Hi there, and welcome to my project to "uncut" Black Mesa! Black Mesa was a crowning achievement for modding for sure, but it felt like it was lacking a little in some areas, particularly Surface Tension. For those of you that were not aware, Black Mesa's version of Surface Tension cut out a map from the original which was integral to the story's progression. Its replacement felt rushed and poorly implemented. My mod attempts to add that little something back into the game. I took the liberty of re-adding the cut chapters from Surface Tension as I feel their omission strongly harmed the story and really damaged the tone of Forget About Freeman. I've given them the same treatment Black Mesa gave everything else. This mod currently adds 40 - 50 minutes of gameplay and story to Surface Tension, improving the Black Mesa experience and it's overall narrative. It integrates seamlessly with the Black Mesa campaign too, just like it should. Why not give it a whirl?

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Takes one of the most exciting parts of Half Life and supercharges it. With the largest NPC battles I've seen in a Source game and a nice emphasis on the marines fighting a losing battle, these are some damn good extra maps for Black Mesa. Be prepared for some tough fights and relive some memorable moments staged with dramatic flair.

Textfamguy's had a long dialogue with the community in developing the levels and it's really helped make them believeable, fun spaces that together tell a nice little story. It can be fairly linear at times, but there's a number of rooms and side areas to explore. There's also a pretty good sense of pacing, with a nice balance between combat and minor puzzles.

This mod is a must for anyone who has Black Mesa, featuring areas that should really have been part of the game to begin with. Not one to miss.

Does exactly what it says, which is make the military pulling out of BMRF more plausible and eventful. This lets you play out sublimely scripted, one-sided battles where Xenians almost contemptuously cast aside and destroy all the tanks, jets and soldiers the military can throw at them.

In particular, the moment where the manta ray flies in to zap the tank was excellently done, both in terms of beautiful visuals and audio - you really brought a lot of otherwise lazy scenes from the original Half-Life to... erm... life.

Anywho, great job - I'd go as far as saying that the Black Mesa team oughta include these levels in their next release.

This is a great add-on for the terrific Black Mesa Mod. I mean, this was the propper way to release the mod, so if you haven't play the surface tenssion part with this maps I strongly recommend you to do it, just download the maps and set them up in your BM mod.

The best of it is that the quality of the whole plus maps are as best as the whole BM mod release, you don't loose a bit of quality and the seameless transitions betwen maps just make this add-on perfect.

The whole maps improoves the whole BM mod and extend the gameplay, and also add so much more entretainment value to the whole project.

This enhancement is great you just try it and won't regret it.

Finally I hope Mr. Author to enhance the "On a Rail" section i think he is aiming to improove it as well.


Thanks for expanding Surface Tension. You made those maps so damn close to the original hl1 maps. Amazing job done here.


This mod adds a lot of excitement and meat to BMS. Before there wasn't much involvement between the grunts and the Xenians, but now their pull out is more real. Apart from some FPS issues during the fire intense boiler room it's practically flawless.

This was truly missing from the game!

Absolutely awesome, excellent remakes of the original levels made and amazingly atmospheric. Black Mesa feels less incomplete thanks to this short, but very sweet, pack.


Surface Tension as it should be...


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Amazing mod that add more content.

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