Bionova is a DooM 2 TC using the enhanced Doomsday engine. The mod features:

+ 32 new maps!
+ Colourrooms (coloured sectors)!
+ All new, fully detailed story*!
+ AVI movies !
+ All new monsters, and some heavily modified doom2 ones
+ XG scripting a code changes
+ New (more?) weapons
+ All new surreal atmosphere (like that of DooM 3, maybe using some of its rescources)
+ Mp3 music, (mostly ambeint and MetalIndustrial)
+ combatible with doomsday 1.8.0!
+ 3d models (?)
+ Multiplayer-specific levels

Currently Bionova needs more people to join. Mappers, sprite artists, programmers and soundmusic techniciansartists are all needed. contact me a or if you are interested in helping out :)

Bionova currently made by:
aLco13 (Project leader), IceDark (apprentice DooMer and just started helping), dark vile (Doing stuff) and *TV (story, some art, multiplayer help).

now DEAD! thankyou for caring.

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Its been a while...

11 years ago News 0 comments

ok i have been working on this mod almost constantly for the last few weeks so heres what i've acheived within that time:

* Hi-res fonts & sprites pretty much done, will be added in shortly
* KSA kickstart addon
* game sprites updated, more original
* hi-quality MP3 Music (one of the songs has already been done and may be avalible to download at seprately soon
*each level (only 5\32 of them so far) is going to be completely redesigned and now have and now has a minimum of 5000 linedefs. I was unimpressed with the quality of my 1200 linedef levels which actually wern't that fun.
* all anti-bush content has been removed, replaced with really anti-bush content

well the demo should be out soon so hang around for more news- if we can get the damn server working again

Bionova news update

11 years ago News 1 comment

OK its been a while since the last update... in the time we last updated it there has been... + 2 new monsters added, the monstrositity (replaces mancubus...

Finally its up!

11 years ago News 0 comments

Well, i'v finally put bionova here at moddb. I've uploaded all the screens and there is sure to be more soon. If you think the guns look a bit pixialeted...

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grouchbag Aug 28 2015 says:

Been too long.Done waiting....but it IS gorgeous.

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Valherran Apr 19 2008 says:

Is there any chance you/any1 could finish this project? This looks really fun. I just hate good ideas that fade away when they can still potentially become reality.

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Nick_Perrin Nov 13 2007 says:

I'm not sure if it was clear but I meant to say that I was an overambitious n00b MANY times, not even just in the doom mod community, but after a while I became way less n00b while still keeping the overambition. Then, ideally, you become an overambitious pro. Sky's the limit there.

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Nick_Perrin Nov 13 2007 says:

aLco13 said: "To overambitous noobs: GIVE UP NOW"

I completely disagree. How do you think I got on track for what is going to be the biggest Doom project undertaking I've ever done, and I've actually planned it out from start to finish and getting more work done on it than anything else with tons of motivation to work on it?? An ideal situation, right?

I learned how to get here by BEING an over-ambitious n00b. The more projects I started and gave up on, abandoned, messed up or failed, the more I learned what to not do and what TO do. Not only that, but my VISION for EXACTLY the mod I wanted to make became clearer every time.

I think it takes a certain degree of time and experience, but once you have that and you try to be mature about your failures just as much as your successes, you can get to a point where your dream project finally goes underway. That's where I feel I am right now.

My 2 cents. Anyway, it's a shame this project died, it looks quite cool.

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aLco13 Creator
aLco13 Mar 24 2007 says:

Yes its me here, to anybody who actually cares...

I gave up on this a LONG time ago, i was a bright-eyed noob who just discovered he could *actually* (yes thats right) modify a game! Now I know better.

Firstly, I had no idea about the mechanics of the doomsday engine, so they just were ordianry doom levels with flashly colours and strange (and apparantly purposeful) designs.

Secondly, I was over-ambitious, which also means i was doomed from the start (hahah bad pun sorry).

Thirdly, my "team" of people were even newer (if thats possible) to the doom engine than I was, and basically made me look like something was actually happening.

And Finally: I had little idea of the effort that goes into making an entire "TC" mod (even for a game as simpleistic to modify as doom) and quite quickly ran out motivation, as I quickly realised the gravity of the task ahead.

I may make a mod out of the remnants (that I made and didn't cheaply rip from GBA games) of this someday, but don't bet on it... and it won't be under the hilarous title of aLco13 either.

To overambitous noobs: GIVE UP NOW

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xgmx Jan 20 2007 says:

that was posted in 2004...

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aLco13 Creator
aLco13 Apr 16 2005 says:

if anybody is still intrested... i dug the remains of bionova and now usin some of the old gfx and sound.

also it will be using the zdoom engine. much easier to use than doomsday.

the actual mod itself will not be as big and i cant promise anything. but stick around and see what happens...

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aLco13 Creator
aLco13 Jan 22 2005 says:

bionova is going thru a complete makeover, it will have a new name (still deciding that) a new and better story and a sourceport change (most likely zdoom)

dont worry this project will be ressurrected as somethign new entirerly.

BTW the reason for the sourceport change is thta doomsday runs to slow on my computer and it dosnt have enough easy to use features that i intend 2 use with this project.

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aLco13 Creator
aLco13 Oct 7 2004 says:

Its not exactly legal to have other peoples music in your game :(. we will be making\recording our own music (when i get around to it i will record some guitar riffs and put them in good ol' acid pro) we have a song ready for download already but it is a atmospheric\scary song which you can check out here

If we get around to it we may edit the engine (Dll) so you can play external music in off playlists or cd's like half life...

As for the fusion gun which is an "mp7" i have replaced it with a laser sniper (based on the precision rifle on RF2, but a sprite), hopefully we can get the scope and all that done by the demo relase which should be in a few weeks.

also how do the monsters look? i would like feedback on how i could improve the graphics of them.


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Sticky Oct 4 2004 says:

I think it'd be pretty cool to slaughter monsters to 'Everyday I Die' on Hell's Pit.

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