Looking for a good mod to remember the good old times of Crysis 1? Want to replay the game that revolutionized the graphics technology in 2007, with the best look possible and with almost ZERO performance cost?

Prepare to reinstall Crysis 1. Because after you see what this mod has to offer, you will wish you had played Crysis 1 like this, in the first time you played it.

BlackFire's Mod is basically a Lighting Mod, wich means, it changes only the Time of Day (TOD) of each singleplayer map, which was carefully adjusted to obtain a thrilling visual.

BlackFire's Mod Ultimate has two main goals:

■ Completely change the look of the game, changing the sun position and time of day to obtain a noon-like illumination.

■ Allow the user full customization of the look of the game.

This is the more flexible mod you've ever played, it allows you to customize every aspect of the look of your game, you can customize your game the way that most please you, in real time, by simply pressing a key!

The mod is not intended to satisfy all tastes of course, but it gives possibilities to users, who didn't like some aspects of the illumination, to change them.

This mod can even be considered a 5 in one TOD mod since it comes with 5 lighting presets, and more! There is the the possibility to create your own personal lighting , by turning on or off some effects.

Everything is optional with this mod.

Note: The goal of this mod is not to achieve a realistic lighting, but an illumination that brings more life to the game, the colors and contrast are intentional , so if you were looking for a mod that would keep the original pattern of the game, this is not the right mod for you. However, if you have an open mind and don't care much for that, this mod may be all that you ever wanted.

The bright sky in some screenshots are sunshafts, the sky is not that bright if you don't look to the sun. But if you still thinking it's too bright, try the Lite Version TOD included in this mod.

(Click with the middle mouse button to open a new tab with the full-size image)

( Warning) All the keybinds have been changed since the Update 1.3.
Press "H" in game to see the new keybinds

Before going for the installation, let me clarify some things that people keep asking me , read it at least once before posting questions:

1. Why all maps starts in daytime now?
.The original purpose of the mod, was to achieve a more lively and sunny day look, but you can play all of them at night by pressing the Lighting Changer key enough times.

2. Does this mod works with Crysis Warhead?
.No, this mod was made exclusively for each map of Crysis 1, so will not work in Crysis Warhead.

3. Does this mod works with others custom maps?
.No, this mod was made exclusively for each map of Crysis 1, so will not work in any other custom level, but you can make it work by using my source files available at Crydev.net

Warning: Feel free to install Texture Packs / Skins / Weapons with this mod. However be aware that if the mod installs a "level.pak" file or a "mission_mission0.xml" file , it will overwrite the main files of my mod and you can't play the game with it.

Note: If you're a Steam user and installed the Chicken Texture pack, please run BFMU.bat located in Crysis folder after you install the textures.

Now, for the installation:

Download and install the Mod:

Mirror: setup_blackfire_mod_ultimate.exe

(Necessary) Update your game to version 1.2:

. Make sure you install the mod in the root folder of the game

Note: The game path can vary from user to user. So make sure you're installing in the right folder.

Note: It is highly recommended that you play with at least the Shader and PostProcessing options at VeryHigh, otherwise the game's look can be compromised.

.If everything was installed correctly, you should see the name of the mod in the bottom of the main menu.
.If not, look under "Mods" from the main menu, and if the mod is there, click on "Load", there is no mods listed, it means that you installed in the wrong folder!

If you have the game on Steam, you'll have to do this:
Right-click Crysis's name on the Steam Library and go to "Proprieties".
Click on "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS..." and type:
-mod BFMU

If your mod doesn't load, do this:

. Go to "(Crysis Install Foder)\Mods\BFMU and copy the entire folder content to the Crysis root folder (Usually: C:\Program Files(x86)\Eletronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis".
. Use any shortcut you want to launch the game and the mod should be working.

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BlackFire's Mod Update 1.3


BlackFire's Mod Ultimate Update 1.3

. Changed all keybinds to Function keys (F2 - F11) (This prevents the user from messing up the config when typin in the console)
. Added a Night Option in all levels the Moon Spotlight Lighting
. Fixed the bug of the Ambient Occlusion not working when using textures mods.
. Added 6 different levels of Dynamic Deph Of Field Intensity.
. All flowgraphs were optimized, lots of unecessary nodes were deleted and the whole structure was reorganized.
. Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM) with Anisotropic Filtering is now suported.
. The DOF logic when you enter a vehicle is now working correctly ( Now it sets the intensity to 0 when the player enters the vehicle and restores the value, when he exits)
. Lite TOD of the island level change ( The water color looks more natural and the sky is less bright).
. Lite TOD of the mine level changed ( Added SSAO and and the sky is less bright).
. The ice level default TOD is now the "Clear and Sunny TOD".
. The final level of the game has now 2 Lighting options.
. New shortcut Icon.

Note: If you were playing the game with Chicken Texture Pack, I highly recomend you to update to this version. The shaders that comes with this texture pack completly disables the Ambient Occlusion of the game. So if you used with this texture pack, you will see a good visual improvement if you download this version

Warning: After installing this update, you will need to start a new game or load the level with the comand: map levelname

To check these and all the features of BlackFire's Mod Ultimate, visit: Moddb.com

BlackFire's Mod Update 1.2

BlackFire's Mod Update 1.2

News 1 comment

A very small update fixing the help button, disabling the Dynamic DOF and enabling the HUD by default.

BlackFire's Mod Update 1.1

BlackFire's Mod Update 1.1

News 6 comments

. DOF intensity reduced by half in all levels / Ocean color changer support to the levels village and Harbor / Night support to the level Harbor / and...

BlackFire's Mod Ultimate Features

BlackFire's Mod Ultimate Features

Feature 2 comments

Click here to check the features of the most customizable Lighting Mod of Crysis 1!

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Download BlackFire's Mod Ultimate for Crysis 1

Download BlackFire's Mod Ultimate for Crysis 1

Full Version 5 comments

Warning: Crysis Patch 1.2 is required! Download/Install/Use created desktop shortcut.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 105)

How can I play this mod with Tactical expansion mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I was asking the same thing dude can't seem to find anyone to help me, so I'll have to try and putting the Blackfire's mod files inside the Tactical expansion I'll let you know if it works ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

well? does it work?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

is this mod compatible with the Tactical Expansion mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Blackfire, is there any way to change the hotkeys to different keys?
I play with devmode a lot, and the devmode keys (mainly f1, f3, f4, and f10) conflict with the keys you set

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

me too

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Not sure of a way to alter the hotkeys of the mod, however if you go to: 'C:\Users\*user*\Documents\My Games\Crysis\Profiles\*user*' and open 'actionmaps.xml', you can alter the bindings of the devmode keys.

Top line: <action name="flymode" noModifiers="1">
<key name="f3"/>
I changed 'f3' to 'f5', and after relaunching the game, it works :)

(Admittedly this is also the save game key which isn't ideal, but I'm sure with some tweaking you'll find a key setup that works for you :))

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

My problem is that the game shows up in the Mods menu at the main menu of game. But if i click load for it to restart game and load mod, or if I run the mod with the Mods batch file I never even get to a main menu. I just open a black window.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Is there any way to install manually? My computer is bugging out and it doesn't want to install properly. When running the installed (even as admin) it installs in around 2-4 seconds. Then once I start the game through the desktop shortcut CMD runs and says "Access Denied"

I found out that my Program Files (x86) wasn't giving me full permission, so I changed that, and it still happens.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Doesn't work with steam version for me even in compatibility mode/run as admin; freezes at splash screen every time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
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