Fight your way through the abandoned, war torn streets of New Metro City as Black Ops agent Declan Walker. Use your influence as a military operative to call in support from the skies, use advanced vision enhancing technology to silently stalk your enemies, and take down nearby hostiles using a new melee counter system. You are no longer the hunted in Black Ops. You are the Hunter, and this city is your preserve.

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Glock 26c
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MorshuLoL Dec 20 2011 says:


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TheUnbeholden Dec 20 2011 says:


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Phenixtri Creator
Phenixtri Dec 20 2011 says:

On an interesting side note we decided to included the Glock 26C since the original Half Life female assassins were armed with generic suppressed Glock 17s but were coded with only a 12 round ammo capacity.

To kinda pay homage to Valve original mistake we decided on this gun since it also has a 12 round magazine capacity and is also a very small and compact weapon which fit the female assassins quite well as their roll was based around recon/path finding and general sabotage.

The model here is well made but there are some minor issues.

For starters the grip is missing the little thumb indentation on the sides that are common on all stock Glocks. Not really a big issue as a high quality texture can easily fix that.

This one is also missing the small tac rail under the front frame which isn't really an issue it just indicates that this one is a Civilian.export model. This is kinda odd since you also added the select fire switch on the side and yes these things have been modified to fire full auto but usually only on military and police models never the civilian ones.

Id really love to see the rail added to make it be capable of having more attachments like say a flashlight or IR laser aim mount which would be most common among the black ops.

The trigger is a bit simplified as the real one has a kind of double trigger look to it.

The barrel is a bit short and not threaded so id extend it even for when its not using the suppressor. BTW the silencer is a bit small and short IE it wouldn't be very effective. All the suppressors Ive seen on these little bad boys are fringing huge when compared to the gun.

Also you model the version with the 10 round stock factory mag the 12 round versions are slightly longer and look as if the y are part of the grip when used.

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Phenixtri Creator
Phenixtri Dec 20 2011 replied:

Here are some images ive found for reference.
oh and here are the 12 round mags.

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iridium_acid Author
iridium_acid Dec 20 2011 replied:

Thanks for all of the feedback. This is actually a heavily WIP shot, and the model itself was really just a test to see how quickly I could model for a weapon, and so I spent about 3 hours on this. I spent the next few days making some improvements to the actual model and so many of the things you pointed out have been fixed.

The thumb rest on the side would be a nice addition, but unfortunately, that would require numerous subdivisions that would end up boosting the poly count way over the intended or necessary amount. As for the silencer, I had no actual reference shots to scale for the silencer and the pistol, and so I assumed that it was scaled to the pistol itself.

Also, the game will often feature two types of these common weapons; civilian and military models. The civilian models will be much more common, but will have less adaptability and often less useability. The military models will be harder to come by, but will be more effective and have the chance of being modified for use with silencers, non-standard sights, and even LAM's.

Lastly, the clip is actually the extended one, but I took some creative liberty and attached the extended stock to the pistol. It's a separate attachment that allows for a three-fingered grip of the weapon, making it easier to rig and making it look more put together when used with the extended magazine.

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EricFong Dec 20 2011 says:

It would be awhile before I can animate this.

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diesel1064 Creator
diesel1064 Dec 20 2011 says:

Looks good, I would do a little more beveling of the edges. Glocks are boxy, but still beveled. The slide looks a little thin on top, maybe it is the angle of the image, but that is where the “guts” of the weapon are. Also with the silencer, it would be longer and due to the threading it wouldn’t be so close to the firearm it would stick out a little bit. Lastly, the front sight needs to turn around. The flat section (where the dot is) would face the shooter. Other than those few things, great start.

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iridium_acid Author
iridium_acid Dec 20 2011 replied:

lol. I thought something looked off about the sights on the front. Thanks for the heads up! Also, the top is actually much larger than it's presented to be in the shot, but the angle makes it look off-scale form the model.

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cpl-bradley Creator
cpl-bradley Dec 21 2011 says:

Finish that up, send it over for some animations!

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Common sidearm in the Black Operations unit. Makes up for low damage and stopping power with mobility and availability.

Dec 20th, 2011
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