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Black Snow Coop by Fun-Piranesi
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Revision Notes / Fixes in v1.2.0 :

- Fixed the maps
- Added new background images
- New background sound
- Minor bug fixes
- Added a tasklist to keep your team updated on what you should do
- Fixed the bug where you'd need to click multiple times to choose a class/character
- Fixed player transitions/map changes
- Added loading sounds
- Removed breathe sound when you take health at once
- Removed lowering speed when hit, only when exhausted it lowers your speed
- Removed & Added new parameters into the settings.rc (create server panel)
- Added new storyline, new cut-scenes and a new ending & beginning!

Revision Notes / Fixes in v1.1.0 ( old patch ):

- Removed Class restrictions / FULL CLASS bug
- Changed Character Menu from showing for everyone when new players join the game/server
- Added Lower Anims for Jump, Floating, etc...
- Changed the buttons for changing between First & Thirdperson view to Mousewheel forward / backwards to swap views
- Automatic change class on swap
- Fixed controls in KB_ACT, KB_DEF
- Added new parameter in settings.src to change mp_forcerespawn

- Fixed T-pose bug before choosing a class at spawn when joining a server / starting a game

General Info :

How to install :
- Download Black Snow Coop v1.0.0
- Extract or Move the blacksnowcoop folder into your Sourcemods folder
- Download Black Snow Coop v1.2.0 and do the above step again, make sure you overwrite all existing/previous files from v1.0.0! Or v1.1.0 if that's your current version.
- Games needed : SDK Base 2007 and Half-Life 2: Episode 2.
- Finito, have fun ! ;D

Servers :

List ;
- Official Server 24/7 IP
- Dedicated Server 1 + MANY more will be raised!

Controls :
Similar to the Single Player, but some new ones has been added
- Button C opens Character Menu
- Button X opens Radio Command Menu
- Mouse Wheel Forward sets your view to Firstperson
- Mouse Wheel Backwards sets your view to Thirdperson
- Button Q checks objectives / inventory

- Mouse Button 1 Turns Flashlight On
- Mouse Button 2 Turns Flashlight Off

Old Bugs :
- No particle flash on the maglite ;'( I've got it all to work but it can't be deleted and it creates a new particle that adds to the existing one every time you turn off and on the maglite.
- Radio commands don't work but the menu appears, yet no output no matter what button you press.

Bugs in v1.2.0 :
- If everyone dies it will crash the server/game
- You may fall out of the helicopter in the first map but you will be teleported back or if you don't then click C and choose a new class and get re-teleported
- In the second chapter it may crash due to projectedtexture(s)
- Maps without a tasklist will crash (no big deal since there is no other maps tho)
- Some very bright props/surfaces due to buildcubemaps crashes the map so the proper lightmaps didn't get built.
- You may get stuck in the big open field/tunnel in chapter 2 if everyone teleports at once (open console and write kill to get unstuck or click "C" and tele back to spawn by choosing a new class)
- When you transit or re-join a game the Character menu won't show at once, but a little after. Unless you already clicked "C" and choosed a class
- Performance issues may occur, especially on servers. To fix this add "-heapsize 1024000" to the properties on the game in steam or on the SRCDS shortcut as explained in my tutorial!
- Dynamic spawn doesn't work, it sends you to the spawn point entities... :(

Notice :
If you aren't sure which version you have, go to main menu of the mod and look down to the right and it will say "Version 1.X.X".

Credits :
All credits goes to the original creators,
and to Pretador for coding up this to work for coop, fixing the maps and changing it all around, adding new panels, textures, logos, etc... =D

Conclusion :
Have fun and I hope you will enjoy Black Snow Coop just as much or even more than you enjoyed the original Single Player version now as you can shit yourself together with others. Amusing isn't it? :3

Not to mention v1.2.0 is so far the best release! Obviously since now everything works so much better. Four players roaming through Amaluuk Station trying to rescue John Matsuda. Fear you will experience, and shit and stink in your seat as well! ;P



Download Link:

Black Snow Coop v1.0.0
Black Snow Coop v1.0.0

Black Snow Coop v1.2.0 (PATCH REQUIRES Black Snow Coop v1.0.0)
Black Snow Coop v1.2.0

Black Snow Coop Updated Server Files (If you wish to host a server)
Black Snow Coop Server Files

Black Snow Coop has officialy been released!

Black Snow Coop has officialy been released!

News 42 comments

Black Snow Coop is out, check it out while you can! Finally there's a horror mod where people can unite and shit lots. Not to mention the amusements of...

Setup your own Black Snow Coop Server

Setup your own Black Snow Coop Server

Server Tools Tutorial 15 comments

In this article I'll explain how to properly setup a server for Black Snow Coop, also remember to forward your ports! Default 27015.

