believe it's only one or two parts of the chambers though. One bug I found was that at the end of the 10th test chamber the final door wouldn't open for me (I had to noclip to get the other side.) All in all the mod was an excellent thing to play through and I loved it. I'd give it a 9/10. Good Luck with Future projects!


newnowmusic says

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So here it is, one of the biggest portal mods released since Prelude and what can one say besides congratulations. This mod is positively stunning and filled to the brim with newness that its hard to find the words. So let's start at the beginning:
Texture & Look > Everything is new and the look of the test chamber holds together wonderfully well, almost better than Portal itself in the intricacies, the glass plates and scattered yellow metal feels like the most fully formed idea. Once all this has been absorbed you still have the sheer scale and wonder of the BS areas, which easily surpass valves ideas in Portal. The modelling of various debris, lifts, cone and bins makes for a complete idea of the BPDC.
Character & Gameplay > Once again unsurpassed, the level of unique input of this mod really does give it an edge that future modders should look towards. With a new omniscient presence (why would GLaDOS be here?) guiding you through the various new testing facilities, which, can only be described as inspired, portalling light, propelling fans, fire, ice, waterfalls, the list is more than impressive. Plus there is the addition of the new voices to the turrets, which will make you want to get shot just to hear their brilliant quips (my personal favourite being " 'Appy face!")
Puzzles & Ability > Sadly this is where the praise stops, I love this mod, I wanted to love its shiny, quirky uniqueness completely. But to put it bluntly it is incredibly difficult, almost every jump is a mis-calculated 'I hope this works' moment. Find the solution alone takes time -which you don't have as almost every puzzle has a timer in it.
The rule of thumb becomes, spot it fast, do it fast and be sure you're right. The new elements are superb but I found I couldn't have the fun I wanted with them as I was too busy being furious with every room and its, my-way-or-the-highway solution.
A great looking and unique mod, if a little difficult, A plus for the scope and development.

An innovative Portal mod, but the heavy reliance on trick jumping makes progress very slow and gives the player little incentive to continue playing.

What made Portal so much fun was that you had to carefully think about where to put your portals. Once you had that, it was trivial. This mod is well made, but it isn't very much fun. It's all about the precision execution of portal jumps. It's got some cool ideas and neat mechanics, but it loses the cleverness that made Portal great. You don't have to think very hard to solve the puzzles, but they are difficult to execute properly. I was pretty dissapointed by this mod. If I wanted to try a manuever over and over again until I got it right, I'd load up Quake Live to practice strafejumping. On the bright side, I found no bugs, and the test chambers looked nice.


Lol awesome game!


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