You will play as the goblin infused strength focused Orc, the technologically advanced economical Human, the hyper-aggressive soul thirsty Lost, or the adaptive magic crazed Naga. Included are highly customized tech trees for each race, new heroes, units, abilities, spells, upgrades, integrated sea units, specialized terrain, and support features.

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This is a substantial update from the previous version that affects every unit. Most notably there is a new race called the Lost.

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The Lost were spawned from the ashes of the Burning Legion's research strongholds. In the closing months of the war, before the battle at the World Tree, undead necromancers began attempting to open portals to other dimensions looking for any source of power that could aid their demon masters. They thought they had found nothing. As the dust settled all but one portal collapsed, in fact it began to grow. Deep in the Scourge ruins the portal opened and a new force with an insatiable hunger for life entered Azeroth.

Please provide feedback, specifically on:

-How do you feel about the unit composition, their roles, and usage.
-How you think the third race should progress.
-Unit and spell suggestions for the Orc (Temple of the Damned) and Human (Mage Tower) magic units.
-Should I keep heroes at all? Currently you can vote to disable them at the game start. Besides the obvious balance issue they account for nearly 2000 kbs of data.

This version will lack an AI as it doesn't make sense to work on it anymore until all three tech-trees are worked out.

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