Add file RSS Files
Black Snow Coop Server Files

Black Snow Coop Server Files

Server 12 comments

Black Snow Coop v1.2.0 Server Files + Fixes, Read more for update log.

Black Snow Coop v1.2.0

Black Snow Coop v1.2.0

Patch 18 comments

Black Snow Coop v1.2.0 features great fixes, extended gameplay, new ending, new intro, more fun! And even better, you can experience all this with three...

Black Snow Coop v1.0.0

Black Snow Coop v1.0.0

Full Version 10 comments

After 2 weeks of hard and intense work its finally here! Black Snow Coop aka Operation Black Snow v1.0.0 is released! For more info, click on Read More!

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I'm getting some texture errors for the game, even though I started with v 1.0 and updated it to 1.2, and I have HL2, HL2:EP2, and Source SDK Base 2007. Do you know any other reason that I might be getting some errors?

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Pretador Creator

Recent SDK updates really broke the mod, if your ep2 content is on steam pipe...
If you change the gameinfo to:

game "Black Snow Coop"
name "Black Snow Coop"
title ""
title2 ""

developer "Fun-Piranesi"
"developer_url" ""
"manual" ""
gamelogo 0
"icon" "Game"

type multiplayer_only
nomodels 0
nohimodel 0
nocrosshair 1
GameData "bsnow.fgd"
"test_speakers" 1
"test_hardware" 1
"seco7_ep2_blacksnow_menu1" 1
"seco7_ep2_blacksnow_menu2" 1
"seco7_ep2_bsc_transiter" 1
"seco7_ep2_bsc_reset" 1
"seco7_ep2_bs_int" 1
"seco7_ep2_bs_ext" 1
"seco7_ep2_bs_intro" 1

SteamAppId 218
ToolsAppId 211
AdditionalContentId 420

Game |gameinfo_path|.
Game |all_source_engine_paths|ep2
Game |all_source_engine_paths|episodic
Game |all_source_engine_paths|hl2
Game |all_source_engine_paths|sourcetest

game |all_source_engine_paths|ep2/ep2_pak.vpk
game |all_source_engine_paths|episodic/ep1_pak.vpk

// Platform
platform |all_source_engine_paths|platform/platform_misc.vpk
platform |all_source_engine_paths|platform



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I am also getting some texture errors, even with the gameinfo changed. I tried reinstalling and now I am receving the error "HL2 has stopped working". This mod looks so awesome and I wanna play it with my friends. But it's just not possible if noone knows a workaround or have a fix for this sucks. :(

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Cleaning the registry with CCleaner and reinstalling HL2 + episode 2 and blacksnowcoop solved the crashing problem atleast.

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The HL2.exe crash problem came back. Some map loaded ok, but most ones crashed. The client.dll refused to communicate/work with my current nvidia drivers. Very strange. So the only way to solve this was to uninstall my graphic card drivers and reinstall new ones. The game looks good now, but still some of the models does not show up + some textures. It is playable atleast now.

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Another comment from me. xD But this time I solved it and all textures/models are showing up! Well with the help of this guy. But I also had this idea, just did not know where the models in HL2 EP2 were located. =)

" LordiAnders Aug 1 2014, 9:48pm says:

I actually managed to start up the mod by doing the following:
-Download the mod file, and extract it to the sourcemods folder (be sure to save the file)
-Goto steamapps/common/Half-Life 2/ep2 and open ep2_pak_dir.vpk (Download GCFScape if you dont have it)
-Extract the materials, models, particles, scripts and sound folder into the 1187 folder (overwritten all files it asked for)

-Extract 1187 to the sourcemods folder again (overwrite all files, again)"

This was for the 1187 mod but this works for black snow as well. I just did not do the last part where I have marked with ******.

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Lots of textures are broken, some models are errors and yes i have EP2 Installed

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whit 1.0.0 its stuck at loading and whit 1.2.0 i get hl2.exe stoped working any help ?

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does anyone play this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

"Can't load lump 53, allocation of 20522977 bytes failed!!!"

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Pretador Creator

That error should be caused by lacking memory, try removing some processes from your tasklist (CTRL+ALT+DELETE). Such as Skype, Xfire, etc...

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This mod is created by the genius creators of "Battle-Force" and "The Forgotten Ones". These are also the same mods that use up tons of space for no specific reason, such as unused models and textures.

If you want to play BLACK SNOW, don't play it like this. The playermodels are all ripped off of various websites/games, and the game isn't even good with more than 1 person. Experience the original mod, not this.

Feb 25 2013 by SFC3

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